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Free Breastfeeding Tracker Printable with Diaper Log

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It’s recommended for new moms to keep track of breastfeeding and diaper changes during the early weeks after they’ve had a baby.

And the easiest and best way to keep track of all this is by writing them down.

It’s so easy to forget these things, especially when you’re taking care of a newborn all day and all night.


That’s why I created this breastfeeding tracker printable.


This breastfeeding and diaper log will make tracking this information convenient and simple (and you don’t have to go searching through your phone to get to it).

With everything else you have to remember to do, this will help take the pressure off of you and your mom brain.


You can learn more about this printable and get it sent to you below.


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About the Breastfeeding Tracker Printable

Feeding Time

In this first section of this printable you will be able to write down the times for when the baby eats.

So if you’re baby starts breastfeeding at 1:00 then you’ll write down 1:00.

Then will help you see how often the baby breastfeeds, identify their feeding routine, as well as how many times the baby breastfeeds in a day.


Left or Right Side

In the next column, you can keep track of which side the baby breastfeeds from each time.

They say to already do this but many moms try to mentally keep track.

And with all that lack of sleep that happens with a newborn, this isn’t always an ideal way as you can easily forget which side you did last time.


So instead you can just mark either the left or right side on the breastfeeding log.


Duration of the Feeding

When you go to the doctors for your baby’s check-up they’ll ask you a number of questions including how long the baby breastfeeds at a time.

So it’s a good idea to keep track of how long they nursed each time so you can figure out the average length of time.


You can do this in the 3rd column of the sheet.

And if you don’t want to do the math on the spot just write down what time they stopped for now and add in the number of minutes later.


Notes Section

The notes section is a place where you can write down things you may want to remember or something you want to bring up to your doctor or lactation consultant.


Things you may want to write in this area are the baby’s mood (either during or after breastfeeding), latching issues that you suspect or notice, if they switched sides when they were nursing, etc.


Diaper Log

I think the diaper log is one of the most important parts of this tracker.

Wet and dirty diapers are a good indicator of whether or not your baby is getting enough to eat.

This is why your baby’s doctor will ask you how many wet and dirty diapers they normally have in a day.


This section will be at the bottom of the page.

Throughout the day you can cross one off every time you change their diaper.



Why it’s a Good Idea to Use a Breastfeeding Log

Using a breastfeeding and diaper log may seem pointless but it does have its purpose.

See many doctors and lactation consultants encourage new parents to track their baby’s feedings and diaper changes during the first few weeks so that they know if the baby is getting enough breast milk.


Other benefits of using a breastfeeding log are:

  • No memory work
  • Helps monitor your baby’s health
  • No mobile device or app required
  • Helps you identify changes in the baby’s normal routine
  • Helps you learn your baby’s breastfeeding routine


It’s also a good idea to track these things if the baby is losing weight, if you feel as though you have a low milk supply, or if the baby is having trouble with latching.


This information will help your baby’s doctor and/or lactation consultant know whether or not your baby is doing a normal and healthy amount every day.

Doing so will help them notice if there are any problems so that they can help identify the issue.


How Long Should I Track Breastfeeding

It’s a good idea to keep track of your baby’s feeding during those first weeks after they’re born.

This will help you get more familiar with your baby’s normal breastfeeding routine and the number of diaper changes you should expect.


After breastfeeding has been well established and the baby is growing well you can stop using one.

All-in-all though you can use it for as long as you feel you need to.


Let me what you think of this tracker in the comments below.  And if you found this printable helpful, go ahead and press the share button!  Thanks!

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