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Free Printable Unicorn Reward Chart for Kids

black and white unicorn reward chart mock up with text at the bottom saying "printable unicorn reward chart"

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Who doesn’t love a magical unicorn?


And having a printable unicorn reward chart is perfect for any unicorn lover!

Reward charts can be used for many things, from chores, potty training, reading, and more.

I will talk about how you can use this cute unicorn chart for personal use below.


And if you’re just ready to get your free printable now, then scroll to the bottom of this post!


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Ways to Use Your Free Unicorn Reward Chart Printable

Household Chores

One way you can use this reward chart is by using it as a chore chart.

When your child completes one or all of their household duties they can mark it on their chart.

Just make sure to give your child age-appropriate chores for them to do.

unicorn themed chore chart mockup with a light pink background

And if you’d like you can grab this editable unicorn themed chore chart here.

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Good Behavior

Some parents like to reward their children when they display positive behavior.

You can use a reward to help keep track and at the end reward them for their good behavior.


Potty Training

Another great way to utilize this chart is by using it as a potty training chart!

This can be a great way to help your toddler get motivated to start using the potty.

And once they complete potty training you can give them a special potty training completion certificate like this one here.


Bedtime Routine

Some like to use a bedtime routine chart for their little ones.  

Normally the child gets to put a mark on their chart once they’ve stayed in their bed all night or once they’ve completed their bedtime routine tasks (brushing teeth, putting on pjs, etc.).



Another use for this chart could be to use it as a type of reading log/reward chart.

Depending on their age you could use it for every book you/they have read or everytime you all have story time together.


How to Mark Your Reward Chart

Marking your chart is easy and you can be as creative as you want with it!

Some fun ways you can mark your reward chart include:

  • Stickers
  • Dab-a-dot markers
  • Stamps
  • Finger prints

And of course you can always just cross it out with a cute little pen.


Printing Your Unicorn Reward Chart

You can easily print your chart at home or a local printing shop near you.

Just download the pdf, save it, then print!


And if you have any question just send me an email.


Personal Use Only

I love providing free printables so please remember that this reward chart (as well as all my other free/paid printables) are for personal use only meaning you can not sell this printable and/or market it as your own product.


Free Printable Unicorn Reward Chart for Kids

black and white unicorn reward chart mock up




black and white unicorn reward chart with text saying "printable cute unicorn reward chart"

Let me know if you liked this free printable below in the comments!  And if you liked it, share this post to your friends, thanks!

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