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16 Memorable Halloween Activities for Babies

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Baby’s first Halloween is coming soon!

But how can you make this spooky season one to remember?


In this post, you’ll be able to find fun Halloween activities for babies so that you and your baby can fully enjoy this fall holiday!

And if you have a toddler, be sure to check out these fun Halloween activities for toddlers here!


You can read this list that’s full of spooky fun for babies below.


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Halloween Activities for Babies


A super simple activity you can do with your baby is a hayride.

Hayrides are not only fun but a great way to get you and your baby outside and enjoy the fall scenery!

And you can do it anytime baby’s first year (even during the newborn stage).


Apple Picking

Going to an apple orchard is something that the whole family can enjoy!

Plus they make for a great place for pictures as well.


Apple picking is also a fun way to get outside and appreciate the fall weather.


I’m sure baby will have a blast helping you pick some apples for your delicious apple pie!

And if the baby is at least 6 months, you could make them homemade baby food with the apples you picked together.


Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Speaking of fun activities that you can do outdoors, going to a pumpkin patch is another great idea!

A pumpkin patch is a great option for babies because it works for any age during their first year.


And if you have older children I’m sure they would enjoy it as well.


You and your family can pick out some lovely orange pumpkins and even take some cute pictures!

A lot of times a local farm will have pumpkin patches available for people to go to.


Typically they have activities, games, farm animals, and sometimes they even have farm food that you can purchase.


Pumpkin Photoshoot

I remember when I saw the idea for a pumpkin photo shoot when my daughter was 5 months old, and I knew it was something we had to do!

Now it’s a picture that I love looking back on.


There are a couple of ways you can go about doing it if you want to do a pumpkin-themed photoshoot.


You can either:

  1. Grab a whole bunch of pumpkins of various sizes and have them sit/stand with them.
  2. Buy one large pumpkin cut a big hole at the top and big holes at the bottom for the feet, and have them sit in it.
  3. Purchase a little pumpkin and write something (name, date, “My First Halloween”, etc.) on it with black paint.


They are all super cute so you can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose (unless you don’t cut the holes big enough for option #2…then the baby will get stuck)!


Make “My First Halloween” Memorabilia

Baby’s first year is filled with memories and firsts.

So why not make a Halloween keepsake to help celebrate their first spooky holiday!

In my opinion, the best type of keepsakes are ones with feet or hand prints.


A couple of easy Halloween crafts you could make with the baby are:


Make Halloween-Inspired Food

There are SO many fun Halloween snacks you can make!

Though your baby may not be old enough to dump ingredients in, they’ll still enjoy a yummy spooky snack.

This article here has some great ideas for Halloween treats for babies.


Read Halloween Books

Help get baby into the Halloween season by reading them a Halloween-themed book!


Reading books to babies is a great way to expose them to new words.

Reading is also another way for you and your baby to bond together.

But be sure to get them a sturdy board book so that they can’t break it as easily!


You can buy this Trick or Treat Little Pumpkin board book here.


Buy a Halloween Toy

Toys are a great way for babies to experience new sounds and textures.

So when the October month rolls in, why not get them a cute and fun Halloween toy?

It can help make your baby’s play area feel just a little more Halloweenie!


Click here to buy this set of 5 plush Halloween toys for baby.


Wear Halloween-Themed Clothes

Wearing Halloween clothes is so much fun!

It always makes me feel so festive.


And putting my baby in cute spooky clothing does the same thing!

I love how there are SO many different choices to choose from too.


You can buy this adorable pumpkin Halloween shirt for your baby here.


Go to Costume Parades

When October comes around, lots of different Halloween events come up, one of them being a costume parade.

A Costume or Halloween parade is an event where normally all of the participants dress in costume and throw candy and do other traditional parade activities.


Whether you’re watching or participating in it, I’m sure the baby will be fully entertained with all the exciting new things to see.


We have a local Halloween parade that happens every year near us and it’s a blast!

So check and see if a city near you hosts a Halloween parade that you and your family can attend.


Halloween Sensory Bin

Sensory activities are a great way to let babies explore different textures while also keeping them entertained!

Sensory play is great for supporting brain development.


When making a sensory bin for babies, the most important thing is to make sure that whatever is in the bin, is safe for the baby.

So if you’re baby loves putting all of the things in their mouth, you probably want to avoid any type of small object and any other type of choking hazard.


If you’re looking for a sensory activity, this article here gives some cute ideas for Halloween baby bins.


Pumpkin Painting

Just cause their babies, doesn’t mean they can’t help decorate a pumpkin!

You can buy some baby-safe paints that baby can use to paint their very own pumpkin.


It’ll be messy, but I’m sure their tiny little fingers will have a blast.

All my kids enjoyed pumpkin painting when they were tiny babies.


And if you have other young children who can’t do pumpkin carving on their own yet, pumpkin painting would be a good option for them as well.


You can buy this edible, veggie-based, non-toxic, paint here.


Buy a Halloween Costume

Putting the baby in a small and cute costume is probably one of the best parts!

No matter what you put your baby in, they are gonna look like the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.


And you’ll get even MORE adorable pictures.


There are SO many different routes you can take with it too.

You can do family-themed costumes, ones that go with their sibling’s costume, a mom-and-baby costume set, or just do one regular costume that’s just for the baby.


Have fun and get creative with it!


You can check out this post of super cute baby Halloween costume ideas here.


Try Trunk-or-Treat

Trunk-or-Treat is a safe and simple way to experience trick-or-treating, but without having to walk all around town.

This is a great option if you have little kids and of course a baby!


During trunk-or-treat, organizers of the event will decorate the trunks of their vehicles in fun Halloween decorations and pass out candy and other goodies.

Check to see if your local community is holding its own trunk-or-treat this year!


Go Trick-or-Treating

Now I know little babies can’t eat any of the candy and they won’t even remember going trick-or-treating this year, but it’s still a lot of fun!

We took all of our kids trick-or-treating when they were little and squishy and we’ve always had a great time.


Trick-or-treating is the perfect way to end the Halloween season.

You get to spend time outside as a family, you can dress up, and you get yet another opportunity to take some more pictures that you can look back on.


And on top of that, Mom and Dad get some free candy too!


Hand Out Candy

If you’re not really into the whole trick-or-trick thing, then another option you can do together is just handing out candy.

That way you can enjoy the event just from the comfort of your own home.

And if you want, you can still dress up baby!


How do you make Halloween special for babies?

When it comes to baby’s first year, it’s understandable that parents want to make sure that their child’s first year alive is one to remember.


To help make sure that their first Halloween is memorable, I would just make sure to get out and DO things!

Whether it’s a lovely fall walk, going to a pumpkin patch, or doing a salt dough craft, it’ll be something that at least YOU will fondly remember.


And the most important thing, be sure to take lots and lots of pictures!

The pictures are what help capture the memory.


But all-in-all don’t stress too much about making it “special”

Because anything that you do with your baby for Halloween is gonna be special for both of you.


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