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I try to keep things as natural as I can.  And if you’re reading this you probably do too!  You see I know the struggle of trying to find products that are actually NATURAL.  So I’ve been on the lookout for SUPER natural baby sunscreens!  

Below you’ll find a list of 9 baby sunscreens that I found that have all-natural ingredients and are safe for baby!  But I do encourage you to do your own research as well!  I have not personally used any of these sunblocks yet, but these are the ones I found that contain natural and/or organic ingredients!

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All-Natural Sunscreens for Babies


1. Badger Organic Sunscreen 

This mineral sunscreen is excellent for babies with sensitive skin.  And it only has 6 ingredients!  I heard it takes a bit more to rub in but it’s a safe and organic sunblock for babies!  One downside to it is that its only water resistant for 40 minutes.  So you’ll have to apply it on more frequently.  But you can check out this natural sunscreen here!

2. Nurture My Body

This baby sunscreen is made with organic ingredients and is fragrance-free with absolutely NO chemicals!  And it says it’s even safe for babies who are under 6 months of age (But please consult with your doctor before applying it to your baby as it is normally recommended NOT to put sunscreen on infants who are under 6 months of age).  This natural baby sunscreen can also be used on young children who have sensitive skin as well.  You can find this baby sunblock here!

3. Kiss My Face Organics 

This natural sunscreen is made with 87% certified organic ingredients!  It is a mineral sunblock that is water-resistant for up to 80 mins with SPF 30.  This baby sunscreen is paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free!  You can check out this organic sunscreen here!

4. California Baby 

This mineral sunscreen is made for anyone with super sensitive skin!  Whether you’re using it on just baby or the family!  It’s made without added fragrances and is free of allergy triggers.  And it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes!  You can check out this natural sunscreen here!

5. Raw Elements 

This all-natural sunscreen is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes!  It’s safe for baby’s skin containing all organic and gentle ingredients.  And they claim it won’t sting eyes!  You can find this natural baby sunscreen here!  

6. Kabana 

This organic sunscreen is safe for baby and during pregnancy!  It uses very few ingredients and contains no corn, soy, gluten, and is NON-GMO.  It’s also good for people with sensitive skin!  You can check out this baby sunblock here!

7. Butterbean Organics 

This baby sunscreen uses certified organic ingredients.  It has UVB & UVA protection and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes!  This sunscreen is safe for not just baby but for the whole family!  You can check out this natural sunblock here!

8. Earth Mama

This mineral sunscreen uses organic ingredients and is also water-resistant for up to 40 minutes!  It has UVB and UVA protection with SPF 40.  It’s chemical, fragrance, and paraben-free!  And has been dermatologist and pediatrician tested!  You can check out this natural baby sunblock here!

9. Poofy Organics

This natural sunscreen can be used on the whole family!  They use natural and organic ingredients making it safe to use on baby.  And it’s free of added fragrances, chemicals, and parabens.  You can check out this baby sunscreen here!

How to Keep Baby Safe From the Sun & Heat

If your baby is under 6 months of age don’t apply any sunscreen unless you get an okay from their doctor.  You may have to do alternatives for your baby if you can’t use or just, in general, don’t use sunscreen.  You can help keep baby safe from the heat and from getting sunburnt by:

      • Staying in the shade as much as possible
      • Using a sunhat like this one here.
      • Putting on protective clothing that is light and loose-fitting
      • Be sure to cool down the car before going for a ride with the baby
      • Offer plenty of liquids such as breast milk 
      • Go somewhere with an AC if you need to

(Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor.  I am only a Mom who is going off her own experiences and research.  If you’d like to know more you can read my full disclaimer policy here.)

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Do you use any of these natural sunscreens?  Which one do you like?  Tells us about it below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!


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