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The Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist (with free printable)!!

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Not sure what you need to have before the baby arrives? 

Well, no worries! 

This newborn baby checklist will help know what are the most essential things a newborn baby needs. 

Plus get a FREE newborn baby checklist printable to help keep you prepared for your new bundle of joy’s arrival!

You can read below to find out what you need.

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Newborn Baby Checklist

Baby Clothes

What Mom doesn’t love shopping for baby clothes!?  Here’s what a newborn baby needs for clothes!

      • 8 Onesies- Try to get a mix of short and long sleeve onesies!
      • 5-8 One Piece Sleepers- Sleepers that have a zipper are my favorite!  They’re fast and easy!
      • 6 Shirts
      • 6 Bottoms
      • 8 Socks/Booties
      • 1-3 Hats
      • No-Scratch Mittens- These will keep your sweet baby from scratching his face.
      • 1-2 Jackets
      • Sleep Sack
      • Snow Suit- For winter babies
      • Sun Hat- For summer babies
      • Gentle Laundry Detergent- A baby’s skin is super sensitive, especially newborns.  Some laundry detergents may make baby’s skin break out.  If you’re not sure which kind of laundry detergent to go with I used this one here.  It’s a good laundry detergent for anyone who has sensitive skin and it contains no artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives.  We’ve been using it for years and we’ve never had any problems with it.  

Nursery Items

What’s another list of things you need for a new baby?  Nursery items!  Below are some items to help you prepare for the baby’s nursery.

        • Baby Monitor
        • Dresser
        • Toy Box
        • Nursing Chair
        • Laundry Hamper

Bed Time

Baby things you should buy before birth are night time stuff.  Such as a place to sleep, blankets, and sheets.

        • Approved Crib or Bassinet
        • Approved Firm Mattress- The mattress should fit perfectly in the crib and you should be able to fit no more than 2 fingers between the crib and the mattress.
        • 4 Tight Fitted Sheets
        • 3 Waterproof Mattress Covers
        • 8 Light Receiving Blankets
        • 3 Heavier Blankets
        • Night Light
        • SleepSack- A SleepSack is a wearable blanket that you can use for your baby!  Not sure what it is?  Click here to take a look!

Changing Station

How else can you prepare for the baby?  Get a changing station set up and buy some diapers!

        • Changing Table
        • Changing Table Pad
        • 4 Changing Pad Covers
        • 2 Packs of Newborn Diapers
        • Diaper Cream- This diaper cream here is what I have always used.  It’s an amazing diaper cream that has worked for us every time!
        • Baby Powder- You can find a more natural baby powder here.  Or as an alternative, you can also just use plain arrowroot flour or tapioca starch!  That’s what we usually do and it has worked for us just fine.
        • Unscented Wipes- A newborns skin is very sensitive so it’s best to use unscented wipes.  Babies who have sensitive skin may develop a rash or get redness from scented wipes. 
        • Diaper Pail
        • Diaper Bag

Bath Time

Your newborn baby is gonna need bath items like baby soap, a tube, and baby towels!

        • Baby Tube
        • Unscented Baby Soap- A gentle unscented baby soap is preferred for newborn babies.  You can find the kind I use here.  This kind does have a light scent but it never bothered my baby.  The reason I love this brand is because of how gentle it is on my baby.  It’s a bit pricey but it has lasted forever!  One 8.5 ounces of this baby soap has lasted me one whole YEAR!
        • 4 Hooded Baby Towels
        • 2 Packs of Soft Wash Cloths
        • Baby Lotion- This baby lotion is very gentle on the skin.  And all of their products are 100% plant-based!  You can find that here!

Breastfeeding Items

These aren’t exactly for baby, but you’re gonna want these!  Ideally before your baby arrives.

        • Breast Pump
        • Nursing Bras
        • Nipple Cream-  Click here to see the kind I used.  It’s a great nipple cream that’s safe for mom and baby.  And it’s all-natural!  I’ve also heard of using coconut oil or your own breast milk as an alternative!
        • Nursing Pads- Nursing pads will help keep your tatas from leaking everywhere! 
        • Milk Storage Bags 
        • Nursing Pillow- You can use an old pillow as well!  But if you’re looking for one, I love this nursing pillow here!  I have 2 at home!
        • Burp Cloths

Bottle-Feeding Items

Don’t forget the bottles!  If you’re planning on bottle-feeding or formula feeding be sure to buy these before the baby is born.

        • Formula- If you’re not breastfeeding
        • 14-16 Bottles and Nipples- Get 4 ounce and 8 ounce sized bottles and level 1 nipples.
        • Bottle Brush
        • Nipple Brush
        • Dishwasher Basket- Dishwashers baskets are super handy!  You can put all your small pieces in there so they aren’t flying around when they’re being washed!  Here is the one I use at home.
        • Burp Cloths
        • Insulated Bottle Carrier
        • Bottle Drying Rack

Health Items

Some of the most essential things a newborn baby needs are stuff like nail clippers, a thermometer, and a bulb syringe.  These things can be very easily forgotten so remember to add them to your newborn shopping list.

        • Baby Hair Brush/Comb
        • Baby Nail Clippers
        • First Aid-Kit
        • Baby Thermometer- For newborns, it’s best to use a regular stick one that you can put in there armpit or bum.
        • Bulb Syringe- Every Momma needs one of these!  A bulb syringe sucks up those pesky boogies so they’re nose isn’t all clogged up.

Baby Gear

And last but not least baby gear!  Your newborn baby is gonna need a car seat!

        • Approved Rear-Facing Car Seat
        • Stoller
        • High Chair
        • Baby Carrier/Sling
        • Baby Swing

Other Baby Items

          • Soft Toys
          • Teethers
          • Baby Rattles
          • Pacifiers
          • Bibs
          • Sun Shield for Car Windows
          • Car Seat Cover- I didn’t think I’d really use a car seat cover.  But after getting one for my baby I realized how useful they actually are!  I use it all the time now.

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The newborn baby checklist pinterest everything you need before baby arrives

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