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36 Best Potty Training Hacks for Toddlers

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Need tips on how to start potty training or how to get them to actually use the potty?

We all know potty training is a challenge but these potty training tips may make it a little easier!

This list contains lots of tricks and advice to help you with your potty training journey!

Look below to check out this list of the best potty training hacks!

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Best Potty Training Hacks

Introduce the Potty Before You Start Potty Training

Before you even start potty training its a good idea to just introduce the potty.

Things that are weird and foreign to toddlers will make them hesitant to even wanna try and do it.

You’ll want to do this a couple of weeks or months before you start potty training.

You can just talk to them about how you’ll be starting potty training soon, read books about going to the potty, or even have them listen to potty training songs.

This will help them to be more familiar with the potty and using it.

Talking to them about it will let them know ahead of time what’s to come (and hopefully not throw them completely off guard).

Start Potty Training When You Have Atleast a Whole Week of Nothing Going On

When you first start potty training you’ll be watching your toddler constantly and making sure they are using the potty frequently.

So ideally you’ll want to begin potty training during a week where you have nothing planned.

It’s much easier to potty train (and avoid even more accidents) when they’re learning at home.

But of course, do what works best for your family.

If you feel like you want more time at home to potty train then go for it.

Or if you feel like only being at home potty training for a couple of days then that’s okay too.

Just be sure to block out SOME time where you can just stay home and help your toddler with toilet training.

Let Them Go to the Bathroom with You

Toddlers are very observant.

Having them go with you to the bathroom will help them learn how it’s done.

Your toddler may even start copying you!

So if they’re not already accompanying you to the restroom, I would start!

Put Stuffed Animals on Their Potty

Another great way to help show and encourage them to go potty is by sitting a doll or stuffed animal on the potty.

Tell them that the dolly needs to go potty and sit them on it.

This may even help them see going to the potty as more approachable and not as scary by seeing one of their fuzzy friends doing it too!

Read a Book About Going to the Potty

Reading potty books is a GREAT activity to do with your toddler!

You can read books about going to the potty before and during your potty training journey.

These books not only explain how to use the potty but can even encourage them to go sit on the toilet!

My toddler always wanted to go use the potty after reading one of her potty books!

This has been one of my favorite potty training books to read to my toddler.

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Put on a Show or a Song About Going to the Potty

If you’re okay with letting your kids watch TV, then playing a show or a song about going to the potty is something else you can try!

You never know, your toddler may love one of the many many potty songs out there!

And watching a kid’s show with an episode about using the potty may help motivate them too.

Let Them Pick Out Their Underwear

What’s another way to get your toddler excited about potty training?

Letting them pick out their underwear!

My toddler was so excited to wear the special underwear that she picked out!

You can have them pick out a couple at the store or show them pictures of some online.

Buy Plenty of Underwear

When you’re ready to buy some underwear for your toddler, be sure to buy enough underwear.

They’re gonna end up going potty in their underwear so you’re probably gonna end up throwing some away.

I would aim to get between 14-18 pairs of underwear.

Hang Up a Potty Visual in the Bathroom

Seeing something visually is great for learning.

Try finding a picture of a character sitting on the potty.

You can hang it up in the bathroom as a reminder for your little one.

Put the Potty Everywhere

During potty training, your toddler is learning the feeling of when they need to go and recognizing it in time so that they make it to the bathroom.

This part can take some time and often toddlers will wait till the last minute to run to the bathroom.

So instead of having them run to the bathroom every time (and having potential accidents), just put the potty in whatever room they’re in.

This will be more convenient for them and for you.

Let Them Go Nude

Some parents just let their toddlers run around in their underwear while they potty train.

This may work for some kids but not all (and definitely not mine).

My toddler still had the mindset that she was still wearing a diaper when she wore the underwear.

But once we took everything away she started listening to her body more and would actually try to make it to the potty.

This potty training hack worked extremely well for us!

Give Them a Dry Erase Marker

Sometimes you have to sit and wait for the potty to come.

But toddlers don’t want to just sit there and wait.

So if you’re having a hard time trying to get them to actually sit on the potty, then you need to try this little trick!

Have them sit on the toilet backward and give them a dry erase marker.

They can draw on the bottom of the toilet lid while they work on going to the bathroom.

Potty Watch

A potty watch is a fun way to help your toddler know when it’s time to go potty.

Just set the countdown timer and then it’ll start lighting up and playing music sounds to let your little one know it’s time to go (or at least try to go)!

You can buy one of these water-resistant potty watches here.

Set a Timer

You’ll be surprised how often your toddler actually goes.

Your toddler is still learning bladder control and that there’s not a diaper to protect them from the mess.

Something to help remind you to take them to the potty (and avoid more accidents) is by setting a timer.

Set a timer for every 20-30 minutes to help tell you when to take them to the potty again.

Flip Toilet Paper Backwards

It seems that lots of toddlers are fascinated with toilet paper!

So a neat trick that will help save your toilet paper is to flip it backward so that the end is facing the wall.

This makes it a little bit trickier for them to unroll the toilet paper!

Use Pee Pads

Pee pads can be a lifesaver especially if you’re doing it with no pull-ups.

Use pee pads where they are sleeping and when they’re sitting on the furniture.

Trust me, this will save you a lot of time, cleaning, and stains!

You can buy a pack of pee pads here.

Use a Travel Potty

When you’re out and about a travel potty can really come in handy.

Especially in the early days of potty training!

They have ones as portable seats to put on top of the toilet and ones that act as potty themselves.

You can buy a portable potty for your toddler here.

Use a Coffee Filter in Their Potty for #2

When they do a #2 in the potty it’s always exciting!

But cleaning it out – not so much.

A cool and inexpensive cleaning hack is putting a coffee filter in their potty.

Then when a stinky arrives all you have to do is pull out the filter!

Put the Potty Somewhere Special

Looking for a way to make the potty seem more intriguing?

Try putting their potty chair somewhere special to make it more exciting to them!

You can try putting it in a tent, blanket fort, or in their favorite room in the house.

Have the Kids all Go to the Bathroom During Playdates

When they have cousins or friends over have everyone go to the potty at the same time.

Sometimes seeing someone else that’s their age do it will make them want to do it too!

Use Cheerios as a Target

This potty training tip is cheap and easy!

A fun way to help get your boy to get it all in the potty is to have something to aim for.

And a great item you can use as a target is cheerios!

Put Blue Food Coloring in the Toilet Water

Something your toddler may love is this cool food coloring trick!

Adding blue dye to your toilet water will make it turn green once they use the bathroom.

This is an experiment that I’m sure your toddler will be amused by!

Dump Stinkies in the Toilet

Expect all types of accidents.

Even the stinky kind.

But when it happens, just dump it into the toilet to show them where it goes.

This will help them connect the 2 together.

Put a Post-it Sticky Note on Sensors

Public bathrooms seem to have the loudest flushes.

If you find that the restroom you’re using has a sensor then place a sticky note on top of the sensor.

This will help keep it from going off randomly and scaring your child.

Use Pee Pads in Car Seat

This is a great mom hack for potty training!

When traveling in the car, place a pee pad in their car seat.

That way if any accidents occur, the pee pad should protect the car seat.

Cause we all know how much of a headache it is to clean those things!

Limit Liquids During the Night

This potty training hack really helps at nighttime!

During the evening try to limit your child’s liquid intake.

You can do this a couple of hours before bedtime or start after dinner.

But I would definitely avoid juice and any sugary drink as they typically make you have to pee more.

Use Pull-Ups at Night

This tip is to not only save your sanity but also save your child’s bed.

Potty training is a lot different at nighttime.

So if you’re using underwear to train your toddler then I would suggest putting a pull-up on for at night as well as a mattress protector.

Listen to Your Child

During potty training, it’s so important to listen to your child.

Let them lead this journey.

If they say they need to go (even if you just went in there 3 minutes ago) let them try, if they don’t want to sit on the potty then let them be.

If they ask for a diaper so they can go #2, then put a diaper on them.

They’ll get it, trust me.

Potty training takes time and forcing it will only make it worse.

Be Calm and Informative to Accidents

Accidents are gonna happen.

It’s just part of potty training.

But when it does don’t get mad about it.

Just be calm and stay positive.

Let them know that it’s okay but be sure to inform them to try to use the potty next time.

Getting upset when accidents happen can actually make them NOT want to use the potty.

Make a Potty Routine

Making things into a routine is key.

And having a potty routine is no different!

Be sure to have them use the potty at certain times every day like in the morning when they wake up, before bed, and after meals.

This will help them get used to using the potty throughout the day.

Remember to Teach Them to Wipe

Though it’s not talked about much, teaching them to wipe is an important part of potty training.

Show them to lay it flat then wipe fold, wipe fold until there’s nothing there.

And whether it’s boys or girls, you should teach them to wipe front to back.

You can read more about teaching your toddler how to wipe in this article here.

Be Excited About them Using the Potty

When they use the potty be excited and say how they did a good job!

Celebrate with them!

Though depending on the child they may prefer a more laid-back celebration.

Let Boys Sit on the Potty

In the beginning when you’re first teaching your boys how to potty train, just have them sit down.

This is gonna be a lot easier than trying to show them how to stand up and aim it into the potty.

Over time they can start standing up to go, but for now, sitting is just fine!

Use a Potty Progress Chart

Using a progress chart for using the potty is a great idea!

These sticker charts are good motivators and helps get them excited to go potty.

These potty charts actually come with a potty diploma for when they complete potty training and potty routine cards to help them practice healthy bathroom routines.

mock up photo of a blue potty training chart for boys
mock up photo of pink potty training chart for girls

You can purchase a pink potty chart or a blue potty chart here.

Offer Rewards

Sometimes offering a reward for going to the bathroom really helps make them want to use the potty.

Often parents use some pieces of candy but you can also do stickers or small toys.

Play around with it and find what motivates your child the most!

Relax and Be Positive

Potty training and be stressful at times.

Somedays you may feel like they’ll never get it.

But they will momma.

Just take a deep breath and relax.

I know how hard potty training can be but the best thing to do is just to stay relaxed and positive.

And if you feel like you need to, take a break from potty training for a couple of weeks and then come back to it.

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