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14 Must-Have Potty Training Supplies

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Thinking about starting toilet training but just don’t know exactly what tools and gear you’ll need?

Potty training can be fun and frustrating, but if you come into the situation prepared, you’ll feel much less stressed and be much more likely to have success.

Here are some supplies that are a MUST HAVES when potty training your toddler.

These items will help you as you embark on your potty-training journey.

Look below to see what to buy for potty training!

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Potty Training Supplies

Potty Training Books for You

There are several different methods of potty training.

You’ll hear about one way that your sister-in-law swears by, while your neighbor insists you have to try what she did with her kids.

You’ll want some sort of guide to get you through potty training to help ensure your success, but choose something that will work for you and your child.

Here are some popular potty training books that will tell you exactly what to do.

Do your research about them and see which method seems most appealing to you and which would fit your family’s needs the best.

This book is ideal for children who are between 20-30 months.

In this book, she talks about her 6-step proven process to help get your toddler to use the potty.

She answers common questions and helps solve potty training issues that can arise.

You can learn more about the book, Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Growacki here.

This book is not only #1 in Baby and Toddler Parenting but is also a Best Seller in Children’s Health Books on Amazon!

In this book, she talks about her 3-day potty training method where she shows you how to get your toddler to use the potty in just 3 days!

You can read more about the book, Potty Training in 3 Days by Brandi Brucks here.

This book is made is help keep the stress out of potty training by helping you find a method that works best for your child.

In it, you’ll learn how to know when your child is ready, how to handle accidents, and get practical advice.

You can read more about the book, Stress-Free Potty Training by Sara Au & Peter Stavinoha Ph.D. here.

Children Potty Training Books

One of the best potty training tools that you can get for your toddler is a book ABOUT potty training!

Find some fun books about potty training to help get your child excited for the process.

Potty training is a whole new experience for them, but it could be helpful to hear stories and see pictures about starting to use the toilet.

There are lots of fun options online, including books that may feature animals or characters your child already loves.

Here are a few adorable books you could try.

This cute board book is about a dinosaur showing you step-by-step how to use the potty.

This potty book is actually in the Top 2 in Children’s Toilet Training Books on Amazon!

You can read more about the Dino Potty book here.

This book really helped encourage my daughter to use the potty.

In this book they go through signs of when you need to go, pictures of the character actually sitting ON the potty (visuals are great for toddlers), and even washing your hands after they go.

You can check out the Let’s Go to the Potty book here.

My toddler LOVES Daniel Tiger so when I saw this book I knew I had to get it for our potty training kit!

This fun board book goes through Daniel’s day as he figures out when he should go to the potty as well as what to do afterward.

My toddler especially loved that this book could make sounds!

You can find the price for the book, Potty Time here!

Potty Training Toilet

Some potty training methods suggest not using potty chairs, but you may choose to use one to help your child feel more comfortable and because of the layout of your home.

For example, if you don’t have a bathroom on the level of your house where you spend most of your time, it may be helpful to have a potty chair to avoid too many messes (at least while you’re potty training).

Choose the potty chair that works best for you!

You’ll see a variety of potty chairs available: fancier ones that make a flushing sound, ones with lids, and more basic ones that don’t have a lid.

Your child may have fun with a potty that’s in their favorite color or has some of their favorite TV characters on it.

This potty training chair is a great option as it is so similar to an ACTUAL toilet!

The handle makes a flushing sound and there is a wipe compartment in the back.

You can find the price and read reviews for this potty chair here.

Potty Training Seat

Even if you choose to use a potty chair, be sure to get a toilet seat that’ll rest on top of your regular toilet seat.

This will help your child get used to the toilet and feel comfortable sitting on it without fear of falling in.

Toilet seats are definitely cleaner than potty chairs since you don’t have to clean them out each time your child uses the bathroom.

If you’re deciding between one or the other, definitely get a toilet seat!

Your child is certainly capable of learning to go to the bathroom with just a toilet seat and doesn’t necessarily need a potty chair.

When you’re shopping for a toilet seat, be sure that what you pick out will fit on your toilet.

Not all of them work for every toilet!

Try to find one that will be secure and won’t wiggle around and scare your kid as they’re training.

You can check out this easy-to-clean toilet seat here!

Travel Potty

Picture this: you’re at a park, and your child suddenly needs to go potty (even though they went right before leaving the house).

The park bathroom could be locked, or there is NO WAY your child will sit on those toilets.

Unfortunately, this kind of situation happens way more often than you’d think as a parent.

A travel potty isn’t necessary, but it can be convenient for traveling or days out.

This travel potty is great for road trips, going to restaurants, and so much more!

It can be used as a potty on its own or even used as a potty seat that you can rest on top of toilets.

You can read more about this travel potty here.

Step Stool

When looking for potty training gear, one of the best things you can get is a step tool.

Your kiddo will need a way to reach the toilet and the sink to wash their hands.

You may be able to use just a one-step stool, but a two-step stool could be helpful so that your child will be able to reach the sink (depending on their height).

If you have multiple bathrooms, you’ll probably want to get more than one stool.

Lifting your kid to wash their hands time after time can get a little annoying!

This 2 step stool is a great choice!

It is slip-resistant and sturdy.

You can buy this potty training item here.



You’ll probably need lots of underwear as you start potty training and accidents are much for frequent.

Buy more than you think you need.

Chances are that you’ll be able to use them for a long time!

Your child may be nervous about letting go of diapers, so try to find underwear they’ll be excited about.

Let them pick underwear with their favorite colors, characters, or objects (trust me they’ll love this)!

You can find underwear for your toddler here.

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Typically during potty training, you’ll use pull-ups.

Lots of parents just use them during times when they are sleeping.

In Brandy Buck’s Potty Training in 3 Days, she suggests calling them “sleep underwear” and putting regular underwear over the Pull-Ups for sleep time.

However, it can be easy to get comfortable using the Pull-Ups, so try to use them sparingly and stop once you don’t need them anymore.

Some potty training methods will advise against using disposable underwear like Pull-Ups, but if the method you use approves of them, they can help you feel a lot more comfortable during naps, bedtime, and during errand runs.

If you’re interested in using them, then you can buy pull-ups for your toddler here.

Another option is to use potty training underwear.

Cloth training underwear has thin padding sewn in to help absorb some leaks and could be a good option for your child.

They are not as absorbent as pull-ups, but they are more cost-effective and look more like regular underwear.

If using potty training underwear is something you want to try, you can buy a pack of them here.

And yes they do have designs for both boys and girls!

Matress Protector and Extra Sheets

When it comes to potty training essentials, sheets and a mattress protector are a must!

So if you don’t already have a mattress protector, it’s time to get one!

Especially if you don’t plan to use disposable training pants.

Be sure to get one that’s in your child’s bed size and is WATERPROOF!

You can buy a waterproof mattress protector for your child’s bed here.

You’ll also want to invest in some extra sheets for your child’s bed so that you’re not left hanging after a potty accident.

And if your child ever sleeps in your bed (or naps in a sibling’s bed), be sure to get extra sheets and a mattress protector for those as well.

Just in case!

Potty Sheets

Potty sheets are a great tool to look into.

These pads will help protect car seats, furniture, and other places that they may sit at.

Use these if you’re planning on potty training your toddler with underwear or in the nude.

You can get a pack of these large size underpads here.


Cleaning Supplies

No matter what there’s going to be accidents.

So be sure to have the necessary cleaning supplies to help clean it up!

Some cleaning items you’ll want to have at home are:

  • Rags
  • Paper Towels
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda

This post talks about other things you can use to clean up potty training accidents.

Easy to Remove Clothing

Having your child wear easy-to-remove clothing will help avoid accidents while trying to make it to the bathroom.

So say goodbye to overalls and button pants for a few weeks until they get more comfortable with potty training.

Dress them in clothes that are easy to take off and on like bottoms with an elastic waistband.

Potty Training Chart

A great item to add to your potty training kit is a potty training chart!

Giving your child a fun sticker that they can put on a chart helps make potty training fun for your child.

My toddler LOVED using a potty chart!

She always got so excited to put a new sticker on her chart.

You can buy this pink girl’s potty training chart here.

Or you can purchase this blue boy’s potty training chart here.

Both of these potty charts come with a cute potty training certificate, potty calendar, and bathroom routine cards.


Now rewards aren’t really necessary but they can help motivate your toddler to use the bathroom.

And what would get them more excited than receiving something like a special reward!

Some people use M&Ms, chocolate chips, or even small toys but use what works best for you and your child.

Just try to make it something they’re excited about and will be willing to earn.

You may also want to offer your child a bigger reward once they’ve finished their potty training chart or have gone a certain amount of time without any accidents.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but working toward a larger reward may help them have extra motivation to keep going when it’s tough.

What are the signs your child is ready to potty train?

Before you start potty training you want to make sure they are showing signs that they are ready to.

Some common signs that your toddler is ready to potty are:

  • Showing interest in others using the potty (may even start copying their behavior)
  • Announcing when they went potty in their diaper
  • Stays dry for at least 2 hours
  • Wakes up with a dry diaper after naps
  • Can understand and follow basic directions

If they are showing a couple of these signs then go ahead and give toilet training a try!

Do you use wipes when potty training?


Teaching them how to use wipes is another important skill they’ll need to learn during potty training.

After they’ve used the bathroom you can offer them a small amount of toilet paper or flushable wipes to clean up their bottoms.

In the beginning, you can choose to wipe them yourself when they do a stinky, but over time have them do it too.

Do you need different items for boys and girls?


You can practice using the potty with the same items for boys and girls!

Though some parents choose to get a potty training urinal like this one here for their boys to use while potty training.

Getting a potty training urinal isn’t necessary but it is up to you if you’d like to use one for your son.

What do you do if they won’t use the potty?

If your child is refusing to use the potty, perhaps they aren’t ready just yet.

Try again in a few weeks (or months depending on the child) and see what happens.

Toddlers like to be in control.

Pushing it and making them do it will only make it worse.

Right now the best thing to do is to let it be their choice.

If they still don’t want to then try a different approach (offering more/different incentives, a different potty training method, monitoring your words and tone you use).



Stock up on these must-have potty training supplies ahead of time, and you’ll be ready to go to face any of the challenges that might come up!

Remember to do what works for you and your family, but also be patient.

Patience is key!

Your child will eventually get the hang of it all, and it will be so worth the effort!

You’ve got this, Mama!

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