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34 Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

new mom in the hospital holding her newborn baby

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Mom just gave birth to a beautiful baby.

You want to go see her but also want to give her something that’ll make her feel special.

So if you’re wondering what a good gift is for a new mom in the hospital, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here I’ll show you my list of the best gifts for a new mom in the hospital!

Check them out below!

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Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

Travel Diaper Bag with Changing Pad

a travel diaper bag is one of those great useful gifts for new moms

As a new mom, my diaper bag quickly became my second purse (and sometimes my only purse).

I didn’t realize it before I had babies but diaper bags are extremely useful and an overall great thing to have!

One thing I would be sure to look for is a diaper bag that comes with a changing pad.

I much more preferred to put my newborn baby on a clean pad than some random dirty surface of some sort that I had to clean before I laid them down on it.

This durable and spacious diaper bag comes with a changing pad, pacifier case, and a mommy pocket!

You can buy this diaper bag backpack here.

Baby Carrier

Newborns (and sometimes even older babies) love to be carried and close to mom.

But unfortunately, carrying a baby 24/7 is not only tiring but is hard on your back and arms.

Not to mention it’s a lot harder to cook, clean, and do laundry with one arm.

So from personal experience, I feel like a new mom would love to have a baby carrier!

Something to keep in mind when buying one is that the wraps are great and I really liked using mine but it DOES take some time (and some practice) to put on.

Nursing Pillow

a nursing pillow is another great type of labor and delivery gifts for mom

Nursing pillows come in handy for moms who are breastfeeding.

I love the nursing pillow that I got as a present!

It is easy to use and has great support!

You can get this breastfeeding pillow for your new mom here!


You may think that mom doesn’t want diapers, but let me tell you what.


Babies go through diapers like crazy!

So gifting her a package of diapers of any size will surely get used.

You can get mom a package of diapers here!

Food & Snacks

Though you may think food will be the last thing on mommas mind, giving birth is very tiring and is a lot of work.

And at some point after birth, she’s gonna wanna eat right?

So instead of having her eat bland hospital food, bring a yummy snack or a tasty meal for mom to eat!

It’ll make her and her taste buds happy!


Candles are a very calming and relaxing type of gift.

She can use it as part of a self-care routine or use it just for the scent.

And if mom is a little sensitive to those artificial smells from candles then maybe an essential oil would be better to give her.

Water Bottle

a fun colorful water bottle would be a very nice gift for a new mom

Staying hydrated is important for any Momma, especially if they’re breastfeeding.

Whether or not they decide to breastfeed, having a handy and super cute water bottle is a great gift idea!

These insulated water bottles will help keep things hot or cold.

Plus it comes in lots of different patterns and fun sizes!

You can buy one of these stainless steel flask thermos water bottles here!

Willow Tree

a willow tree sculpture is a very meaningful gift to bring a new mum in the hospital

I love love love willow tree!

My mother gave me one for all of my pregnancies!

These sweet figures are sculpted and hand-painted.

You can get a new mom this beautiful Mother and Baby Figure here.

Baby Book

Wondering what a good gift is for a new mom in the hospital? What about a baby book!

Giving a new mom a baby book is a great way to help her learn more about her new bundle of joy!

Baby books typically go over milestones, things to watch for, tips, and more.

The What to Expecting When You’re Expecting series also has a book on baby’s first year!

You can buy the What to Expect The First Year here!

New Mom Hospital Gift Basket

A great idea is to create a gift basket for the new momma!

You can fill it with lots of labor and delivery gifts like pads, socks, nursing tea, nipple cream, and other things you think a new mom could use.

You can also buy pre-made baskets.


During her time at the hospital and at home she’s going to be doing a lot of resting.

A simple and easy present you can give her is a movie!

It can be her favorite movie (if you know it) or a movie about moms or new parents!


these comfy slipper would make a lovely present for a new mom

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of slippers?

You can give mom her very own pair to help keep her feet warm during her stay at the hospital.

Plus she can easily take them home with her!

These non-slip slippers are great for wearing indoors or outdoors!

You can check out this new mom gift here.

Mom Affirmation Cards

these mom affirmation cards would fit perfectly in a new mom hospital gift basket

Being a mom can be rough at times.

Affirmation cards can help bring positivity, encouragement, and support!

You can get this beautiful set of 54 affirmation cards for moms here.


a soft and sweet new mom gift

I’m one of those Moms who hoards blankets and has a blanket stash hiding in our house.

And I know LOTS of other Moms who are also obsessed with blankets!

You can buy one or even make Mom one if you’re crafty!

I love how this Blanket has a bunch of different kind words and loving adjectives for Moms!

You can buy this Mom Fleece Blanket here!

Mom Mug

this mug is a very fun and unique gift for a new mom in the hospital

If you know that Mom is a coffee lover then a cute Mom mug would be the perfect gift!

You can get this lovely Mama Bear mug here!

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is not only handy but can help Mom feel more comfortable when she leaves the room while baby naps.

This gift will also be easy to take home from the hospital.

Which is super important!


this would be a great gift idea to a new mom in the hospital from the husband

A necklace is a great gift for any new mom who is in the hospital!

There are so many options you really can’t go wrong.

Two ideas of necklaces you can get is a mom-themed one or one with her favorite stone.

If this gift is coming from the husband then you could even do a necklace that has a more romantic feeling to make her feel even more special and loved!

You can get this gorgeous Sterling Silver Heart Rose necklace for Mom here!


Lotion is a lovely gift that many women use.

Not only do they smell good but it will help keep mom’s skin from getting dry too!

Just make sure Mom doesn’t have any allergies to one of the ingredients.

You can look for different lotions for mom here.


a great item to have as part of a new mom self care gift basket

During these next few weeks, Mom is going to be doing lots of resting while she’s taking care of the baby.

A robe is a great gift idea for new moms!

They can even use it while they’re at the hospital!

Click here to get this comfy fleece bathrobe.

Just beware of the sizing. You may want to get a size bigger than what she typically wears.

Matching Clothes for Mom and Baby

this mom shirt and new baby onesie is a great hospital gift for after delivery

This present is one of my favorite ones on here!

Can you imagine the smile on her face when she opens her gift to find a cute shirt with a tiny little matching baby onesie?

I know this is something I would totally love!

You can get these gender-neutral Mom and Baby shirts here!

Mom Wall Art

Cute wall art about motherhood is a very unique and fun idea!

You can look at your local craft store to see if they have some for you to choose from.

Gift Card

Give mom a gift card to her favorite store or to a baby clothes store.

Not only could this help mom to treating herself but could also help pay for some of the baby’s things!

Baby Hand and Footprint Salt Dough

a great and memorable present to give to a new mom

Give mom something that she will be able to keep forever.

Salt dough keepsakes are a super cute and creative way to get a baby’s hand or footprint.

Mom will love being able to look at them for years to come.

You can get this salt dough set that can make 2 of them here!

Breastfeeding Tea

a great gift by itself or can be added to a new mom gift basket

If mom is breastfeeding then bringing her a nursing tea would be a great idea!

Breastfeeding teas can help with increasing and promoting healthy lactation.

You can get this organic nursing tea here!

Sitz Bath Package

this gift will help mom heal after birth

During postpartum recovery, mom will be taking lots of sitz baths.

Give her a sitz bath packet to help make after-birth healing easier on her.

This natural sitz bath mixture is made with epsom salt, dead sea salt, essential oils, and other plant-powered ingredients.

You can buy a package of this postpartum sitz bath mixture here!

Cute Picture Frame

a picture frame is a cute and easy gift for any new mom in the hospital

A picture is worth a thousand words and more.

A good gift idea for a new mom is a cute picture frame to put a photo of their new sweet baby!

You can get this cute baby picture frame here!


Did I mention that being a new mom to a newborn is exhausting?

Cause it is!

If she likes coffee then giving her some I’m sure will help perk her up!

Useful Gifts for New Moms that Cost Nothing


If mom has other kids you could help out by watching them for her!

Or if she doesn’t maybe she would like it if you watched the baby for her while she takes a well-deserved nap or shower.

This is a great gift and it’s totally free!

Laundry Service

When you have a new baby a lot of things are kinda just pushed to the side for a bit.

Help her out by doing a laundry service for her!

Trust me, this will really help her out!


I remember taking care of a newborn baby and a toddler and feeling like I hardly had any time to cook.

One thing I’m sure she would love is a nice fresh homecooked meal.

The only thing she has to do is enjoy!

This would be especially helpful if she has other kids she needs to care for and feed as well.

Cleaning Service

Like I said before, being a new mom with and taking care of a newborn baby leaves you tired and exhausted.

She will be pretty busy taking care of the baby, healing from birth, and taking care of other kids if she has any.

This means the house may stay a little messier than normal.

A great surprise you could give her is a cleaning service!

Just help her clean up the house a bit by doing some laundry, dishes, picking up toys, swiping, etc.

Mom will definitely appreciate it!

Gifts for a New Mom that can be sent to the Hospital

1 800 Flowers

Flowers will make anyone feel special!

You can get a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered right to her!

Just make an order on the 1 800 Flowers website and they will be sent to her the next day.

Click here to see their Same Day Delivery Flowers!

Door Dash Gift Card

A delicious meal is always a great gift!

You can surprise her with a door dash gift card.

She can order food from a local eating establishment and have it delivered right to her!

All she has to do is download the app and make an account.

Then she can put in her gift card details and use it towards her next order.

You can get her a Door Dash gift card here!

Edible Arrangements

Send a tasty arrangement of fruits to her!

They have many delicious themes to choose from that may include chocolate-covered fruits, fun fruit shapes, and more!

You can get them sent the same day or the next day depending on what you choose.

Click here to check out their Same Day Delivery Gifts!

What not to Give a New Mom After Birth

More often than not, Mom is gonna love what you bring her!

But there are some things to keep in mind before buying a new mom a gift.

Here are some tips on what not to give to a new mom in the hospital:

  • Don’t give her something she can’t use (or something that she will have to wait forever to use). Before bringing mom this awesome present you found think if she will even be able to use it (or anytime soon that is). Mom may not be able to because of breastfeeding, free time, kids, personal views, or even just depending on how she’s feeling.
  • Don’t buy her something that’s too big. Mom doesn’t want to stuff her car with this huge present. So when looking for gifts, be sure they’ll easily fit in the car on the drive home from the hospital.
  • Don’t give her something that requires her to leave the house. After I had my kids all I wanted to do was rest and be with my babies. I absolutely did not want to go ANYWHERE. I was sore tired and just wanted to rest.

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unique gift for a new mom in the hospital

What other ideas do you have on what to give a new mom in the hospital? What kind of gifts would or did you like getting as a new mom? Tell me below in the comments! And if you liked this post, give it a share! Thanks!

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