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28 Best Apps for Moms

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Make life a little bit easier with these apps for moms!

Find lots of different apps for any stage that you’re in as a Mom.

So whether you are a mom-to-be, have a small baby, or older kids, you’ll find one for you!

Even if you just want an app that’s JUST FOR YOU!

Look below to see some of the best apps for mothers!


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Apps for Moms


Best Tracking & Organization Apps


Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Organizer app is the perfect solution to keeping you and your family organized! 

You can make shopping lists, to-do lists, and add events to their calendar.  You’ll even get a recipe box so that you can always have your favorite recipes on hand! 

One thing that’s really nice about this app is that you can sync their calendar with your phone’s calendar. 

And it’s super easy to use!  I was able to make a small shopping list within 30 seconds!

With the Cozi app, the whole family will be able to have access and use it.  So they can see and add things as well! 

Which makes it super convenient for everyone!

Something I love about this app is that you can add things at any time and everyone will be able to have access and see it.

So let’s say your kids want to add some more items to the shopping list but you’re at the store.  They can actually add to the list while you’re AT THE STORE!

That way you won’t miss a thing!

Cozi also has a gold plan that you can upgrade to.  It comes with a shopping mode, access to a month view of their calendar, it’s ad-free and much more!

Cost: Free (with the gold plan subscription it’s $29.99 annually)

Download: Andriod & iOS



With CareZone you can manage and keep track of all medications for you and your family.

You’ll be able to have dosages, refill information, and prescribing documents all at the touch of your fingertips.

Have a prescription? 

You can use their scanner to scan the bottle then it will automatically add the name of the medicine, dosage, and more. 

You can also add information like instructions, what it’s for, how long you need to take it, etc.

Then you can set a reminder on the app for when you need to take your medicine.

They also have a health tracker so you can mark down things like your weight, blood pressure, temperature, cough, sleep, and a lot more! 

You can even keep important contact information like the number for your pharmacy and doctor’s office.

One thing that’s nice about this app is that they have a community tab where you can ask questions and create posts!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS 



TickTick is an organization app where you can set reminders, make to-do lists, and have an easy-to-access calendar with all your events on it.

Something really nice about this app is that you can organize your tasks and to-do lists into their own folders or tags!

Want things just for work?  They have a folder where you can add all your projects, meetings, and more for your job.

They also have pre-made folders for shopping lists, workouts, birthdays, school/learning, a wish list, and a personal list where you can add things like chores, bills, and more.

TickTick makes adding tasks simple and easy.  You can even add tasks by just speaking into your phone’s microphone!

They also have a premium version you can upgrade to. 

When you do you can track the history of Task Activities that way you won’t miss any changes with shared tasks, add time durations (a start and end time for each event), share a list with up to 29 members, and more.

Cost: Free (with TickTick Premium it’s $27.99 a year)

Download: Andriod & iOS



OurHome is another great homemaking app where you can create chores, add events, and make shopping lists.

What’s nice about this app is that you can create a family account so everyone in the house will have access and be able to use it.

Something that the kids will love is that when you complete a task you’ll earn points!  Then once they’ve reached a certain amount of points they can redeem them for a reward!

This is something that is completely in your hands, so you can choose how many points get what reward.

Adding events to their calendar is also super easy!

Just give it a name, time, and you can even assign it to someone!  Then you can add a reminder for it!

You can also effortlessly add items to your shopping list at the click of a button.

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



Best Apps for Moms to Connect



Social.mom is an app where you can connect and make friends with other fellow moms!

You can find articles about motherhood and find fun events to join.

With this social mom’s app, you can chat and become apart of a community with other moms!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



Peanut is an app where you can meet and chat with other like-minded women and Moms!

This app is for moms, women who are pregnant, and for women trying to get pregnant.

When you sign up for Peanut it’ll ask you questions so that it can customize your experience just for you!

You can also find moms who use the app and live near your area.

Peanut is a great place where you can meet friends, ask questions, and give advice.

You can also join groups that relate to you and socialize with others within that group.

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS


Best Workout Apps for Moms


Workout for Women

When you’re a mom, who has time to go to a gym?

With this fitness app, you can find short and effective 7-minute exercises to help keep you in shape and lose weight!

You can do these exercises anytime, anywhere! 

And guess what?  No gym equipment needed!

This makes for a great app for moms who don’t have a lot of time on their hands but still want to stay fit and healthy.

Cost: $4.99/monthly or $35.99/annualy

Download: Andriod & iOS


Super Mom Workout

Super Mom Workout is an app that helps busy moms get a workout in!

This app shows you how to get your body moving while multitasking with life, work, and kids!

You can find exercises that target specific muscle groups along with easy to follow instructions and a video to show you how it’s done.

This app is great for women who want to lose 5-10 pounds and for postpartum mothers.

Cost: $.99

Download: iOS


Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a perfect workout option where you can de-stress and relax all while burning some calories.

This app has short workouts making it super easy for Moms to squeeze in some exercise!

Never done yoga before?  No worries!

These exercises are easy to learn and perform!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



The FitMama app has 5-10 minute long workouts made specifically for moms during post-pregnancy.

These workouts are quick and easy and no special equipment is needed!  Making super convenient for busy Moms!

This app helps you target your problem areas and lets you choose your ideal pace.

They also have a paid version you could try.  It comes with more exercises and no ads!

Cost: Free ($2.99 for FitMama Pro)

Download: Andriod & iOS



Best Apps for Busy Moms



The Waze app will send you alerts on accidents, hazards, police, and other helpful things while on your drive.

It can even help you save time by helping you avoid traffic and will automatically reroute you.

And what’s better is that it can help you save money on gas by finding the cheapest gas station near you!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



Bambino helps you easily find trusted Babysitters in your area.

What’s nice is that you can see which babysitters your friends and neighbors are using.

You can learn more about a babysitter with detailed bios and read reviews left by your friends and others who have hired them.

And you can make payments through the app!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS


Best Apps for Moms with Newborns


Newborn Log

With this mom app, you can easily log in all of the baby’s feedings, diaper changes, and more!

It also comes with a growth tracker, a health log, and a place to mark all of your baby’s milestones.

All in all this app is great for busy parents and new moms.

Cost: Free

Download: Android & iOS


Cloud Baby Monitor

Do you use Apple devices in your house?

If you do then you’ll love this app!

With the Cloud Baby Monitor, you just put an iPad, iPhone, or another type of Mac device in the baby’s room.  Then watch a live-screen video of baby on your 2nd device!

This app has super sensitive auto and you’ll get instant motion and noise alerts.

Something that’s unique about this app is that you can use the live audio and video to talk to your baby!  So that baby can hear your voice too.

Cost: $6.99

Download: iOS


WebMD Baby

With the WebMD Baby app, you’ll be able to get physician-approved advice.

Find articles and tips about baby and toddler care, illnesses, emergencies, and more!

This app also comes with trackers for feedings, diaper changes, and growth.

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS


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Best Apps for Moms with Toddlers & Little Kids


Playground Buddy

With the Playground Buddy, you can find local parks near you!

You can even do an advanced search so you can find parks in other towns.  

Something that I just absolutely love about this app is that you can see photos of the parks BEFORE you go there!  And you can see a little description of the playground as well.

Once you find one you want to go to, they’ll give you directions on how to get there.

Loved the park?  Add the playground to your Favorites list and save it!

One downfall of it though is that not all parks are on the app.  So even though you know there’s a park in your nice little small town, the app may not have that data to know it’s there.

But no worries!  You can add playgrounds with photos and a description of what’s there so that other fellow Moms can find it on the app!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



With Keepy you can take pictures of your kids’ wonderful creations and have them stored conveniently on the app!

This is great if you have a kid who loves to draw and you don’t want to throw away any of their artwork (but also don’t want the clutter).

Something really cool about this app is that you can get their gallery of artwork made into photo books!  As well as mugs, lunch boxes, and more!

Not only would this make a unique gift, but I’m sure the kids would love to see and look through the creations they’ve made.

And you can easily share their artwork with other family members!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



When I was little one of my favorite things to do was watch PBS!

And now they have a PBS KIDS Video app!

With it, you can pick what show and episode you want to watch.  Or you can just watch the live streaming of the PBS KIDS channel.

PBS has lots of educational and kid-friendly shows.

And the best part?

No subscription needed!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS


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Best Pregnancy Apps for Moms


Kegel Trainer

Kegels are super important to do during pregnancy.

With the Kegel Trainer app, you’ll get access to easy to follow exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

The sessions are all really short making it great for busy Mommas.

And you’ll get daily reminders so that you don’t forget to do them!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS


Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

I loved how with the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker you can customize it to your liking.

Unlike lots of other pregnancy apps, you can give the baby a name so that the app uses it whenever it refers to him, change the theme of the app, and you can even choose how you want to see baby’s size.

Sick of seeing your baby as a vegetable? 

Well, now you can change it! 

You can see the baby’s size as a cute animal, bakery food, or something silly and fun!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



BabyCenter is a great app for tracking your pregnancy!

You can read about the baby’s development and find out its size every week!

And they have lots of helpful articles to help get you through those 9 months!

It even has a community of other Moms where you can ask questions and give advice.

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS


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Best Shopping Apps



With Instacart you can order your groceries right from your phone then either have them delivered or you can pick them up when they’re ready!

This is a life-saver for stay-at-home Moms!  As it can be a challenge to shop with the little ones.

Using the app is super easy too!

Once you create an account you just type in your zip code, choose one of the participating stores near you, then start shopping!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

And when you order items it’ll save them so that you can quickly find your favorite products again!

Something really cool about this app is that it will show you discounts and savings!  And I mean who doesn’t love saving money?

Though pick-up is always available, they don’t have a delivery for certain locations.

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



Who doesn’t use Amazon?

Now with their Amazon Shopping app, you can conveniently buy your favorite things, all at the click of a button!

It’ll even notify you about deals!

You can also use your phone’s camera to scan barcodes so you can find products.

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



Groupon is a great shopping app where you can find awesome deals at a low price!

It’ll even show you local deals in your area!

And what’s more?

You even have the chance to earn cash back!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



Best Coupon & Cashback Apps



Ibotta is a super easy to use app where you can get cash back on items you’ve purchased!

All you do is add items that are on the app that you’re planning on buying, purchase those items, then upload the receipt!

Then any cashback that you qualified for will be added to your earnings! 

Cost: Free

Download: Android & iOS



Ebates is a super easy to use cashback app.

Something that’s awesome about this app is that you don’t have to buy certain items in order to get cashback.

You just have to do some online shopping at one of the eligible stores!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS



SnipSnap makes couponing super easy!

With SnipSnap you can take pictures of your coupons so that you don’t have to carry around a stack of papers with you.

You can also find coupons that other people have shared!

This app not only helps you save money but helps you to easily find coupons without all the clutter!

Cost: Free

Download: Andriod & iOS


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Find both free and paid apps for moms.

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