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26 Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts

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Do you know a mom-to-be and need to get her a baby shower gift?

But of course, you want it to be unique enough where it’s NOT something someone else got her (or an item she already has).

So here I’ve compiled a list of the most forgotten baby shower gifts!

You’ll find different gifts for both mom and baby.

Look below to check them out!

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Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts For Baby

Baby Hangers

Baby hangers are a very handy item.

Whether or not they have a dresser for the baby, the parents will definitely use at least SOME hangers for the baby.

This set of baby hangers comes in white, blue, and pink.

You can get a bundle of baby-sized hangers here.


A humidifier is a great item to have for when the winter months come.

Especially if the baby gets sick.

They can help with dry skin, nasal congestion, and coughing.

This cool-mist humidifier is #1 in Humidifiers on Amazon!

You can find the price for this baby humidifier here!


Everyone always remembers to get diapers.

But what about wipes?

Parents will use wipes just as much as they use diapers!

So wipes would be a great practical gift that I’m sure Mom would be very thankful for.

I use these natural care-sensitive wipes that are made unscented.

You can click here to buy a pack of these baby wipes!

Baby Soap

A great gift for the baby is gentle baby soap.

But don’t just get any baby soap.

Make sure the soap you buy is safe and FOR babies!

I buy this baby soap and it’s perfect for newborns and babies with sensitive skin.

You can buy a bottle of it here!

Clothes in Bigger Sizes

Everyone wants to get something adorable for the baby to wear.

What no one thinks about is that babies can only wear newborn-sized clothes for a couple of weeks until they’ve outgrown them.

And by now they probably have enough 0-3 month clothes.

So try getting clothes in bigger sizes (just don’t go past 12 months).

You can find a bunch of adorable baby clothes here!


Probably one of the most forgotten baby items is a thermometer.

Being a new parent can be scary and when a baby is sick it’s even scarier!

Having a thermometer on hand is a must and will help the parents know if the baby’s temperature is safe or not.

You can check out this thermometer here!

Dirty Diaper Sacks

These dirty diaper sacks are meant to help keep stinky odors from traveling around the house.

They work great for when you’re changing a dirty diaper in the car, on the ground at the park, or if there’s a super stinky one you changed at home that needs to be contained.

You can buy this gift here!

Bath Tub Mat

Bathtub mats are made to help prevent slipping on the tub floor.

This long kid’s bathtub mat comes in a couple of different colors like blue, pink, and purple.

You can check them out here!

Nasal Bulb Syringe

Every Mom with a newborn needs one of these!

These booger suckers will help when the baby is sick or when a boogie is blocking the baby’s nose.

What’s great about this mucus sucker is that it comes apart!

Why is this an exciting feature?

Cause now after you suck all those boogies out, you can easily twist it apart to clean, and dry it properly!

You can get this simple to use syringe bulb here!

Stroller Organizer

A stroller organizer has extra storage to help hold toys, diapers, wipes, snacks, and drinks.

These can come in handy for new moms who have lots of stuff to bring with them or maybe just want to bring the essentials with them.

This product is actually #1 in Baby Stoller Organizers on Amazon!

It comes with 2 insulated cup holders as well as a detachable zipper pocket.

You can check out the ratings and reviews here!

Baby Book

Books are priceless.

Not only do books encourage language and thinking skills but they also promote happy bonding time between Mom and baby.

And there are so many cute books to choose from!

My only recommendation is that you buy a board book.

The book, I Love You to the Moon and Back, is a sweet story about a bear and its cub showing their love for each other.

This is a story I’m sure Mom would love reading to baby!

You can check out this beautiful board book here!

Baby Nail Kit

A new mom may have everything except maybe some grooming items.

This nail kit comes with everything a new mom may need; nail clippers, tweezers, nail scissors, and a nail file!

Click here to buy one for your upcoming baby shower!

Hair Brush Set

Baby’s hair needs to be combed too!

And this beautiful wooden hairbrush set will do just the job!

This lovely set comes with a wooden comb, a soft-bristled brush (to help with cradles cap), and one with bamboo bristles to help the baby relax.

You can find the price for these wooden combs here.

Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

Nipple Cream

If Mom is planning on breastfeeding they’ll probably be using nipple cream.

In the beginning, nursing can make your nipples sore and nipple cream is supposed to help eliminate the tenderness.

This organic nipple cream has no petroleum, parabens, or lanolin.

It’s also great for dry skin and pumping as well!

You can buy a container of Earth Mama nipple butter here!


This beautiful mom necklace is such a sweet baby shower gift for any mom-to-be!

The gem inside the 2 interlocking rings represents your precious baby growing inside.

You can buy this meaningful gift here!

Nursing Tea

Nursing teas are a great idea for Moms who are planning on breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding teas can help promote lactation meaning they can help increase and maintain your milk supply.

You can buy this organic nursing tea (my favorite) here!

Breastfeeding Shirts

Another great idea for future breastfeeding Moms is nursing clothes!

Nursing shirts allow breastfeeding moms to easily breastfeed the baby.

You can check out some breastfeeding tops for mom here.

Car Seat Organizer

A car seat organizer can hold many different things like wipes, extra diapers, and toys.

This backseat car organizer comes with 9 different storage compartments.

You can buy this 2 pack here.

Postpartum Care Items

When it comes to most forgotten baby shower gifts, postpartum care items are at the top of that list.

But gifting mom postpartum recovery items is a great idea!

As a mom, I can tell you that I would’ve LOVED to have a present like this!

Some after birth recovery items are:

  • Heavy Duty Pads
  • Tucks Pads
  • Cold Packs
  • Postpartum Sitz Bath Mix

Bath Tub Cushion

A bathtub cushion is put on the side of the bathtub for Mom or Dad to lean on for more comfort.

This can help giving baths in the tub more comfortable (not to mention give your knees and elbows some much-needed relief)!

This bath kneeler and elbow rest pad is made with memory foam and has pockets to hold bath toys.

You can check out this bathtub cushion here.

Water Bottle

Breastfeeding or not water is important.

You can help Mom by gifting her a cute water bottle!

This one is actually #1 in Water Bottles on Amazon.

You can find the price for this one here!

Epsom Salts

This may seem a bit random but Epsom salts not only help with aches and pains from sore muscles but they’re great for adding to postpartum baths!

And sitz baths help Mom a lot while they’re healing from childbirth.

You can buy a bag of these relaxing Epsom Salts for Mom here!

Back Seat Mirror

Being a Mom I know how hard it is to not see what baby is doing in the car.

But a back seat mirror can help with that!

These mirrors can help you see what the baby is doing when you’re driving the car.

You can buy one of these here!

Postpartum Clothing

A great gift to give a new mom at a baby shower is clothes that they can wear during postpartum!

Postpartum clothes are comfortable clothes that they can wear after birth.

Whether that be high-waisted leggings, nursing clothes, or sweat pants.  This is an item that many people don’t think about getting.

You can find lots of different postpartum clothes here!

Baby Book

You can get Mom-to-be a book that’s all about baby!

These books will talk about baby milestones, the first year, tips, and lots more.

You can check out this book, Baby 411: Your Baby Birth to Age 1 here!

Photo Album

Help Mom keep track of all those precious memories!

Parents LOVE taking pictures of their kids!

And a photo album is the perfect place to keep them!

You can buy a photo album here!

What is the most useful baby shower gift?

The most useful baby shower gifts are ones that Mom and baby absolutely will use and need.

Below is a list of super useful items that you can give at a baby shower:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Baby Clothing
  • Postpartum Recovery Items (pads, tucks pads, nursing pads. etc.)
  • Baby Care Items
  • Burp Rags
  • Pacifiers
  • Swaddle Blankets

What should you not buy for a baby shower?

Though anything you buy is a great gift, there are just some gifts that you shouldn’t give at a baby shower.

Parents typically expect the guests to get items that are listed on their registry.

But if you decide to buy something that’s NOT on there, you should know that there are some things that you just shouldn’t buy.

Here are some give ideas that you should take off your list.

Older Baby Clothes

What I mean by older is anything above 12 months.

Getting baby clothes is great!

But getting clothes that will be sitting in bags or tots for the next few years – not so much.

This just takes up MORE storage space and could more than likely get lost or even forgotten about.

So please stick to clothes that can be worn during the baby’s first year.

Toddler Toys

Toys made for toddlers are things like blocks, cars, and plastic figurines.

And though they may be fantastic toys, they won’t be so much for a baby.

Until baby can actually start picking up things and move around, those toys will just be sitting there collecting dust.

So get a toy that’s made better suited for little babies (rattles, teething toys, light-up toys).

Stuffed Animals

Yes, stuffed animals are cute and cuddly, but not to a baby.

Especially a newborn baby.

Those stuffed animals will just be sitting there taking up space.

Baby Food

Do not give baby food at a baby shower.

First off, babies don’t eat food until about 6 months so it’ll just be sitting in the cupboard for another half of a year.

And secondly, Mom may be very particular in what she will be feeding to baby.

She may even want to make it homemade.

Mom and Dad will most likely just throw it away.

So before you go buying it thinking you are being helpful, just scratch that item right off your list.

Nursery Art

I know nursery art is super cute, but unless you know EXACTLY what kind of theme Mom was going for, there’s no point in getting it.

So to be on the safe side, try to stay away from nursery decor.

But if you really want to get something like that, try bringing it up in a conversation about what Mom has in mind for the nursery.

What are some other good baby shower gift ideas?

If you are still wondering what you could gift to Mom and Baby at the baby shower, here are a few more ideas below (some I’m sure even Dad will enjoy)!

  • Gift Card to a Baby Store
  • Food Gift Certificate
  • Play Pen
  • Milestone Blanket
  • Stroller
  • Diaper Bag
  • Baby Carrier/Wrap
  • Baby Monitor

How much should you spend on a baby shower gift?

This all depends on your budget really.

Ideally, you can spend between $50-$100.

But, you can of course spend even more or less.

How well you know the person can also affect how much you may decide to spend on your baby shower gift.

Wrapping it all up

When it comes to buying baby shower gifts, make sure that Mom will be able to use them sooner than later.

Don’t buy anything that’s random or made for future use.

Useful items like diapers and wipes are always great and will be appreciated!

And be sure to avoid certain baby shower gifts like the ones listed above.

Either way, though I’m sure you will find a unique baby shower gift from this list!

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What was your favorite gift you received at your baby shower?  What was your most useful one?  Let me know below in the comments!  And if you liked this post about the most forgotten baby shower gifts, then give it a share!  Thanks!

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