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34 Fun Baby Shower Games that Don’t Suck

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Alright, so you figured out the baby shower theme. Now it’s time to figure out the games!

I loved the games we played at my baby shower!

Not only were they fun but they had everyone laughing!

So to help you Mommas (or friends of the Momma) figure out what kind of baby shower games there even is, I rounded up some baby shower games and activities that you and your guests will love!

You can even find baby shower activities that aren’t games!

Below you will find a list of baby shower games that DON’T suck (and are actually fun)!

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Baby Shower Games That Aren’t Lame

1. Baby Bag

Items You’ll Need:

  • Diaper Bag
  • Baby Items (bottle, diaper, rattle, binky, etc.)
  • Paper
  • Pen

Get a diaper bag and fill it with some baby items.

Give every guest one minute to feel inside the diaper bag (without looking of course). Then have them write down what they think is in there.

Whoever gets the most right wins!

2. Tie Your Shoes

Items You’ll Need:

This game was pretty fun to watch!

Set up some chairs so that they’re all in a line.

Have the players put a blown-up balloon under their shirt and sit in one of the chairs. Then have them race to see who can tie their shoes the fastest!

The first one to finish wins!

Just be sure no one cheats and puts their foot on their knee!

3. Baby Shower Bingo

pink elephant themed baby shower bingo

Items You’ll Need:

Sorry but I love games like this! This classic game now has a baby twist to it.

So instead of marking down numbers, you’ll be marking down baby items and other things that Mommas need. Plus this is an easy game that anyone can play!

4. Ice Ice Baby

Items You’ll Need:

Something that I like about this game is that it can go on simultaneously while you play other games and such.

But for this game, you’ll have to get it ready the night BEFORE!

Get an ice cube tray and fill it with water. Place a tiny baby for every cube and let it freeze.

Once everyone has arrived at the baby shower let everyone have an ice cube and have them put it in their drinks (be sure they do it at the same time).

Then whoever’s ice cube melts first has to say, “My water broke!”.

5. Blindfolded Diaper Change

Items You’ll Need:

I don’t know about you but this one sounds like it could be super funny!

Have a couple of baby dolls lined up on a table.

Get them set up and put a diaper on every baby doll. You could even go as far as to put Nutella in the diaper!

Have the players get blindfolded and begin!

Whoever has the baby doll all cleaned up and with a new diaper on wins!

You could even make this a Mom vs. Dad baby shower game and see who’s the fastest!

6. Blindfolded Spoon-Feeding

Items You’ll Need:

This will definitely be a dirty one!

Have all the players get into pairs and have one of them blindfolded. The one who is blindfolded will get the spoon and baby food.

Now they must spoon-feed ALL the baby to the other player.

Whatever team finishes first wins!

7. Play-Doh Baby

Items You’ll Need:

This is something that’s fun and creative!

For this Play-Doh baby shower game, the instructions are pretty simple.

Everyone gets a little container of Play-Doh and tries to make the cutest baby.

Then when the timer is up and everyone’s done, the mom-to-be can pick a winner or you can have everyone vote.

I had this game at my baby shower and actually really liked it! I loved getting to see everyone’s version of their little Play-Doh baby.

This is a good one for a baby shower game for kids as well!

8. Guess The Baby Food

Items You’ll Need:

Have everyone in pairs and get one player a blindfold.

The other player will feed them 5 (or whatever amount you’d like to do) different kinds of baby foods.

Then see if they can guess the right flavor!

9. Chug The Baby Bottle

Items You’ll Need:

  • Bottles
  • Nipples
  • Drink (water, juice, pop, etc.)

I’m sure this one will get some laughs!

Everyone gets a baby bottle filled with your drink of choice and whoever finishes first wins!

This can be a team game or even 1-on-1.

If you’d rather not elongate the game you can set a timer and whoever has the least amount in the bottle when the timer beeps wins.

10. Pregnant Twister

Items You’ll Need:

This sounds like it could be one of the funniest baby shower games ever!

I remember playing this game all the time when I was little. So doing it with balloons could be a pretty interesting and unique baby shower game!

To play, everyone who’s playing has to have a balloon up their shirt.

During the game, if your balloon pops you’re out!

11. Name the Baby Poop

Items You’ll Need:

This may be a sort of inappropriate baby shower game but it’s still funny!

Get all different kinds of candy bars and melt them in the diaper.

Number each diaper and lay them out.

Everyone can go up and write down what they think each diaper has inside. Whether that’s just looking or smelling it.

Whoever gets them all (or has the most right) wins!

Just be sure to have what they are written down somewhere!

12. Pacifier Hunt

Items You’ll Need:

Before the baby shower starts, hide pacifiers around the vicinity.

Have a sign that says, “Pacifier Hunt” that explains the rules. Or announce it to everyone once they’ve arrived.

Then people can search for them throughout the duration of the baby shower.

Whoever has the most at the end of the baby shower wins!

13. Baby Shower Word Scramble

Items You’ll Need:

I love word games!

And this doesn’t even have to be a game where you have to announce a winner (unless you want to).

You could also just have them play in their free time or if they don’t want to participate in a particular game.

But you can go ahead and place a game sheet of a baby shower word scramble in front of every guest’s chair.

14. Guess the Size of Mom’s Waist

Items You’ll Need:

For this classic game, everyone will pass a ball of yarn around.

Players will then cut where they think might be the size of Mom’s waist. Once everyone has a piece of string they can measure it around Mom’s waist.

Whoever’s closest wins!

15. Nipple Bobbin

Items You’ll Need:

  • Nipples
  • Large Plastic Tub

Remember going to parties and bobbing for apples?

Well, since this is obviously a party for well, a BABY you gotta put a baby spin on it, right?

Set up this silly game by filling up a large tub with water and put about 15 (or whatever number you’d like to do) nipples in it.

Then have the players have their hands behind their back and let laughs begin!

16. Guess How Many Are in The Baby Bottle

Items You’ll Need:

Get a bottle and fill it with your item of choice.

Then have your guests try guessing how many are inside the baby bottle.

Leave a pen and paper out for your guests to write their name and guess on it and another container to hold their answers. Then at the end of the shower announce who got closest!

Remember to have the actual number of what’s inside written somewhere!

17. Shhh…Don’t Say Baby!

Items You’ll Need:

This modern baby shower game is pretty simple.

At the beginning of the shower, everyone gets 1-5 clothespins to wear. When you hear someone say “Baby” you can take one of their clothespins.

Whoever has the most by the end of the shower (or whatever timeframe you choose) wins.

You could even mix it up and add more words like; Bib, Bottle, Rattle, Mom, etc.

18. Name That Baby Tune

Items You’ll Need:

  • Speaker
  • A Playlist of Baby Songs

Beforehand make a playlist of songs that have the word ‘baby’ in it. Then as you play each song have everyone guess what they think the song is.

Whoever guesses the name of the song first gets a point.

When the game is over whoever has the most points wins!

19. Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary

Items You’ll Need:

This game of Pictionary has a fun modern twist by using emojis as the clues!

Give everyone a game sheet and a pen.

Now from the emojis that are laid out on the line you have to figure out the emojis are trying to represent.

Whoever gets the most right wins!

20. Adult Diaper Challenge

Items You’ll Need:

Have everyone get into teams.

Give each team a roll of toilet paper. Then give them 3-5 minutes to wrap one team member up in toilet paper creating an “adult” sized diaper.

Whatever team has the best or most creative toilet paper diaper wins!

21. He Said She Said Baby Shower Game

Items You’ll Need:

Give all your guests all a He Said She Said game sheet. Then have your guests choose who they think said what.

You could even make your own and put your own questions!

22. Baby Shower Relay Race: Diaper Edition

Items You’ll Need:

This is a great baby shower game for large groups!

Put your guests into teams.

Each team gets a baby doll that has a diaper, clothes, and is swaddle up. Each team member takes a turn doing 1 of the tasks which include unswaddling, undressing, changing the diaper, dressing, and swaddling back up.

Have each team member do one tasks and then pass the baby on to the next player.

Whichever team has gone through everyone’s turn first wins!

Want to make it an even bigger challenge? Give everyone blindfolds!

23. Stroller Racing

Items You’ll Need:

Get your racers ready!

For this, you’ll have to set up an obstacle course and have plenty of room for running!

Have 2 players with each 1 umbrella stroller and a baby doll strapped in.

Points are deducted when a player runs off the course, crashes the stroller, spills baby or any other mishap.

Whoever completes the course first with the baby still inside wins!

This is actually a very popular co-ed baby shower game.

24. Baby Price is Right

pink elephant themed baby shower game called guess the price
blue elephant themed baby shower game called guess the price

Items You’ll Need:

Lay baby items or pictures of baby items out on a table. Have your guests write down how much they think each item is.

Whoever guesses the closest wins!

25. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Items You’ll Need:

How well do you know your nursery rhymes?

With this fun quiz, each player gets a game sheet. See if you can remember these classic songs well enough to answer the questions.

Another way you could do it is to make it yourself.

You can get a piece of paper and write down lines from nursery rhymes on it but leave a part of it out.

Then have the players write down what they think is the next line in the song.

26. Find the Daddy Scratch-Off Tickets

Items You’ll Need:

Looking for a unique and hilarious game that your guests will love?

This Find the Daddy game uses scratch-off lottery ticket-styled cards with celebrity men posing as the dad-to-be.

Each set comes with 3 blank cards so you can put an ACTUAL picture of the dad’s head on the cards.

Past out all the cards. Then have everyone scratch the heads of the cards to find out who is the daddy.

Whoever finds the one with the real dad’s picture wins!

27. Pin the Pacifier

Items You’ll Need:

This game has a silly baby shower twist to the classic party game, pin the tail on the donkey.

The game set comes with a blindfold and pacifier stickers.

Have players take turns being blindfolded and sticking a pacifier sticker on the poster.

Whoever gets the closest wins!

28. Family Feud: Baby Shower Edition

Items You’ll Need:

Who doesn’t love Family Feud?

And now you can play Family Feud: Baby Shower Edition!

This is a great party game, especially for larger groups.

This game set comes with face-off questions, fast money cards, a dry-erase scoreboard, and a marker. And has hundreds of survey questions.

Honestly, I would LOVE to play this at a baby shower!

You can even make it more fun by downloading the app so you can have game sounds too.

What can you do instead of baby shower games?

If you’d rather not play games, you could always try doing activities!

It could be stuff like crafting, decorating, or having them write a note for you/the future baby.

Below you can check out some baby shower game alternatives.

Baby Shower Activities

29. Onesie Design Station

Items You’ll Need:

Looking for a more relaxing baby shower idea that’s still fun?

What about onesie decorating?

I mean all babies need onesies! And trust me, you’ll be using ALOT of them.

So why not have some fun and unique handmade onesies?!

Get some cheap plain onesies and some washer-safe markers and design away!

Wanna do something a little different?

Instead of designing onesies, you could have your guests at your baby shower do bib decorating!

30. Letters to Mom and Dad

Items You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Box

Through all the laughs and fun, it’s nice to have something sweet and personal.

For this meaningful baby shower activity, all guests write a sweet message or advice they have for the Mom and Dad-to-be.

Have everyone place their notes in a box for Mom and Dad to keep.

31. Baby Birthday Pool

Items You’ll Need:

Get a baby’s birth month from a calendar and tell your guests your expected due date.

Have them write down their guesses for the birth date and time!

You could even have them guess the weight, height, eye color, and who they think the baby will look most like.

You can get a Baby Prediction Sheet for that!

32. Make a Baby Quilt

Items You’ll Need:

I love love love this idea!

This one is definitely for crafty Moms who know how to sew (or at least KNOWS someone who can)!

For this unique baby shower activity, give everyone a square piece of fabric. Then let your guests design a square for the baby.

Later you can take them home and make a cute keepsake for the new baby!

33. Make a Wish for Baby Game

Items You’ll Need:

Even though this isn’t necessarily a “game”, it’s still a fun and sweet baby shower activity idea.

Give all the guests a sheet of paper and a pen.

Then have them write down what they wish for the new baby.

34. Block Decorating

Items You’ll Need:

My little one loves blocks!

You can get a block decorating set that comes with blank blocks and markers or you can buy them separately.

Have a table with them set up and have guests decorate them at the baby shower.

And if you have other little ones there this one would be a great baby shower kids craft too!

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

Typically, there are 3-5 different kinds of games.

But really it’s YOUR baby shower so if you feel like you and your guests would enjoy doing more than that, go for it!

How long do baby shower games last?

A good time range is about 30-45 minutes.

This will allow people time to play, but also leave time for other things (meeting/greeting, eating, opening gifts) as baby showers typically only lasts 2-3 hours.

How many prizes should you have at a baby shower?

Depending on your budget, you can have 2 prizes per game. One for the winner and one for the runner-up.

But of course, you can do more prizes per game or even give none!

And if you need ideas for types of prizes, click here to check out this list of baby shower game prizes that your guests will actually want!

Does the mom-to-be play the baby shower games?

Of course!

There is no problem whatsoever with Mom or Dad playing games as well.

But…if mom really would rather not, then that’s fine too.

It is YOUR baby shower after all!

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unique baby shower games that aren't lame

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