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+55 BEST Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers

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This year is going TOO fast…

I mean, pretty soon it’s gonna Christmas!

So if you need some stocking stuffer ideas then you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find lots of different types of things you could buy for your little one this year!  From educational toys, inexpensive items, to things that are just fun!

Below you’ll be able to find some of the best stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers!

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Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers

Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Teething Toys

This teether is something that my baby really likes!  It has soft little bristles that stimulate and cleans their gums!

You can get the Nuby Silicone Teether here.

These teething keys are a great (and pretty cheap) stocking filler.  And it’s a nice bright color that’ll catch baby’s eye!

You can buy these Nuby Gel Keys Teething Keys here.

These fun fruit teethers are such a unique gift!  They are all BPA free and non-toxic which is a total mommy plus!

Click here to get these fruit-shaped baby teethers.

This teething toy is also a beginner toothbrush for babies.  The whole thing is made of silicone so no hard plastic that baby can chew on and it’s small which makes it easy to be held by those small little baby hands!

You can get this banana teething toy here.

Eating Items

This fruit feeder great for introducing new foods to babies.  And it helps with teething too!  I love how easy it is to use and it’s super simple to clean!

You can the Naturebond fruit feeder here.

About to start giving purres to the baby?  Then you’re gonna need baby spoons!  These soft-tipped Munchkin baby spoons are a great baby stocking stuffer!  I love these spoons as they hold the food well and won’t hurt the baby’s gums or teeth if they bite down on it.

You can check out these Munchkin Baby Spoons here.

This is the first cup I was able to get my little one to start using!  This straw cup is easy to use and has a weighted straw so there’s no leftover liquid at the bottom!

You can buy the Munchkin Trainer Cup here.

About to start introducing a sippy cup to your little one soon?  Then perhaps a learner cup would be a good idea to get your baby!  This sippy cup is easy to hold and is BPA free!

You can get the NUK learner cup here.

Learning Toys

This STEM learning toy would make as a great gift for baby!  Each ring is created differently, making it so baby is exposed to different textures.  And it’s smaller and less bulky than regular stacking ring sets.

You can get this fun stacking ring STEM learning toy here.

My little one has always loved cloth books.  This soft Peek-a-Boo book is a fun and interactive book with rhythms and songs!

You can buy the Peek-a-Boo Forest here.

These colorful cups are great for problem-solving and hand-eye coordination.

You can get these stacking toy cups here.

My little one LOVES this toy controller!  This fun toy lights up, teaches colors and shapes, and has a variety of different buttons for them to interact with.

You can get this toy controller here!

Play Toys

This music box is a cute toy that sings songs and lights up!  I’m sure it’s something your baby would love to find in their stocking!

You can check out this Bring Along Music Box here.

How cute are these blanket animals?!  My baby loved hers when she was little!

You can buy one of these Blanket Animals here.

My baby loved playing with these rattles!  I especially like how there’s a soft end so that it helps keep the baby from accidentally hurting themselves.

You can buy these Rockin Rattles here!

My baby loves playing with keys!  And they’re super cheap!

You can get a set of these colorful simple baby keys here.

The popular song that hit every house now has a Baby Shark song cube!  This is a toy that my baby DEFINITELY loves and still plays with til this day.

You can buy the Offical Baby Shark Song Cube here.

Bathtube Toys

These cute bathtub toys will make bathtime a blast for the little baby!

You can get some of these bathtub bobble toys here.

Lots of bath toys, unfortunately, get moldy.  But these mold-free bath toys help eliminate that problem!

You can buy these CleanSquirt bath toys here.

Stroller Toys

This cute clip-on peacock toy is sure to get your little one’s attention!  It’s so colorful and has many different features for baby to discover!

You can get the Lamaze Jacque Peacock Toy here.

This little stroller toy is simple and cute!  It also has a teether at the end!

You can get one this fun stroller toy here!


Pink Fleece Booties             Blue Fleece Booties

Socks are ALWAYS coming off of baby’s feet.  At least with mine anyway!  But with these fleece booties and their velcro straps, they actually STAY on!

Organic Cotton Boy Socks             Organic Cotton Girl Socks

It’s cold, right?  So baby socks would be a great and simple gift for baby!  And these cute socks are made from 100% cotton!

Hats & Headbands

Elf Hat                                      Crochet Hat

Headbands and Mittens           Socks and Headbands

Keep baby’s head warm with one of these fun and festive holiday hats!  Or you can get some cute bows and headbands for your little girl!

What else do you put in a baby’s Christmas stocking?

  • Mittens
  • Onesies
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Baby Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Blanket
  • Burp Rag
  • Baby Wash Cloths
  • Baby Food
  • Baby Bowls
  • Bibs
  • Pacifier

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Creative Toys

Who doesn’t love play-doh??  My toddler always has a blast creating and playing with it.  And these 2-ounce cans would fit perfectly inside a Christmas stocking!

Click here to get some Play-Doh for your little one!

Paint is fun but if you want to get some for your toddler make sure it’s WASHABLE paint!

You can get some washable paint here.

Kids love drawing!  I always get these crayons because they’re thick so it’s easier for her to hold and it’s WASHABLE!

You can get a pack of large washable crayons here.

Give them something new to draw with like markers!  These are large markers so they can hold them more easily and has enough colors to keep a toddler entertained!

You can buy these washable markers here.

This coloring book is made just for toddlers!  It’s a simple coloring book filled with fun pictures, numbers, shapes, and letters!

You can get The Best Toddler Coloring Book here!

Toddlers draw on everything if they get the chance to!  I got one of these for my little one and she LOVES IT!  And the best part?  NO MESS!  See with this coloring pad you’re only able to draw pictures using water with the special water pen.  I think this is such a fun (and pretty cheap) stocking filler for toddlers!

You can buy this Water WOW water coloring pad here.

Bathroom Items

My toddler loves bubbles so taking bubble baths is always a blast for her!  This natural bubble bath is tear-free and hypoallergenic.

You can check out this Lavender Vanilla Bubble Bath here.

My Little Pony light-up toothbrush       Spiderman light-up toothbrush

Make brushing your teeth fun with these fun light-up toothbrushes!  Some nice features it has is the suction-cup at the bottom of the toothbrush and that they have a light-up timer to help show kids how long to brush their teeth!

Bathtub Toys

What’s a good 2-year-old stocking filler?  Bath toys!  I mean kids love bath toys!  And with these foam letters and numbers, they can learn while they have fun!

You can check out this pack of 36 Bath Letters and Numbers here.

Your little toddler will love playing with this fishing rod at bath time!  And what’s great you can use it in other places besides the bathtub!

You can buy this fishing rod toy here.

Does your little one love to draw?  Why not try bathtub crayons!  With these non-toxic crayons, they will have a blast drawing while in the tub!

You can buy this pack of Crayola Bathtub Crayons here.

Board Books

Llama Llama has many many cute books to choose from.  This one is a cute Christmas themed story that I’m sure your little one will love!

You can get the Llama Llama Jingle Bells Board Book here.

My toddler LOVES Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!  So a Daniel Tiger book was a real hit when she got one!

You can get the Merry Christmas Daniel Tiger board book here!

Play Toys

This fun play remote sings and lights up!  It has a variety of buttons and even helps teach colors, numbers, letters, and more!

You can buy the Fisher-Price Toy Remote here.

Toy keys are always a favorite!  These toy keys have buttons and make fun car sounds.

Click here to get these fun Toy Keys!

Slinkys were one of the coolest things when I was little!  This neon glow-in-the-dark slinky will surely get your toddler’s attention!

You can get this glow in the dark slinky here.

These squishy spiky sensory balls come in fun bright colors and bounce!  My kiddo loves playing with balls so this toy would definitely be up his alley!

You can buy these Spiky Sensory Balls here.

Educational Toys

These cute stacking cups are a colorful and fun stocking stuffer for toddlers.

You can get the Munchkin Caterpillar Stacking Cups here.

This wooden educational toy is non-toxic and is made with high-quality wood.  This toy helps kids learn shapes, counting, sorting, and hand-eye coordination.

You can get this fun sorting block puzzle here.

This cute and colorful puzzle is a great and fun learning toy for toddlers!  And the whole thing is made of wood so it’ll be harder for your little one to ruin it.  I think puzzles are one of the best developmental toys!  And this one would be perfect for a toddler who is 2-3 years old!

You can buy this wooden puzzle set here.

Remember this classic toy as a kid?  I know I sure do!  This kaleidoscope has shapes, animals, and different colors to help capture your child’s mind while still being educational.

You can get the iKeelo tin kaleidoscope here.

Eating Items

Let’s face it.  Toddlers spill.  A LOT.  But this 360 cup helps eliminate spills while they learn how to sip out of a cup!

You can get the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup here.

Like I said, toddlers spill.  But with this snack catcher, you can put their snacks in the bowl without having to worry about them making a mess.

Click here to get this Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Catcher here.

Bedroom Items

I loved my glow in the dark stars when I was a kid!  With these cool glow in the dark stars, you can put them on your toddler’s ceiling to make a starry night in their bedroom!

You can buy these glow in the dark stars here.

This night is great for whether your kid is scared of the dark or just likes fun colors!  This night light changes up to 8 different colors for your little one to enjoy!

You can get this color-changing night light here.


Navy Blue Fox Slippers     Pink Unicorn Slippers

These cute toddler slippers will keep their feet nice and warm!  One thing I love about these slippers is that they have a rubber sore to help keep them from not only slipping but also makes it so they’re outside friendly as well!

What are some other good ideas to put in a toddler’s stocking?

  • PJs
  • A DVD Movie
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Mittens 
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Play food
  • Toy Phone
  • Slime

Does Santa bring stocking stuffers?

Yes, typically Santa is the one who will bring gifts to put in the stockings for your little ones.

You can get the stockings ready for Santa by hanging them up or have them filled and ready for Christmas morning.

I generally like the idea of hanging them up because not only does it feel more festive but it’s also more fun and exciting for the kids to see their special stocking as they wait for Santa to come!

Do you wrap presents in a stocking?

One of the great things about stocking fillers is that you don’t have to wrap anything!

Plus I feel like children like seeing some of their special gifts from Santa sticking out just waiting for them!

Doing it this way is probably easier for toddlers and babies also as they can just pull or dump them out.

“Wrapping” it Up!

Getting stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers is normally pretty easy.

Really the main thing to keep in mind when shopping for gifts for stockings is making sure that whatever it is, is gonna FIT.

Now you don’t need to bring it with you just use common sense.

As for figuring out if they’ll like what you got, don’t even worry about it!

I’m sure your little one will love whatever they get!

Have fun shopping and have a Merry Christmas!

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Find awesome stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and babies. These stocking fillers will fit perfectly in your little ones Christmas stocking. You can even find toddler and baby stocking stuffer ideas that are cheap and inexpensive.

What do you think of these stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers?  Let me know below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

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  1. These are all great ideas. My daughter has a lot of these items already. She loves the fishing rod! I am intrigued by the bathtub crayons and will definitely be adding them to her stocking 🙂

  2. These are some great ideas! I always feel like I always remember at last minute about stocking stuffers. This list will be very helpful come December!

  3. These are all such great ideas! Funny thing is we have about 90% of these too! haha The bath toys are always a hit because they can be used year-round, and they even double as pool toys too! The bathtub crayons are my daughters absolute favorite and our best purchase thus far. She gets so much use out of them!

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