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11 Super Weird Things That Newborn Babies Do (But Are Totally Normal)

Learn about weird things that newborns do that are normal. Weird things that happen to newborns. Normal things that newborns do that are weird.

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Newborns are so small, cute, and innocent.  But somethings you may not expect when going into motherhood…

In fact, some stuff that newborns do is just downright strange!  And pretty gross at times.

But hey, that’s motherhood for ya!

So, here is a list of weird things babies do!

Oh and don’t worry, these things are all normal!


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Weird Things That Newborn Babies Do


Lots of Spit Up

Both breastfeed and formula feed babies will spit up.


It can be after some and even ALL feedings!

I remember how my little baby use to spit up ALL. THE. TIME.  I went through multiple shirts a day cause I would always end up getting puke on me (I could never get the burp rag there in time lol).

The reason for all this spit up?

Since it’s still developing, their immature digestive tracts are causing them to have reflux.

So as long as your baby is growing, gaining weight, and they’re not projectile vomiting after every feeding, your pukey baby should be nothing to worry about!


Projectile Poop

This one is no joke!

I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN.  AT ALL.  And I have no idea why this happens.

But when my baby was a newborn, almost every single diaper change I was dodging poop.  And there were plenty of times where I was cleaning it off of tables, chairs, floors, walls, ME, you name it!

So I warn you now.  Get prepared for some “explosive” poop Mama.


Watch Out for that Pee

It’s not just the poop you gotta be prepared for!  Pee can catch ya off guard too!

You’ve probably heard of how baby boys will pee while changing their diaper.  BUT baby girls can have projectile pee when you’re changing them too.



Crossed Eyed

I remember how crossed eyed my little one would get…  And I mean it was funny at times but I also thought,

What’s wrong with my baby’s eyes?  Is this normal?  Is something wrong?  Do I need to get baby glasses?!

Well, it turns out during the first few months of life, it’s totally normal for a newborns’ eyes to wander and go cross-eyed!

Who knew?

Over time though they’ll start gaining more muscle control and they’ll be able to focus much better!


Spastic Movements

I’ll be honest.  After my baby was born and I saw it happen the first time I was like “Woah what..that was freaky”.

But the nurse reassured me that these weird jerky movements that babies do were completely normal when they’re newborns.

It’s just part of the process that the baby goes through when learning and going through the many many different changes after birth.

But it can still take you off guard a little bit even after you DO know.

If you ever feel like it’s something more like you think your baby had a seizure.  Contact your doctor asap.


Eye Color May Change

Those baby blues will eventually change over time.

I mean they could, of course, keep their blue eyes or they could change into another color!

So why do babies eye color change in the first place?  Why aren’t they born with the color it’s supposed to be?

WELL, at birth babies don’t have much or none at all of melanin.  And the amount of melanin you have determines the color of your skin, hair, and EYES!

The more melanin you have the darker the color. As baby gets older though they will develop more melanin.


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Baby Breasts & Mini Periods

Yes, as weird as this sounds, your baby could possibly develop the appearance of breasts and may also get swollen genitals.

Your baby girl could even get a “mini period”.

Now, this does sound concerning but it’s actually pretty normal for this to happen to newborn babies.

You see all those hormones you had coursing through you during pregnancy transferred to your baby.  And now they’re just experiencing the side effects of it.


What’s Happening to My Baby’s Skin

Newborn babies can have LOTS of skin issues.

I mean there’s cradles cap, baby acne, and skin peeling.  It may get you thinking “What’s going on with my baby?!”.

But no need to worry Momma!

See newborn babies have very sensitive skin which may cause them to have baby ance.  And being exposed to our dry air can make the baby’s skin flaky and start to peel.

Now cradles cap is just this yellowish, dry flaky skin that they get on there scalp and eyebrows.

But it’s just another one of those weird things that newborns do!


Why is my Newborn Hairy

I bet you’re probably thinking “How are babies hairy??  They don’t even have any hair!”.

BUT newborn babies actually do have quite a bit more hair on their bodies.  You’ll especially notice it on their backs (at least that’s where I noticed it the most on my baby).

But this fine thin hair is called lanugo and covers the baby when they’re in the womb.  It helps keep them warm until they have enough body fat under the skin.



Losing Weight After Birth

This is a concern a lot of parents come across after they’re baby is born.

They’ll weigh at 7.3 lbs. at birth then weigh 7 lbs. later.

But don’t freak out!  This is all normal!

The reason this happens is that babies are born with some extra fluids so in the first few days when they’re losing all that fluid they’ll drop a couple of ounces.

To know more, you can read this article here about newborn baby weight and weight loss.


That Newborn Baby Smell

If you haven’t noticed yet, newborn babies have a good but “special” smell to them.

Researchers think that this newborn baby smell may be caused by leftover amniotic fluid or vernix caseosa.

But that sweet new baby smell only lasts for about 6 weeks (Awe).


Remember Momma…

Remember Momma, all this crazy stuff (projectile poop, puking, baby boobies) is ALL temporary.  It doesn’t last forever!

And if you ever feel like something isn’t normal, have concerns, or feel like something is wrong don’t hesitate to call your doctor!  You’re the Mom and you know what’s best.


(Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor.  I’m only a Mom who is going off of her own experiences and research.  If you’d like to know more you can read my full disclaimer policy here.)


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Learn about weird things that newborns do that are normal. Weird things that happen to newborns. Normal things that newborns do. that are weird. What weird things did your newborn babies do?  What are you most nervous about your newborn doing out of these odd things?  Which one do you think is the strangest?  Tell us below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

Learn about weird things that newborns do that are normal. Weird things that happen to newborns. Normal things that newborns do that are weird.
Learn about weird things that newborns do that are normal. Weird things that happen to newborns. Normal things that newborns do that are weird.


Share it with your friends!


  1. I love this post because you are right, no one really tells you about this stuff! The other thing I realized when I had a newborn was they make SO MUCH NOISE when they are sleeping – grunting, fast and slow breathing. It totally freaked me out. 🙂

  2. I’m not a Mama, but I stopped by out of curiosity. A lot of this is stuff I already know about, but some of it was new to me! I had no idea babies lose weight after they’re born. And I also had no idea about the hair! I mean, babies in my family are generally born with a thick head of hair, but I didn’t know any babies had other hair at all on other parts of their bodies! Interesting stuff!

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