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11 Best Free Pregnancy Apps

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I loved using my pregnancy apps when I was pregnant! 

I learned about how my baby was growing every week and I got to be a part of a supportive community with other Moms going through the same thing! 

The best part is how convenient they are!  I can just open my phone and they’re right there ready for me to use. 

And since I enjoyed them so much I figured you would too! 

So I gathered some of the best free pregnancy apps that you can get for Android and iOS devices. 


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Best Free Pregnancy Apps

What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker

We’ve all heard about the What to Expect When Your Expecting pregnancy books. 

Well, now they have an app too! 

The What to Expect Pregnancy app will help keep track of your pregnancy and give you weekly updates about how the baby is doing and how big he’s getting!  They also offer different groups for pregnant women to join to help and connect with other like-minded mommies.

Download: Android & iOS

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker and Countdown 

BabyCenter is a great pregnancy app!  It gives you relevant articles for every stage of your pregnancy and shows you how the baby is developing every week! 

BabyCenter even has a Birth Club which is just a place with different types of groups for moms and pregnant women to join. 

It’s a perfect place to ask questions and connect with other women going through the same things as you! 

Alright and what else does the BabyCenter app offer? 

It has a fun place to take bumpie selfies and it’ll all be conveniently saved in the app! 

So have fun counting down to your due date with this free pregnancy app!

Download: Android & iOS

Pregnancy +

As soon as you open this pregnancy app it shows a cute picture of what baby looks like in the womb and what week you’re on. 

The Pregnancy + app comes with lots of different tools!  It has a To-Do list for every trimester, a kick counter, its own hospital bag checklist, a calendar and more! 

It also offers lots of useful information and finds relevant articles to put right on your homepage!  And I love how the app can tell me how much baby weighs, it’s the length, and how the baby is developing every week! 

And it’s all totally FREE!

Download: Android & iOS

Pregnancy Week By Week 

This free pregnancy app provides daily tips every time you visit the homepage!  It has a nice pregnancy countdown that also shows how many days you have left and how big baby is! 

You can also find a contraction counter and a kick counter as well in this app. 

This pregnancy app even helps you keep track of your kegel exercises! 

Not sure how to do kegels?  No problem! 

This pregnancy app will help you with those too!

Download: Android

The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

The Bump app is probably the most convenient. 

It has TONS of great articles about lots of different aspects of pregnancy.  And every week it shows how big baby is and talks about the different things that are happening to your body and to the baby. 

It also has weekly reminders!  Cause I mean, we all need help with that sometimes right? 

And what else does this free app have in store for you? 

A community you can join with other pregnant women and Moms, your own place to take belly pictures, and weekly pregnancy videos! 

You can even start some of your baby registries right there in the app!

Download: Android & iOS

Pregnancy Tracker

As soon as you open this app you get to see what your sweet lil baby looks in there! 

It also reminds you what week you’re on and how many days you have left. 

This pregnancy app will also give you useful tips for pregnancy, tells you about baby’s development and all the different changes going on in your body!  It even has a place where you can look through tons of different baby names and a chart to keep track of your belly growth!

Download: Android & iOS

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker and Due Date Countdown

The Ovia Pregnancy app gives you a more personalized experience.  When you give your baby a name (or nickname) it’ll use it every time it mentions or talks about your baby! 

Another thing that’s unique about this pregnancy app is that it lets you see baby’s hand and feet grow every week! 

This free pregnancy app offers lots of different tips and articles to help you throughout your pregnancy. 

You can even find a calendar where you can put down your doctor’s appointments and mark milestones. 

The Ovia Pregnancy app also provides a community with other pregnant women where you can ask questions and gives answers.

Download: Android & iOS

I’m Expecting

With their due date countdown, it’ll show you how many days you have left and what week you’re on. 

You can even find pregnancy videos about what’s going on with baby every week!  And each week you can read about what’s happening to your body and how the baby is developing. 

They even list what symptoms women usually experience every week. 

And what else does this free pregnancy app come with? 

A pregnancy diary so you can mark down your symptoms, weight, kicks, and more!

Download: Android & iOS

Glow Nurture Baby Bump Tracker

This free app has tons of articles about pregnancy and lets you know how the baby is developing every week.  You can set alerts for your doctors appointments and other things you want to be reminded of. 

Their due date countdown shows what week you’re on and how many days you have left AND shows a cute lil picture of what the baby looks like! 

The Glow Nurture pregnancy app has a bunch of different groups for moms and pregnant women to join.  There you can ask questions and get support. 

They also have a daily log to help you keep track of your weight, exercises, kegels, and any symptoms that you experience. 

And it’s all free!

Download: Android & iOS

I’m Pregnant

This pregnancy app has a simple due date countdown and shows you what week you’re on and how many days you have left.  You can check out baby’s measurements every week along with information on how baby and your body is changing. 

You can also keep track of your weight, kicks, and kegels with the app! 

And what’s always fun?  Looking through baby names! 

And this app has a list full of different baby names!  And when you need some help relaxing you can turn on some beautiful music that you can find right in the app! 

Download: Android

Sprout Pregnancy

When you open the Sprout Pregnancy app, the homepage has a sweet picture of what the baby looks like this week.  You can also see how far along you are and how many days are left in your pregnancy. 

And every week you can read interesting information about what’s going on with you and baby. 

The Sprout Pregnancy app even has an organizer where you can make a to-do list, mark down doctor’s appointments, and find different shopping lists for things to get.   

And what else can you find with this free pregnancy app?  A weight tracker, kick counter, and a contraction timer!

Download: Android & iOS

What is The Number One Pregnancy App?

Now to answer the big question… What is THE number 1 pregnancy app?

Well, currently on Android, BabyCenter has over 10 million downloads as well as Pregnancy +.

Below are the ratings for each app.


Andriod- 4.8

iOS- 4.8

Pregnancy +:

Andriod- 4.7

iOS- 4.8

How Do I Know Which Pregnancy App I Should Use?

Now I have tried a lot of pregnancy apps, in fact I’ve tried out every one that I listed up above, and in my opinion, I think it’s best to just try out a few and see how you like them.

Everyone is different and will prefer different things.

And if you end up liking 2 apps and can’t decide, then use both!

That’s what I do!

Each app is so different and offers different things so I like having 2 of them so I can have more information and use tools from both of them.

So have fun trying out some of the best free pregnancy apps that are on this list!

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get the best free pregnancy apps for your phone today

What’s your favorite pregnancy app?  What do you like about it?  Tell me below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

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