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Pregnancy is full of wonderful, precious, and weird moments!

But how can you document your pregnancy so you can remember those special memories?

With a pregnancy journal!

What is a Pregnancy Journal?

A pregnancy journal is a special book where you can write about your pregnancy.

And having a pregnancy journal will help keep all those memories in a special place so that one day you can look back and remember your 9-month journey! 

Maybe down the road, you can give it to your child when they have a baby of their one?

Whatever you decide to do with it having a pregnancy diary is something you’ll want to do!  (Trust me you won’t regret it!)

This is something that you can keep forever!

So here are some of the best pregnancy journals I’ve found for documenting your journey to motherhood! 


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Best Pregnancy Journals


The Nine

This fun pregnancy journal is great for young and spunky Moms! 

This pregnancy diary begins at week 1 and has a page for every week of pregnancy.  It also has lots of easy to fill-in prompts which is great if you’re a Mom who’s on-the-go a lot. 

But it also has pages for belly pictures and places to put down some of your own personal thoughts and feelings. 

You can check out The Nine Pregnancy Journal here.


From Pea to Pumpkin

If you have a hard time coming up with “the words” on your own then you might want to consider this book. 

This cute pregnancy journal has lots of easy prompts for all 40 weeks of pregnancy! 

It has places for ultrasound, belly pictures, and some blank pages to write down any other things that happen that you want to remember. 

Something that I really love about this journal is the pictures!  Every week there’s a cute picture of some kind of food (along with the exact measurements) to show you how big baby is!

I’m a very visual person so being able to actually see something (like a vegetable) helps give me a way better idea of how big baby is.  

You can check out From Pea to Pumpkin here!


The Belly Book

What’s great about this pregnancy book is that it isn’t JUST a pregnancy book. 

With The Belly Book you can document your pregnancy, baby’s first year, AND baby’s milestones! 

This pregnancy book is perfect if you don’t have lots of time on your hands but you still love having lots of room for pictures. 

It has tons of simple prompts and lots of places to put pictures of your pregnancy and of the baby! 

You can check out The Belly Book here!



Expecting You: A Keepsake Journal

Expecting You is a beautiful and classy pregnancy journal that would make for a perfect keepsake.

Now before you think about getting this journal, you should keep in mind that this one is definitely made for Moms who love to write!

All this book is, hardcovered with lots and lots and lots of blank pages!  Which means TONS of space for writing!

Throughout the journal, you’ll also find cute illustrations and touching quotes. 

Keep this pregnancy diary with you at all times to write down all of those precious moments you’ll have during your 9 months. 

You can get the Expecting You Journal here!


40ish Weeks: A Pregnancy Journal

This quirky journal has plenty of room to document your journey during these 40 weeks! 

This book has lots of fun and totally relatable pictures inside. 

It has sections so you can write things like, you’re first reaction, cravings, symptoms, feelings you’re having, and much more!

Something that’s nice about this diary is that it starts at week 1 so that you can record every moment of being pregnant.  

With this pregnancy journal, you’ll be laughing and amused during that whole 40(ish) weeks! 

You can get 40ish Weeks a Pregnancy Journal here!


Bump for Joy

Bump for Joy has a little bit of everything.

You can find checklists, questions to answer, fill-in prompts, AND places to put pictures!  And I love how they have sweet little quotes through-out the book! 

I feel like this pregnancy book has a good amount of writing space to where it’s not too little but not too much to be able to get your experiences and thoughts down. 

But all-in-all I think this would be a great pregnancy keepsake book! 

You can check out the Studio oh! Guided Pregnancy Journal here!



Bump to Birthday

If you’re looking for a cute pregnancy journal that has a little bit of everything, then you may want to check this one out! 

Like to have a little information but don’t want it to be a book?  Every week you can read a couple of paragraphs in this journal about what’s going on with baby’s development.

Want something where you’ll have room to put cute pictures?  This pregnancy journal book gives you space to put belly pictures (or I guess any picture you want) for every week! 

Still, want to write down you’re own feelings and thoughts but don’t want endless amounts of blank pages for writing?  No worries!  This book gives a couple of sections each week for you to write down about what’s going on!

What’s also cool about Bump to Birthday is that you can document your pregnancy AND your baby’s first year all in the same book! 

You can get Bump to Birthday here!  


The Pregnancy Journal, 4th Edition

If you want something with ALOT more information than this may be the one for you! 

With each day of you’re pregnancy, you can read about what’s going on with your body, how it’s changing, baby’s development, and much more! 

Throughout the book, you’ll find little sections where you can write about your symptoms, any feelings you’re having, and a place to keep track of all your measurements. 

Then after the baby is born, at the end of the book, you can write down all the details of what happened during labor and delivery!

So one thing to keep in mind about this one is alot more reading than there is writing.  It’s more like a book that you can put notes throughout it.

You can check out The Pregnancy Journal here!


The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal

If you LOVE scrapbooking then this is the pregnancy journal would be perfect for you!

This pregnancy scrapbook has one page full of prompts, and next to it, a full blank page to put pictures and anything else you’d like to put there!

It even comes with some scrapbooking items like stickers and colorful photo frames!

So if you’re a creative type of Momma then I’m sure you’d love this book.

You can check out The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal here!



How Do I Start a Pregnancy Journal?

You can start by answering any prompts or questions that the journal may have.

If it doesn’t then I would start your journal by writing in your full name, the age that you were at conception, baby’s due date, the conception date (if you know it), and your feelings of what you felt when you first found out that you were pregnant.


What Kinds of Things Should I Write in it?

Here are some ideas of things you can talk about in your diary:

  • Symptoms
  • Feelings You Have About The Pregnancy and/or Baby
  • Your Partners Feelings and Reactions
  • Everyone’s Reaction When They Found Out
  • Baby’s Heartbeat
  • Your Weight
  • Your Belly’s Measurements
  • Cravings
  • Your Mood
  • Ultrasound Pictures
  • Belly Pictures


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Find the best pregnancy journals to help you with documenting your pregnancy. Find a pregnancy diary with prompts, questions to ask, and some that are pregnancy scrapbooks. No matter what I'm sure you'll find a pregnancy journal book that will make the perfect pregnancy keepsake.

Do you think it’s necessary to have a pregnancy journal?  Have you had one before?  What pregnancy diary did you use?  What did you like about it?  Let us know below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

Find the best pregnancy journals to help you with documenting your pregnancy. Find a pregnancy diary with prompts, questions to ask, and some that are pregnancy scrapbooks. No matter what I'm sure you'll find a pregnancy journal book that will make the perfect pregnancy keepsake.

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