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17 Perfect Easter Basket Stuffers for a Baby

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A Baby’s first anything is always exciting!

So why would a Baby’s first Easter be any different!

Easter is a holiday that’s always been celebrated since I was a little girl.

I loved getting up Easter morning and seeing those bright colored baskets filled with fun little goodies!

Remembering my excitement from my childhood made me even MORE excited to celebrate for my little one’s first Easter.

One thing that became difficult (like when buying any gift) was finding Easter basket stuffers that not only my baby would love but was also age-appropriate for someone under the age of one.

So to any Mommas who are in the same boat (or Moms who just need some ideas), I’ve gathered up some bunny-perfect gift ideas for your baby’s first Easter!

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Baby Easter Basket Stuffers

Spring Dress

This cute springtime dress would be perfect for your little girl!  Along with the daisy-printed dress, it also has a light yellow cardigan and comes with an adorable pair of shoes.  Could possibly be baby’s first Easter outfit??  But either way, it’s an adorable dress.

Click here to get this dress!

Bunny Outfit

Got a little man instead?  No worries!  This super sweet bunny outfit would be a great option for that fun Easter holiday!  And doesn’t it look just oh-so-comfy??

Click here to get this bunny outfit!

Soft Rattle

During my baby’s first year, she LOVED rattles!  Not really sure why but she was pretty entertained by them.  This sweet and soft bunny rattle is a nice friendly gift for your little one’s Easter basket.  AND it’s under $10!

You can check out this Easter gift here!

Teething Toy

Babies love putting things in their mouths.  So get them something fun to chew on like this carrot teether!  This easy-to-hold teething toy will help give your baby some relief when while they’re growing those chompers.  Did I mention that it’s under $5 too??

Click here to see this Easter toy!

Cloth Books

My little one really enjoyed books, especially the cloths ones.  These fun little books are made with non-toxic fabrics and make that lovely crinkly sound that babies just love!

You can check out these cloths books for babies here.

Itsy Bitsy Bunny

This cute Easter book tells a story of this sweet little bunny hopping around on Easter.  Something that I LOVED about this book is that you can actually sing the story to the tune of the classic nursery rhyme, ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’!  I know my daughter would absolutely love that cause she very much enjoys her music!

Click here to get this fun Easter book!


Yep back to the rattles!  I decided to include these baby rattles as well cause we got these exact same ones for my little one.  It became a beloved toy for months during her rattle days.  They come in 3 different sets of colors you can choose from.  And I especially like the fact that they have a soft part at the end of them.  It makes me feel like it helps reduce the likely hood of them getting hit in the face.

You can check out these fun baby rattles here.


With these colorful blocks, your little one can learn to stack, squish them, and learn things like hand-eye coordination!  I really like that these baby blocks are soft so no boo-boos!

You can get a set of these soft baby blocks here!

Teething Toy Set

These cute food-shaped teethers are not only eco-friendly but freezer safe as well!  They’re nicely shaped for your baby’s little hands and a nice on-the-go toy.

You check out these teething toys here!

Groove and Glow BeatBo

Ever since she was just teeny tiny, my daughter loved and I mean LOVED things that lite up and made noise.  This was one of the first singing toys that we got and it immediately became a favorite.  What I really love about this soft plush toy is that it’s WAY smaller than the other stuffed animal toys that light up and sing.  So it’s super travel-friendly (we literally take it every time we leave the house).  AND it’s under $10!

Click here for this Fisher-Price Groove and Glow BeatBo!

Baby Phone

This cute little music phone plays up to 10 melodies for baby to jam out to!  And it’s nice and small so it should definitely fit into any Easter Basket!

Check out this baby phone here!

Super Bibs

Bumkins super bibs are waterproof, washable, and also stain and order resistant!  These bibs give great coverage for those messy eaters and it’s adjustable (woohoo!).  They come in lots of adorable designs for both boys and girls!

You can get some for your little one this Easter here!

Blanket Bunny

My little one had a toy just like this (just wasn’t a bunny).  And boy did she love that toy!  We took that blanket toy EVERYWHERE with us.  Up until it took a trip into a mud puddle for a couple of days which we ended up having to throw away.  So I know if she were that age again she’d just love this stuffed blanket bunny!

Click here to see this cuddly toy!

Paci-Plushie Buddie

Does your baby use binkies?  Why not try something a little different and get a stuffed animal with it!  Like with the Paci-Plushie Buddie!  What’s great about this is that the pacifier comes off for easy cleaning (makes moms job easier right?).  And you can attach other binkies to it as well, meaning it’s compatible with other brands of pacifiers (you can find which other brands on this page here).  Another cool feature this Buddie has is that you can make it into a teething toy with their Chillie Teether Add-on! 

You can get this for an Easter gift by clicking here!

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

I loved having baby blankets around.  Especially my muslin blankets!  They’re great for swaddling but also are super light making them perfect for the warmer weather.  These muslin blankets come in a variety of sweet and calming designs.

You can get a set of these soft and silky blankets here!

Blue Bunny Outfit

This totally adorable bunny outfit would be a fun Easter basket idea for your little baby girl!  Not to mention she’ll look super cute in it!

You can check out this bunny outfit here!

My First Easter Onesie

What would be a great way to complete your baby’s first Easter basket?  A My 1st Easter onesie!  This onesie comes in a TON of different colors that work for both boys and girls.

You can get this cute Easter onesie here!

Other Easter Basket Fillers for Baby

Now maybe just some general guidance would help you out.  These ideas listed below are some good ways to not only help save a bit of money but are also good think-ahead tips you can use when getting Easter basket gifts.

What Do You Put in a Baby’s Easter basket?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when Easter shopping for your little baby!

  • Anything Summer- Summer is just around the corner from Easter so some summer items like shorts, sundresses, baby sunscreen, sunhat, swimsuit, etc., would be some good options you could get.
  • Baby Essentials- Baby won’t exactly remember their first Easter, so getting a couple of items baby just generally needs like diapers, wipes, butt cream, more bottles, etc., will be just as much loved and used by the baby.  So don’t think your “ruining” or gifting a “bad gift” if you decide to get some items like that.  I also listed some items like the bibs and baby blankets up above that would fall into this category as well.
  • Baby Food- Is your baby eating yet?  If so baby food could be a great choice!  I mean I wouldn’t complain about getting some delicious food in my basket!
  • Teething Toys- Babies put literally everything in their mouth.  So be sure to get some toys that are made for and are safe for baby to put in their mouth.  I actually listed some teething toys above you can check out too.

Now hopefully these tips and other ideas will help you with your Easter shopping this year!  Have fun gathering some GREAT Easter basket stuffers for baby!

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find the best easter basket gift ideas for your baby this year

What are you planning on getting for your Baby’s first Easter?  What was their favorite gift?  Tell me below in the comments!  And if you like this post give it a share!  Thanks!

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