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30 Best Gifts for Baby Shower Games (prizes everyone will love)

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If you’re having a baby shower then I bet you’re planning on playing some fun games.

But one thing you may not have thought of yet is what will you give your baby shower guests after they win.


No worries!


Here I have a list of the best gifts for baby shower games that your guests will actually want.

You can check them out below.


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But first, you may be asking yourself…


What Kind of Prizes Do You Give for Baby Shower Games?

Really you can have any type of prize you want.

It is your baby shower (or whomever you are throwing it for).

And it’s also your money you’ll be spending on it.


So with that in mind, ideally you’ll want prizes that aren’t overly priced, too big, and something that your guests will actually like.


Now onto the awesome prizes!


Gifts for Baby Shower Games

Gift Basket Prize Ideas for Baby Shower

Movie Bucket


For this type of gift basket, you could take a popcorn bucket and fill it with movie items.

Some things you could put in it are:

This prize would make for a great night in.


Click here to grab a popcorn bucket for this baby shower prize.


Mani-Pedi in a Jar


This is a super easy prize you could give to guests.

All you need is a jar, any items you want to use to decorate it, and some nail supplies.

Some stuff you could put in your jar are:


Click here to grab a mason jar to make your own mani-pedi in a jar.


Spa Basket

A fun prize you can give is a spa basket.

Inside you can give them various items they can use to pamper themselves.

Some spa items to consider are:


Wine Basket


With this gift basket, you could go a couple of ways with it.

You can get a basket and put a bottle of wine in it with one or two wine glasses.

Or you could buy one wine glass and fill that with mini bottles of wine.


You can click here to buy these wine glasses for your prize winner.


Coffee Basket

Like with the wine basket you can do a couple of things with this coffee prize.

You can buy a basket and fill it with things such as:

Or you can use the mug as the basket and fill that with coffee items.


Cooking Basket

With the cooking basket, you can use a pot, mixing bowl, or just a regular basket and fill it with things they can cook with like spices and a variety of cooking utensils.

Other things you could put in it are:

  • Recipes
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Cooking Thermometer

Just any small things that relate to cooking.


Goodie-Filled Baby Bottle

Another type of gift basket you could try creating is a goodie-filled baby bottle.

I mean, it IS a baby shower, so why not have a baby-themed prize?

You can buy a baby bottle and fill it with different types of small items, candy, or money if you want.


Really just anything you think you could fit inside the baby bottle.


Unique Baby Shower Game Prizes

Succulent Plant


A fun prize you could give guests is a small succulent plant.

They’re cute, look nice in a home, and are easy to take care of!

Or you could even buy a small pot, and fill it with dirt and flower seeds (and probably some care instructions too).


You can buy a small collection of succulent plants for your baby shower here.


Hot Sauce Pack


One gift you don’t hear that often is a hot sauce pack.

If your guests like trying new things (or like their food spicy) this could be a great prize to give out!

You can click here to buy this hot sauce pack.


Customized Coozy

I don’t know about you but we still use coozys around here.

And one way you can make them more unique is by customizing them.

You can put something like the name of your baby shower theme or quote on it.


Or you could put “*Baby’s Name* Baby Shower” or “*Your Name* & *Partner’s Name* Baby Shower.


Cookie Mix in a Jar

Give your guests something yummy they can take home!

This is a pretty simple prize you can create.

All you’ll need is:

  • A glass jar
  • The recipe with instructions
  • And the dry cookie ingredients inside the jar

I would also be sure that you label the jar with the name of the cookie.


Tumbled Stones

Something unique to give as a prize is tumbled stones.

Rocks and crystals are becoming more and more popular and if this is something that already interests you, why not give some to your guests?


Teddy Bear with a Flower

A sweet gift you can give people is a teddy bear.

And with that teddy bear… a flower!

This a sweet and beautiful prize that I’m sure people would love.


Baby Shower Theme Inspired Gift

What kind of theme are you having?


Is it a superhero theme?

Ready to pop?

Or a woodland nature theme?


Whatever it is, you could try coming up with a prize that goes with the theme of your baby shower.


Cheap Baby Shower Prizes

Lip Balm


A simple and inexpensive prize you could give people is lip balm.

This item is easy to find and you can get them in fun flavors.

You can buy this pack of lip balm here.




Candles are another small and easy gift that doesn’t cost a lot.

And they come in a variety of colors and scents!

Click here to purchase this bundle of candles for your party guests.




Lotion is another item that can be fairly inexpensive.

And you can choose from lots of fun scents that you think your guests might like!

You can buy this set of scented body lotions as one of your gifts here.


Coffee Beans


This one is a great idea if you know that many of the people attending like coffee.

The prize can either be a mini bag of coffee or you could even decorate small jars and fill it with ground coffee beans.

You can buy this vanilla hazelnut coffee for your baby shower game winners here.


Sugar Scrub


A nice self-care gift you can give your guests is a sugar scrub.

With this one, you could either buy or make it yourself.

You’d just need to buy some mini jars to put them in for your winners!


You can buy this sugar scrub here.


Notepad and Pen

A small notepad along with a pen could make for a nice prize.

I use notebooks ALL THE TIME.

So I’m sure this gift will get a lot of use.


Bath Salts


Help your winners have a nice relaxing bath with some bath salts.

These can be a great addition to your basket of prizes!

You can buy premade ones but I think it’d be cheaper to just make some yourself.

You’d just need to look up a recipe for it.


You can buy this bag of Lavender Epsom salts so you can make your own bath salts here.


Single Item Tied with Ribbon

A great cheap idea for a baby shower prize is to buy 1 or 2 items and tie a pretty ribbon around it!

There are TONS of small items you could do this with.

Some things you could make into a small and inexpensive prize are:

  • Nail Polish
  • Nail File
  • Lip Gloss
  • Fuzzy Socks
  • Hair Accessories


Gender-Neutral Gifts for Baby Shower Games

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great option to give to your baby shower game winners!


  1. You can choose any store (which is great if you have men and women there)
  2. You can put any amount of cash you want on it
  3. Everybody LOVES gift cards

Gift cards aren’t the most creative option but they’re easy and how can someone NOT like some shopping money?


Bottle of Wine

If you have some wine lovers coming to your shower a nice prize you could have is a bottle of wine.

Now depending on what kind of wine you choose to buy this can be a very expensive gift or a fairly priced one.


Picture Frames


Whoever you are you’re sure to have a picture or two laying around.

A picture frame can be a nice gift that your guests can keep forever!

You can buy this picture frame for your prize winners here.


Coffee Mugs

I LOVE coffee mugs.

Plus they’re a great gender-neutral prize that everyone should love!

They’re so many styles and ones with funny sayings or inspirational quotes.


Cooking Gear

Another great gift for a co-ed baby shower is cooking gear.

And there are so many you could choose from.

It could be a simple pot, a spatula, measuring cups, etc.

Plus cooking gear comes in a variety of prices.


Baked Goods

Everyone loves food.

So if you’re into baking you could wipe up something yummy and give them to guests.

Even if you just wanna buy some premade baked goods, this could be a very simple and delicious prize everyone can enjoy.


Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

A nice small gift you could give your winners is scratch-off tickets.

These are great to give out at a coed baby shower!

Give your winners ANOTHER chance to win.


Photo Album


A photo album is a great way to save photos and look back on precious memories.

I think your guests would appreciate a long-lasting gift that they can keep forever.

And photo albums come in many sizes and colors!


You can check out this photo album here.


How Many Prizes Should Be At a Baby Shower?

You’ll want to have at least one prize for each game you plan on playing at your baby shower.

So if you plan on doing 4 games that’s 4 winners so your total number of gifts is 4.

But if you want to have the winner get a big prize and have a smaller prize for the runner-ups, you’ll have to account for those as well.


What Prizes Should I Give for a Virtual Baby Shower?

Having a virtual baby shower can make giving prizes a little tricky.

But you can easily give your guests fun gifts that they can use!

You can give virtual/online gifts or if you’re okay with it or send them their prize through the mail.


It’s really up to you.


Some ideas for prizes for your virtual baby shower are:

What Are Some Fun Baby Shower Games?

What’s the point of baby shower prizes without some games?!

And when you plan a baby shower you want to make sure that your party guests have some fun games to play!


Below are a couple of fun and easy game ideas you can play at your baby shower:

  • Ice Ice Baby- This classic game involves freezing little plastic babies in an ice cube.
  • Name Baby’s Poop- This funny game has players guess what candy bars are in these “dirty diapers”.
  • Stroller Racing- Each racer gets a stroller with a baby doll in it.  Whoever goes through the obstacle and crosses the finish line first wins!
  • Baby Bingo- Get a set of blank bingo cards to pass out.  Everyone will write in each box what gifts they think the new parents will get.  Whoever gets bingo first wins!
  • Baby Bottle Chug Game- With this fun game each player will get a baby bottle filled with juice or water.  The first player to finish their bottle wins!

You can find even more baby shower games that don’t suck PLUS how to play them here!


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What do you think of this list of gifts for baby shower games?  What baby shower prizes do you think should be on this list?  Tell me in the comments below!  And if you liked this post, give it a share.  Thanks!

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