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17 Must-Have Items For Breastfeeding & Pumping Moms

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If this is your first time it’s hard to know what you’ll need for when you’re breastfeeding and pumping. 

So to help you feel not so lost, I put together a list of products that I think are very handy to have when you’re nursing and using a breast pump! 

Below are some items to help you know what to buy before you start breastfeeding and pumping!

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Breastfeeding Must-Haves

Nursing Pillow

Having a nursing pillow will help reduce back and with latching!  This is the nursing pillow I use and I really like it! 

A lot of women like breastfeeding pillows like this one here as well. 

Not in the budget right now? 

No worries!  An old pillow at home will work too!

Burp Rags

Yes, breastfeeding babies will puke!  So having these is a breastfeeding necessity!  Just keep a couple of burp cloths in your breastfeeding basket or near places you normally nurse. 

Mommy Tip: Receiving blankets work great as burp rags too!  

Nursing Cover

Some women like to cover up when there are people around to have some extra privacy.  And nursing covers are made for just that reason! 

There are quite a few different kinds of breastfeeding covers you can buy. 

This one here that I found that has lots of good reviews!

Nursing Pads

You’re gonna leak.  So breastfeeding pads are very much an essential item to have! 

Trust me, you don’t wanna go out and all of a sudden have 2 random wet spots on your shirt. 

It’s just awkward and embarrassing… 

I would know since this has happened to me before. 

You can get disposable ones here. 

Nursing Bra

If you’re nursing and want to wear a bra, it HAS TO BE a nursing bra. 

I get you probably don’t want to spend money on more bras when you already have a whole bunch of perfectly nice ones.  But you can’t breastfeed if you’re wearing a regular bra. 

Breastfeeding bras give you easy access to your breast so you don’t have to completely take it off to nurse your baby.

These nursing bras are comfy, have no wire, and have lots of good reviews!

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Nipple Cream

I’m not gonna lie.  Breastfeeding can hurt in the beginning. 

Nipple cream though can help reduce some of this pain. 

I like to try and use things that are more natural when I can and so I choose this nipple cream here.

It’s made with organic ingredients and it’s all-natural!

The best part, since you don’t need very much to cover your nipple area it lasts forever!

Breastfeeding Clothes

Breastfeeding clothes definitely come in handy! 

I didn’t really plan on getting nursing clothes in the beginning but once I did I wished I would have gotten some sooner! 

Not only are they super comfy but they give you easy access for breastfeeding without you having to show off too much when lifting up your shirt. 

I love nursing tanks!  And nursing nightgowns are my absolute favorite!

Gel Pads

Something to think about getting for your breastfeeding kit is gel pads. 

I never used gel pads (I didn’t know they existed then), but a lot of Moms recommend them. 

They’re supposed to help with pain from cracked and sore nipples in the early days of when you’re first starting out breastfeeding. 

You can find gel pads here.  

Hot or Cold Packs

I also never used these either but I hear that a lot of Mommas love this nursing product! 

They can help with breast engorgement, help relieve clogged ducts, and may help promote breast milk let-downs. 

You can check out hot or cold packs for breastfeeding here.

Pumping Must-Haves

Breast Pump

If you’re planning on pumping then you obviously need a breast pump! 

Some insurance companies will actually cover breast pumps.  So be sure to call them and ask if that’s available for you!

Click here to find out if your insurance will cover a free breast pump for you.

Pumping Bra

When you’re thinking about what to buy for pumping, a pumping bra is definitely something to look into! 

Pumping bras are great for hands-free pumping sessions! 

I love mine and use it every time I go to pump! 

This pumping bra here seems to work with multiple brands of breast pumps.  And it’s made so you can nurse baby AND pump at the same time! 

Bottles and Nipples

In the beginning, you can just start out with some small 4 ounce bottles and level 1 nipples. 

Since you’re breastfeeding, it’ll depend on how much you plan to use bottles to figure out how much you’ll need.  But you can probably start with around 2-6 bottles and nipples.

Bottle and Nipple Cleaners

These guys will help get to the bottom of bottles and nipples so you can get them super clean and get all the dirties out! 

You can check out this bottle cleaner here which has bristles and a sponge at the top to help get in hard to reach places better. 

You can also get these little nipple cleaners here.

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Dishwasher Basket

This will help with little pieces like the nipples and bottle caps from flying everywhere in the dishwasher! 

I have a dishwasher basket like this one here.

I think it’s super handy and use it all the time!

Bottle Drying Rack

I really like my drying rack cause I can keep all the bottle stuff and pump parts separate and it won’t take up space from my other dishes. 

Bottle drying racks help dry them quickly and completely!

You can check out this bottle drying rack here.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Storage bags are a must-have if you’re gonna be saving it. 

Some breast milk storage bags will even let you pump right into them! 

But be sure you get ones that are durable and are BPA free.

These breast milk storage bags have a double zipper to help with leaking and can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Storage Container

I normally just store my bags of breast milk in a Tupperware container in the freezer. 

But they actually buy storage containers for storing breast milk. 

It can make storing them easier, more convenient, and help keep it them all organized. 

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What are YOUR breastfeeding and pumping must-have items?  Are they on the list?  What other nursing and pumping essentials do you think should be on the list?  Tell us below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

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