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Pumping when you’re not at home can be a challenge at first… 

I mean you’re not at home, you may not have full-on privacy.  And once you’re done pumping what do you do with the dirty parts and all that lovely pumped breast milk for your baby? 

So when you’re out and about there a couple of things you should bring with you.

So here are 9 must-have supplies to help make pumping on-the-go easier! 


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9 Essentials for Easy Pumping on the Go


1. Portable Breast Pump

You’re gonna want a breast pump that’s small and is easily portable. 

A small electronic one will work or even a manual breast pump. 

Some of the electronic breast pumps come with adapters you can use to plug into your car!


2. Breast Pump Wipes

Sometimes you won’t have somewhere to clean up your breast pump parts.  And you don’t want breast milk just sitting on them. 

So breast pump wipes are the perfect solution for when you’re pumping on the go!  And they’re super convenient!

They’re quick, easy, and kill all those germs and bacteria!  You can even use them to clean other things such as baby toys and high chairs. 

You can check out these quick clean breast pump wipes here.


3. Cooler

If available, store your breast milk in the fridge or freezer (like if you’re at work or at a friend’s house).  But if one isn’t available then be sure you have a cooler ready with some cold ice packs to help keep your breast milk from going bad. 

Even if you can use a fridge to store your breast milk, you’ll probably want a cooler ready anyway for the drive back home. 

This cooler here is the one I have at home and I really like it!  It even comes with an ice pack and 4 five-ounce storage bottles!

Another one a lot of Moms like is this cooler pack here. 

And the best part, NO ICE PACK NEEDED!  It has freezer gel made inside the bag so all you have to remember is to put the cooler in your freezer for 12 hours and then your good to go!

4. Travel Cleaning Kit

If you’re able to clean your parts in a sink, having a travel cleaning kit would be perfect! 

A cleaning kit I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about is this one here.  It comes with a bottle brush and a detail brush! 

What’s even better is that this travel cleaning kit comes with a drying rack!  So now all your parts will have a place to air dry. 

And it all can fit comfortably in your diaper bag or purse.

Now I’ve never used this travel cleaning kit (or anyone for that matter), but I’ve heard a lot of Mommas like it.


5. Pumping Bra

Pumping bras will allow you to have hand-free pumping sessions! 

They’ll make things much easier and convenient for you.  Like if you need to finish up some e-mails for work and need to pump, a pumping bra will help you so you can gett’er done.

A lot of Moms like this pumping bra here.  And you can nurse and pump at the same time with it! 

I have this pumping bra and it works pretty well for me.


6. Breast Pads

Even if you’re pumping on time you’ll still leak.  You can use nursing pads in case you get any leakage in between pumping sessions. 

You can get these disposable breast pads here.


7. Pump Bag

Of course, you don’t just want your pump parts floating around everywhere.  So having a breast pump bag will help keep everything in one place!


8. Storage Bag/Milk Container

Make sure you have storage bags or a container to store your breast milk in!  You can either pump directly into a breast milk storage bag (if it’s made for that) or just into the container.  I would recommend not transferring your breast milk from container to storage bag (or vice versa) while you’re still out and about. 

You don’t want to accidentally make a mess! 

It’ll be fine where it’s at now!  Just store your breast milk away and transferrer it when you get back home.


9. Nursing Cover

In case you’re gonna be pumping in a place that’s more open you may want to bring a nursing cover for when you’re pumping. 

A blanket would even work if you don’t already have a breastfeeding cover.

But this breastfeeding cover works great for both pumping at work AND breastfeeding!



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