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13 Ways on How to Dress During Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes

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As your baby bump grows, it will probably require you to re-adjust your wardrobe and shop for clothes that you would more or less discard afterward. 

And who wants to spend money on a WHOLE NEW wardrobe on clothes that you’ll only be wearing for a couple of months?

The good news?

You don’t entirely need to do this, as there are other means through which you can still enjoy your current wardrobe. 

Here you’ll learn how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes as well as clothes that work great with (or as) belly bands!

But first, let’s cover a couple of things.


Can you wear normal clothes when pregnant?

Alright, so you can really wear regular clothes while pregnant?


As long as you’re comfortable and nothing isn’t popping out you can wear normal clothing for as long as you want.

I got by without having to buy hardly ANY maternity clothes with my first pregnancy!

I just had a couple of items like a dress, couple tops, and pairs of maternity leggings but besides that, I was comfortable wearing regular clothes till the very end.

Though this will differ from woman to woman since ALL pregnancies and ALL women are all so beautifully different.


What if it’s too tight?  Is wearing tight clothes bad for pregnancy?

Even though wearing tight clothing won’t necessarily hurt the baby, it can cause some issues.

Not only will you start to feel pretty uncomfortable, but a tight waistband from leggings or shorts can be painful.  At least for me, it was.

Other things that may happen from wearing clothing that’s too tight are lack of circulation, digestive discomfort, and yeast and/or bacterial infections may occur.

So when you’re figuring out what you can wear just use your best judgment.  Listen to your body and if it feels too tight then it’s either time to shop for some pregnancy clothes or start digging through your partner’s drawers!

There’s no shame in it!  Trust me we’ve ALL been there!

Just remember the most important thing is that you’re comfortable!


Alright ready to learn some maternity clothes hacks?

Read on to find out suggestions on how you can turn regular clothes into maternity fashion!


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How to Dress During Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes


Leggings Should Be Your Belly Wrap Darlings

Leggings have become a favorite belly wraps amongst expectant women.  These are highly recommended during pregnancy, as their elasticity makes them easily fit despite your growing size and tummy. 

Leggings are great as they can go with almost any type of clothing and are generally a low-cost investment.  Due to their elasticity, leggings also serve as some of the best post-pregnancy belly wraps. 


Invest in Bra Extensions

Use bra extenders with your regular bras to lengthen the size and save on costs, as they are readily available in most outfit stores and compatible with most belly wraps.

The extensions will allow one to adjust depending on how big the boobs grow. 

Afterward, as you juggle with the after birth belly wraps and pads for after birth, you will only need to do away with the bra extensions, and you will be good to go.


The Bodysuit is a Must-Have

It is also highly recommended that you invest in some bodysuits, especially if t-shirts have been your favorite.

T-shirts tend to ride up, as the bump grows more prominent, making it an awkwardly looking crop-top.

Bodysuits are also great for belly bands.  With its elasticity, the bodysuit will comfortably accommodate your size and still fit your journey with the weight loss belly wraps after giving birth.

The bodysuit can best serve as to what belly wraps are and can be used as an effective postpartum belly wraps due to this elasticity.



Tank Tops are a Girls Best Friend

One of my favorite things to wear during pregnancy was my tank tops!

Not only were they comfortable but because of how far they can stretch I was able to wear them during my whole pregnancy!

Long ones are great for hiding un-buttoned (or rubber band rigged) pants.

Not to mention they show off that baby bump beautifully.

I used cami tank tops like these here.


Belt it Up or Down

Depending on the body type and structure, one can either have a high pregnancy or a low one.

Knowing this gives you room to understand your body shape and how to belt up.  It is a great maternity trick that leaves you flaunting your baby bump and helps create a form for your body. 

You can do this by placing the belt just under your bust if you are carrying high, and ensure that the belt goes over the tops and dresses to secure the belly wrap.

On the other hand, you could also tie your belt under your bump to which will help you to reclaim your hips and shape!


Transform That Oversized T-shirt

Getting rid of that oversized t-shirt you are not necessarily attached to might not be the best idea as you are about to find out.

The steps are simple; gather the overflowing sides using elastics.

Then turn the tee inside out and stitch elastic up the side beams.  Do this from near the hem to below the bust line pulling it taut in the process.

The result is a loose overflowing t-shirt that comfortably accommodates any belly wrap and has room for your bump as it grows.



Go for a Little Extra Length for that Belly Band

Extra-long tanks and camis are especially ideal for this situation.  Attaching extra border fabric onto a straight-cut hem would work out just right. 

If using extra-long t-shirts, make strips along the circular edge using a pair of scissors. Bead the strips in different colors, tying knots at the end of the strips to secure the beads in place.

The result is you get a fairly sizeable but also fashionable t-shirt for that belly wrap. This should be able to blend with any other type of pants. 

The other option would be stitching an extra piece of cloth, but of similar width, to the bottom of that t-shirt to conceal the excess skin during a baby bump. It is ideal as the t-shirt can steal become handy when dealing with postpartum belly wraps too.


Get Some Dresses

Another go-to of mine were dresses.

A lot of my dresses I was still able to wear during my last trimester.

They were great as I didn’t need to worry about a waistband being too tight.

Dresses especially sundresses, were very easy and comfortable.

And the best part?

I already had some in my closest!


How to Transform Any Cloth into Belly Wraps

There are several resources on how belly wraps or belly bands work, especially during the pregnancy cycle.

To transform that discarded t-shirt or vest into a belly band, just cut off a strip and that should suffice.

Use the strip as a safe belly wrap before wearing any other clothes on top.  It is one of the simplest maternity clothes hacks on how to make belly wraps at home. 

Certain questions such as “what are belly wraps?” and “how do belly wraps work?” have more often popped up in conversations, especially among expectant women. The answer is, belly bands have become commonplace, especially for people who are in looking for belly wraps for weight loss journey. They help burn out the extra fat.  


Using the Rubber Band to Hold on that Favorite Pair of Jeans

Use the readily available rubber band to ensure that your favorite pair of jeans fits that belly wrap.

Loop in the hairband through the slit in the waistline, looping it around the jeans button.

The rubber band can withstand excess pressure and offer much-needed comfort.  Letting you be able to enjoy the day in your favorite pants!

You can use this method to support the belly wrap until the baby bump grows bigger, where it now feels uncomfortable. 



Wear that Skirt High Waist

Even though the body grows bigger with a pregnancy, not all body parts grow along with it in size. For instance, the waist area and slightly below the boobs would hardly change.

This means that certain clothes, such as skirts, can comfortably be worn well into a larger part of the pregnancy and still accommodate the belly wraps. 

Wear the skirt a little bit above the waist, although this might make the skirt a little bit shorter than its actual size.

When combined with the leggings, skirts would be a perfect combination for any day. This hack can also suffice as an ideal after birth belly wrap as it helps tuck in the tummy. 


Invest More in String Bikinis

Finally, there are certain instances when using a belly wrap is nearly impossible; for example, during that hot summer vacation. Get to enjoy that water spot or swimming with string bikinis. 

Unlike the normal ones, string bikinis allow users to adjust their sizes through their tailor-able ties depending on their body sizes, thus investing in such would not be too much of a waste.

Furthermore, you get to re-adjust the bikini’s size after delivery, and you are good to go!


Buy a Bigger Size

Alright so maybe you still need more pregnancy clothes even with using these tricks.

If you’re really on the fence about buying some maternity clothes, try buying regular clothes but perhaps in a bigger size.

This is something that I did.

This something that helped me quite a lot as it saved me money by looking through discounted clothes.

Buying some clothes that are a bigger size can also be nice since you won’t be your “before pregnancy size” right after birth.  So then you can comfortably wear some of these looser clothes during your postpartum period.



Besides this elaborate guide, there are myriad ways you can transform your regular clothes into trendy and comfortable maternity clothes and act as the belly wrap.

But what matters is picking what works best for you and your body!


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