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38 Best Pregnancy Freebies: Totally Free Baby Stuff for Mom & Baby

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Who doesn’t love free stuff? 

I mean I see the word free and I’m there! 

So if you like things that are free, then you’re gonna want to know about these awesome pregnancy freebies!

You can get totally free stuff for both mom AND baby!

Some companies will actually give you baby products, samples, and coupons that cost literally nothing (though sometimes they may come at a small cost)!

The most you may have to pay is a shipping and handling fee.

Which is a steal to me!

How Can I Get Free Stuff Online Without Paying?

So, is there a way to get free stuff without having to pay anything like shipping?

Yes, there actually is!

If you’re trying to avoid paying you can try joining reward programs, sampling clubs, online groups, and certain programs that will give you stuff for absolutely free!

Some of them I listed below in the list.

Alright ready to find out how to get some totally free baby stuff?

I’m sure you are!

Check out these baby freebies and how to get them down below!

(This page may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  You can read my full disclaimer policy here.)

Pregnancy Freebies

Huggies Rewards

If you buy Huggies products, you’re gonna want in on this! 

Huggies has a rewards program where every time you purchase a Huggies product you can redeem it for points! 

With these points, you can redeem them for a gift card where you have TONS of stores to choose from.  

You can learn how to sign up for Huggies rewards here!

Nature’s One Free Sample Program

Nature’s One sells formulas and PediaSmart that are made organic and pure.

They offer a wide range of different kinds of formulas that deal with various dietary and feeding issues.

With their free sample program, they let you try out 1 retail sized can that’s 12.7 oz for FREE!

You just have to pay a shipping fee of $5.95.

Click here to get yours now!

And here is additional information about the program.

Nursing Pillow

If you’re planning on breastfeeding then you might want to consider getting a nursing pillow.

They’re super helpful to have for breastfeeding!

And you can actually get a FREE breastfeeding pillow by using the promo code MAMAKENNA40 which will take $40 off your purchase!

Click here to get yours now!

Imagination Library

The Imagination Library is a book giving program where they mail free books to you every month. 

And it’s run by the one and only Dolly Parton! 

They’ll send a cute book to your little one once a month and will continue to do so until your child turns 5 years old. 

Unfortunately, though, this program is only available in certain locations. 

You can check to see if it’s available in your location here.

Free Breast Pump

Now with the Affordable Health Care Act, you can now get a free breast pump!

Along with other helpful information about benefits and coverage, on the HealthCare website, it says, “Your health insurance plan must cover the cost of a breast pump. It may be either a rental unit or a new one you’ll keep.”.

Though that will depend on what insurance you have.

EdgePark has a super-easy way to find out if you’re will insurance cover one and which kind of breast pump it will cover.

You can use their site to see if you’re insurance will cover one here.

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity is a great store that’s filled with literally just maternity and nursing clothes!

When you visit their store for the first time they’ll give you a welcome bag that has free samples, coupons, and a baby bottle.

You can see if there’s a Motherhood Maternity store near you here.

And if you like the store, one way you can save some money there is by joining their Perks Savings Program.

When you join they’ll send you exclusive offers, coupons, and even sample products!  And don’t worry it’s completely free!

You can sign up for their Perks Savings Program here!

Baby Leggings

You can get $50 off your purchase when you use the promo code MAMAKENNA50 at checkout.

So as long as you stay under $50 you’ll be able to get some baby leggings for free!

You can check them out here!

Pampers Club

Pampers Club is a rewards program for parents who buy Pampers products.

You can redeem points that you earn for things like toys, gift cards, and more!

You’ll even get 200 extra bonus points just for signing up and downloading the app! 

Start earning points and sign up the Pampers Club here.

Custom Pacifiers

Lots of parents use pacifiers for their babies.

Here you can actually make custom pacifiers!

Cool right?

And what’s better you can get them for free by using the code MAMAKENNA30 when you go to checkout!

Do keep in mind though that it only takes $30 off but you’ll still be able to get some for free.

You can click here to get your custom pacifiers!

Noobie Pregnancy Box

Noobie Box offers a free pregnancy sample package for moms-to-be.

The best part, no subscription is required!  But it does ask for a shipping and handling fee that’s currently $12.95.

Inside you’ll get lots of great pregnancy freebies like 2 Evenflo bottles, nursing pads, milk storage bags, a travel-size pack of WaterWipes, and MORE!

On the page, it’ll tell you exactly what items you could get!

That way you can decide if it’s something that you actually want to get.

Click here to see what you could get in YOUR freebie box!

Hooded Towel

I love hooded towels and think they are just the cutest thing ever!

And you can get a free hooded towel for your little baby by using the code MAMAKENNA35.

Click here to get your today!

Cuties Diapers

Cuties lets you try out their Cuties Complete Care Baby Diapers for free!

All you have to do is sign up!

Click here to get your free diaper sample now!

Bamboo Nature

Bamboo Nature is a family-owned business and creates eco-friendly baby care products.

They say if you want to try out a free sample all you have to do is send them a message!

Click here to go to their contact page!

Ruffle Buns

Ruffles Buns sells adorable little diaper covers with ruffles on them.

When you use the promo code MAMAKENNA60 at checkout you’ll get $60 off your order!

Click here to start looking at these cute diaper covers!

Custom Snappies

At Custom Snappies you can design your baby their own onesie!

And you can get it for free!

Just use the promo code MAMAKENNA50 for $50 off!

Click here to start creating yours!

Seven Baby

Seven Baby sells cute slings and wraps for Moms.

And I’ll be the first to say that having a baby carrier is super helpful!

If you use the code MAMAKENNA40 you’ll be able to get a baby sling for free!

Their wraps are more expensive than the slings but if you’d rather have a wrap my promo code will still work but will only take $40 off.

You can your free baby carrier here!

Seventh Generation Rewards

Seventh Generation has a program called Generation Good. 

Through this program, you can receive offers and new products for free! 

By joining Generation Good you’ll also be able to be apart of a community where you can learn new tips and share your opinion. 

You can sign up for the Generation Good Program here!

The Medela Moms’ Room

The Mom’s Room is all about supporting mothers during their breastfeeding journey.

Here not only will you be able to get free products and samples but they offer a 24/7 lactation consultant, support, and special guides made specifically for new moms!

Click here to join The Moms’ Room now!

Breast Pads

Looking for something that’s free for mommy?

What about some breastfeeding pads!

They will help keep you dry from all that leaking.

You can get washable breast pads (that have cute designs on them) for free!

Just be sure to use the promo code MAMAKENNA35 which will take $35 off your order.

Click here to get your breast pads now!

Early Moments Dr. Suess Club

This isn’t exactly free but it’s a great deal! 

Early Moments has a Dr. Suess Club where you can receive Dr. Suess books every month.  And your first order comes with an amazing price which includes FREE SHIPPING! 

When I signed up I got 5 of my favorite childhood books with 2 extra freebies for the total price of $8.95! 

That’s a steal to me! 

Make sure you remember that this IS a subscription.  So once you get your first order of books you’ll have to cancel your subscription if you don’t wanna be charged again. 


Click here to sign up now!

Baby Books

Reading to your baby is not only a great way to bond with baby but it also helps with language and thinking skills.

You can get free board books for baby by using the code MAMAKENNA40 at checkout.

Click here to get your baby books!

Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

Enfamil is another baby formula company where you can get up to $400 in free gifts!  

They’ll even send belly stickers, free samples of Enfamil formula, and coupons when you sign up with them! 

You can join Enfamil’s Family Beginnings Program here.

Baby Shoes

Little Wanders sells cute little shoes for your baby!

And you can get yours for free with the promo code MAMAKENNA60!

It will take $60 off your order when you apply it at checkout!

Click here to get a free pair of baby shoes!

Gerber Baby Gift Box

If you call Gerber at 1-800-284-9488 and ask about their Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit, you’ll get a package sent in the mail that has free baby stuff! 

They’ll probably even ask if you’d like free samples and coupons sent to you as well! 

Of course, items will vary but some items that people typically get in the kit are a onesie, bib, formula, and belly stickers. 

Similac StrongMoms Rewards

Similac is a baby formula company that actually has a rewards program where you can get up to $400 in benefits and support!

When you sign up you’ll get exclusive offers like formula samples, coupons, a nutrition guide for you and baby, and a free Shutterfly photo book!

With StrongMoms Rewards Program you’ll receive $5 off coupons in the mail and every time you use them to buy their formula you’ll earn points. 

Once you’ve built up enough points you’ll get a free container of formula! 

You can sign up for StrongMoms Rewards here!

Milk Bands

At Milk Bands, you can get breastfeeding bracelets which can help you remember what side you were nursing on last.

Since it’s so easy to forget while you’re taking care of a newborn baby.

You can get yours for free by using the code MAMAKENNA35 when you checkout.

Click here to get yours now!

Facebook Groups

If you’re in some local Facebook groups, try asking to see if anyone has something you need that they don’t want anymore.

You may be surprised!

And sometimes Facebooks’s Marketplace has some hidden treasures as well.

Your Insurance

Some insurances have incentives for pregnant women and Mothers when they complete a certain task.

It could be a baby item, gift card, or a discount of some kind.

You can call your insurance and ask if they offer any that you would be eligible for.

What Stores Give You Free Gifts When You Do a Baby Registry?

Some stores will give you a free baby box full of goodies when you make a Baby Registry with them.

Pretty cool right?

So while you’re out making all those registries for your baby shower, here are a few places you might want to consider making one at to get a free goodie bag!

Target Welcome Kit

When you create a Baby Registry at Target they will give you a baby box for free! 

It’ll come with over $100 worth of completely free coupons and samples for baby AND you! 

But you must stop at Target though to receive your free welcome box. 

Click here to start your baby registry with Target!

Walmart Baby Registry Box

Walmart will give you a welcome box full of gifts for you and baby! 

And it’s all free! 

As of right now though the welcome box is currently sold out.  But you can still get one by giving them your name and e-mail and they’ll let you know once they come back. 

You can start your Walmart baby registry here!

Amazon Baby Registry Box

When you make a Baby Registry through Amazon they will mail you a free welcome box that values up to $35! 

It will contain items for both the baby and the parents! 

To get their free welcome box though you must have over $10 of purchases from your baby registry AND be an active prime member. 

You can get started on your Amazon baby registry here.

buybuy BABY Registry Goody Bag

When you make a Baby Registry at buybuy BABY you’ll get a free goody bag! 

It’ll come with free baby samples and buybuy BABY coupons! 

But you’ll have to visit a buybuy BABY store to receive this awesome gift! 

You can start your buybuy BABY registry here!

Hello Baby Registry Box

When you create a registry at Baby List you’ll be able to get a free Hello Baby Box with stuff for you and baby! 

You only have to pay a shipping fee. 

Some restrictions do apply so check out this page to find out the requirements to be able to get it.

But you can start your own Baby List Registry here!

Totally Free Baby Stuff for Low-Income Families

If you’re going through a hard time and it’s hard to make ends meet, then programs like these may be able to help.

Low-income families can get free baby stuff and other items that are all completely free!

Here are some of these programs below.


WIC helps provide pregnant women, new moms, and children up to 5 years old with food every month.

This program has helped many women who make little to no income with healthy foods for themselves and baby.

This is a limited-time program though and will end once you or baby gets to a certain point.

Click here to learn how to apply for WIC.  

National Diaper Bank Network

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) gives free diapers for families in need.

If you call they will help you find a diaper bank near you.

Click here if you need help with getting diapers now.

Cribs for Kids

Cribs for Kids helps provide free cribs for families who can’t afford one, so that baby has a safe place to sleep every night.

They have partners across the country who give safe sleep education and if you qualify, many will provide a portable crib.

You can see if there’s a partner near you here.


A lot of churches will help out families in need.

Call your church or another local place of worship and see if they would be able to help you.

Local Programs

A great place to look into is local programs.

Look in the newspaper, on the internet, or ask a local group you’re in.

There’s a lot of local programs that can help single or young Mothers and parents who live on a low income.

Some may be able to help provide free diapers, wipes, clothes, and other things your baby needs.

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Do you know of any other ways to get free baby stuff for expecting mothers?  Tell us below in the comments!  And if you enjoyed this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

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