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30 Old Wives’ Tales That Can Predict Baby’s Gender

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Ever hear people say,

“Oh you’re carrying low, must be a boy!”

“Man you’re still feeling sick?  Ya know morning sickness is a sign that you’re gonna have a baby girl!”

“Have you done the ring test to find out the baby’s gender?  Oh, you so should!”

And the list goes on and on as there are SO MANY old wives’ tales that can supposedly predict your baby’s gender.

I actually had people tell me those exact same ones from above during my first pregnancy!

Now even though these aren’t a very “accurate” way of figuring out the gender of your future baby, they ARE pretty fun!

I will say I was definitely one of those Moms who read about these to see which ones I had and such!

Did it actually work and tell me if I was having a girl or a boy?

No.  But that’s why they’re “wives’ tales”.

They are just myths and whether or not these predictions have any truth of them, it will always be 50\50.

So please remember that when you’re reading these that they are just for fun.  So don’t go out and start buying baby clothes and decorating the nursery after this!

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Old Wives’ Tales to Predict Baby’s Gender

1. High or Low?

A classic one that I hear time and time again is if you’re carrying low then you are having a boy and if you’re carrying high that means you’re having a girl!

This is one that I heard a lot when I was pregnant.  So be ready for when people start to take notice of your belly!

2. How’s Your Skin?

How’s your skin been treating ya?

It seems like when you’re pregnant you either end up with that so-called lovely “pregnancy glow” or you get oily skin with breakouts all over the place.

Whichever you happen to get, if you start getting acne like you did when you were a teen, it could mean it’s a little girl, but if your skin is glowing. it could mean it’s a precious boy.

3. The Boobie Tells All

This funny myth is one that I’ve actually never heard of before!  So supposedly if your right boob is bigger then it’s a girl but if your left boob is bigger it’s a boy.

Who knew right?

4. How Much is Baby Moving in There?

Feeling the baby move around has always been one of my favorite things about pregnancy!  But did you know depending on how active they are in the womb could predict what you’re having?

It’s said that babies who are more chill in the womb are girls and a baby who is more energetic in there means a boy.

5. The Shape of Baby’s Head

Have you had an ultrasound yet?  If so check out the pictures from it.

What does your baby’s head look like?  A square head predicts a baby boy while a round head means it’s a girl!

6. The Pendulum Test

This is a fun little experiment that anyone can do!  This test is typically done using your wedding ring but you can do it with a regular pendulum, or even a necklace that you like to wear.

If you’re using your wedding ring be sure to put it on a string so that it’s dangling down like a necklace.

Now place your object of choice over your belly.  If it swings in a circle it’s a girl and if it swings back and forth it’s a boy.

7. Linera Nigra

Do you know that dark line that goes from your pubic bone and up to your belly button?

Well, in case you didn’t know or forgot the name it’s called the linera nigra.  They say that if that line stops at the belly button then you’re having a girl, but if it keeps going up to your chest, it’s going to be a boy.

You can read more about the linera nigra here.

8. Little Thumper

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is one of the fun parts of pregnancy!  But did you ever pay attention to how fast it was beating?

Legend has it if your baby has a heartbeat of over 140 bpm it’s a girl, but if it’s slower and below 140 bpm it could mean it’s a boy.  So next time when you’re at your prenatal appointment go ahead and ask what your little one’s heartbeat was!

9. Dry hands much?

Hands getting a bit, dry lately?  If you’ve been reaching for that lotion body more than usual it could mean there’s a baby boy on the way!  But smooth skin may indicate a girl.

10. Sweet or Salty?

How have your pregnancy cravings been?

Mostly salty food?  Mostly sweets?

Well according to this little old wives’ tale if you’ve been wanting lots of salty foods it means you’re having a baby boy, but if you’ve been eating up all the sweets like a madman it could mean it’s a baby girl!

11. Baking Soda Test

Got some baking soda laying around somewhere?  If you do then maybe you can try out this little experiment!

The first thing you do is pee in a cup (which I’m sure by now you’re an expert at) and then put some baking soda in it.  Perhaps like 2 teaspoons?

Now if the baking soda frizzes it means a boy.  But if nothing happens it means a baby girl could be on the way!

12. The Red Cabbage Test

While you’re peeing in a cup why not try this one too!

Boil a head of red cabbage in some water.  When it’s done strain it and save the water from it.

Once it has cooled down a bit get a cup of your pee and mix some of the red cabbage water in it.  If the water turns pink, it means you’re having a girl!  If the water becomes purple, then it’s a boy.

13. What Side Do You Sleep On?

When you wake up what side on you on?

Left or your right side?

If you wake up sleeping on your left side it means a boy.  If you wake up laying on your right side it means a girl.

14. The Mayan Gender Predictor

The Mayans had their own special way of predicting a baby’s gender!

They would take the Mom’s age at conception and then add it to the year the baby was conceived.

If the number came up odd it was said to be a boy.  An even number meant you were gonna have a girl.

15. Morning Sickness

Ahh, morning sickness.  One of the worse parts of pregnancy.

Another popular myth is, if your morning sickness has lasted forever (beyond the first trimester) you’re carrying a little girl.  But if you only had morning sickness during the first trimester then it’s said to be a baby boy!

16. The Shape of Your Bump

How’s that bump looking these days?

Go ahead and go to the mirror and take a look!

If your baby bump is looking more round like a basketball it’s possible you could be having a boy.  But if your bump seems more spread out across your waistline, then maybe it’s a girl.

17. The Garlic Test

Before doing this test be sure to warn your partner!  They may not want to be caught in your fire of garlic breath!


But anyway, so apparently if you’re able to eat a lot of garlic but NOT smell it, it means you’re carrying a girl.

But if you CAN smell that nice garlicy scent then it means it’s a boy!  And that you possibly need a mint…

18. Sympathy Weight

Through this whole pregnancy, your partner has been there for you right by your side.  Supporting you, loving you, and… gaining weight with you??

Yes, you may have heard of sympathy weight that some people get.

So if your partner is gaining weight right along with you it could be a sign that you’re gonna have a girl.  If they’re not, then maybe it’s a boy on the way.

19. Are You Moody or Mellow These Days?

As we all know, pregnancy can make you a complete rollercoaster of emotions.

Supposedly though if you’re feeling moodier it might be a girl.  But if you’ve been more chill and mellow then maybe there’s a little boy in there.

20. Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Look in the mirror for about a minute or so.  What are your eyes doing?

They say if your pupils are dilating, it means you’re having a boy.  If they’re not then a baby girl could be in your future.

21. Blood Pressure

This article talks about here talks about how during a study, they found that when a woman’s blood pressure was higher at 26 weeks before she conceived, the more likely she was to have a boy.

This one may be a little harder to do as you would need to know what your blood pressure was BEFORE pregnancy.  But if you’re able to see what your blood pressure was before pregnancy why not take a look at it?

22. The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart

I feel like the Chinese predictor test is probably one of the more popular ones out there.  I remember trying it with my first….and my second haha!

But you can try out this fun little test with this Chinese Gender Predictor Chart here!

23. Are You Feeling Hot or Cold?

During pregnancy, your body temperature can change a bit.

So if you’ve noticed yourself being colder and turning up the heat a lot it could indicate you’re carrying a little boy.

But if you’ve been more hot and sweaty then supposedly it’s a girl!

24. Getting Swollen Lately?

Yes getting swollen ankles and legs can happen during pregnancy.

Has this been happening to you?

Well, legend has it that if you’re getting swollen legs and ankles it could mean a little boy is on the way!

25. Has Your Balance Been “On Point”?

Growing a baby inside you can definitely change up your center of gravity a bit.

Have you been more clumsy during this pregnancy?  It could mean you’re having a boy!

If you’ve been able to keep your gracefulness intact, maybe it’s a sweet baby girl helping with that.

26. Those Pregnancy Dreams Doe

Did you know that your dreams may become more clear and vivid during pregnancy?

Mine certainly do!

Maybe you’ve even dreamt of your future baby?  If so rumor has it that your baby’s gender is actually the OPPOSITE of the gender you dream about.

Say whaaatt?? 

27. Headaches

Another lovely pregnancy symptom is headaches.  If you’ve been experiencing headaches during pregnancy it could mean that you’re having a boy!

28. The Color of Your Pee

What color is your pee?  The color of your pee could determine the gender of your baby!

Or perhaps that you need more water…

But if your urine is a bright yellow, it means a baby boy but if it’s a light dull color, it’s a baby girl.

29. Hair Check

How’s your hair been looking?

Thick and full?  Or maybe dull and limp?

They say that if your hair has become nice and glossy it may be a boy!  But if it’s just meh and hasn’t gotten any thicker it’s a girl.

Though prenatal vitamins can affect how your hair looks as well!

30. How Have You Been Sleeping?

If you’ve been sleeping just fine and still getting a good night’s sleep it could mean a girl is on the way.  But if you haven’t been sleeping too much it could mean you’re having a boy.

In Conclusion

As I said earlier these old wives’ tales for predicting the baby’s gender are just for fun and definitely not 100% accurate by any means.  But you can still do them as a more fun way of guessing what your baby may be!

I went through to see if they could correctly answer the gender from my first pregnancy.  I was able to remember most of these and half my answers said it was gonna be a boy and the other half said it was a girl.

So be sure to not take these as hardcore truths and just have fun with it!

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Have you tried any of these old wives’ tales before?  Did any of them correctly predict your baby’s gender?  Let us know about it below in the comments!  And if you liked this post share it with your friends!  Thanks!

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