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9 Best Baby Tracker Apps that are FREE

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Make being a parent a little bit easier with these awesome (and totally free) baby apps! 

They are made for parents to help them find tips, community, advice, and more!  Some of these apps even have a baby tracker so you can record all of the baby’s naps, feedings, length of feedings, and diaper changes. 

Ready to get started? 

Look below to check out the best baby tracker apps

Available for Andriod and iOS devices!

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Best Baby Tracker Apps


If you had the BabyCenter app when you were pregnant, don’t delete it just yet!  Because you can use the BabyCenter app after the baby is born as well! 

It’ll give you new articles every week to learn about how the baby is developing and what milestones to expect.  And it’ll help answer lots of common questions that new parents ask. 

They also provide a community of other Mommies where you can ask questions and connect with each other! 

You can also find a growth tracker, a sleep guide, and a feeding guide for baby!  And it’s all free!

Download: Android & iOS

Ovia Baby Tracker

With the Ovia Baby Tracker app, you get to personalize it by putting in their name and a cute picture of the baby! 

This free baby app is loaded with lots of tips about parenting, activities, health, and more! 

This is also a baby tracking app so you can log every feeding, nap, and diaper change! 

You can also find a milestone checklist that’s all the way up to 18 months.  And if you love mommy groups they have tons of different ones to join! 

Download: Android & iOS

Baby + 

Use their baby tracker to log feedings, naps, and dirty diapers every day. 

With the Baby + app, you can even keep track of their growth, milestones, and even when a tooth pops through!  You can find guides about baby activities, development, breastfeeding, and parenting.

This baby app has lots of different lullabies that baby will love.  And that best part, after the baby is a year old you can make a yearbook of everything you logged into the app! 

Cool right? 

I’m sure it’ll be a fun keepsake to look back on later in life. 

Download: Android & iOS

Baby Tracker

If you just want an easy simple app that helps you keep track of everything then this is the one for you. 

This free baby tracking app lets you log in every feeding, nap, dirty diaper, pumping session, weight, and more!  And you can see everything you logged laid out on their easy to read graph. 

You can even take monthly pictures to see how much the baby changes and grows every month! 

And guess what?  It’s all free!

Download: Android & iOS

WebMD Baby

This is a great baby app for parents!

You can track all of the baby’s naps, feedings, and diaper changes with this free app! 

Does Dad, Grandma, or someone else babysit the baby? 

Well with the WebMD Baby app you can add multiple users so that whoever is watching baby can use the baby tracker.  Then every time someone logs something into the baby app it’ll update the information on all of the devices that it’s linked to! 

That way you won’t lose track of any naps, feedings, or diaper changes. 

You can also find articles and tips about everything from milestones, illnesses, being a new parent, and baby care. 

And what else can you do with this baby app? 

Store all those precious moments of your sweet baby in their photo library!

Download: Android & iOS


Huckleberry is an excellent baby app for tracking all of the baby’s naps, feedings, diaper changes, and pumping sessions. 

A nice addition they have is that you can be specific and add what kind of food they ate, how they fell asleep, and even the type of stool they had! 

It will give you averages of how many dirty diapers and feedings they have in a day.  And they’ll help remind you what side you used last if you’re breastfeeding! 

They even give you an estimated time for when you can expect their next nap.  And you can do this all for free! 

But, of course, they do have a subscription plan which includes a sleep plan for the baby.

Download: Android & iOS


This is a baby development app and it’s all about learning and helping with baby’s development. 

They have lots of articles you can read about things like baby care and nutrition.  And when baby completes a milestone you can mark it off on their milestone checklist! 

BabySparks will even show you different activities you can do with the baby!  But you have to pay a monthly subscription to unlock all of them.

Download: Android & iOS

Glow Baby

With the Glow Baby app, you can add photos of special moments and milestones of the baby.  And use their handy baby tracker to log all of baby’s feedings, naps, dirty diapers, symptoms, and more! 

You can even get specific and put what kind of doo-doo was in there! 

There’s a growth chart as well so see how much baby has grown since the last time. 

And they have LOADS of different types of groups to join!  They even have some just for Dads. 

You can also find articles to help answer common questions but you have to pay a monthly fee in order to read them.

Download: Android & iOS

Baby Tracker – Newborn Log

This is another simple baby tracking log where you can record all of the baby’s feedings, diaper changes, naps, and more all at the click of a button! 

It’ll even show you a graph of everything you logged in and give you the averages for all of them.

You can also keep track of baby’s growth, milestones, and temperature with this app!

Download: Android & iOS

What’s the Best Baby Tracker App?

I’m sure this is a question that all new parents are asking themselves.

So which of these free apps has the best baby tracker?

Well out of the ones I listed up above, 3 of them had similar ratings and downloads.

Here are their ratings.

Baby Tracker:

Andriod- 4.9

iOS- 4.9

Downloads- +1 million


Andriod- 4.3

iOS- 4.7

Downloads- +1 million

Baby Tracker – Newborn Log:

Andriod- 4.7

iOS- 4.8

Downloads- +1 million

What is the Best App for Baby Development?

From the free ones I have listed above, I would say BabySparks.

The BabySparks app only focuses on helping with baby’s development by providing lots of activities and milestones for them to do.

You do have to pay though to be able to unlock all of them.  It’s not super expensive but really it’s up to you if it’s worth it or not.

Here are the ratings for both devices.

Andriod: 4.1

iOS: 4.7

What App Should I Get?

This will be different for all parents and will depend on what you want and what you’re looking for.

Luckily though, these baby tracker apps are all free!

So you can try out all of them if you want to and then decide which one fits your needs more.

So just have fun with it!

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9 free baby apps that every parent needs pinterest. Parents kissing baby

Do you use any of these baby tracker apps?  Is there one that you love using that’s not listed up above?  Let me know in the comments!  And if you liked it, give it a share!  Thanks!

9 must have baby apps pinterest. Mom and Dad kissing baby.
9 Free Baby Apps that every parent needs pinterest

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