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27 Best Postpartum Clothes for the Hospital (that are cute & comfy)

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Any experienced mom will tell you to dress in comfy clothes.

But new moms are often not sure of what to wear after birth.

If that’s you, well, no need to worry!

Here you’ll find the best postpartum clothes for the hospital that are actually comfortable AND cute.

You can check them out below.

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Postpartum Clothes for the Hospital

Best Postpartum Pants

Leggings can be super comfy!

Now you probably won’t be wearing your pre-pregnancy size right away, so be sure to get bottoms that have enough room in them.

You don’t want to be wear bottoms that are too tight.

Especially on your stomach!

Wearing clothes that were too tight on my waist was extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even hurt.

But maybe that’s just me…

Here are some postpartum leggings that you can wear after birth.

These are compression leggings made for mommies!

The purpose of postpartum leggings is to help make your postpartum body look more flattering.

These leggings are also high-waisted which is great for if you had a c-section.

And they’re black (which goes with everything)!

You can get these post-pregnancy leggings here.

Here is another pair of high-waisted compression leggings.

Because of their high waistline, it won’t rub on your wound if you had a c-section.

There are a few different colors to choose from as well.

Do keep in mind that these are compression leggings.

So they will hug your body a little more.

You can check out these postpartum leggings here.

These lounge pants are actually maternity pants but they can be worn during postpartum as well.

These come in a couple of different lengths and designs that you can choose from.

You can buy a pair of these maternity/postpartum pants here.

Best Postpartum Tops

Most women who are in their fourth trimester want a top that’s loose-fitting.

But they also want postpartum clothing that actually looks GOOD.

Here are a couple of shirts that are great for when you’re going out and won’t hug your belly.

This is a nice loose v-neck shirt that would be great if you’re going to town.

I think v-necks can be a little more flattering than the regular ol’ shirts that go up to your neck.

You can get this loose button-down top here.

This cute long sleeve shirt is also a v-neck. It’s loose-fitting, comfy, and looks oh-so-cute!

It comes in a couple of different colors to choose from as well.

You can get this long sleeve top here.

This cute twist knot top is loose-fitting, comfortable, and flattering!

And it comes in lots of cute colors.

You can find the price of this postpartum shirt here!

Best Postpartum Loungewear

I loved loved LOVED my nursing nightgown!

I was able to wear it when I was pregnant and after birth.

Not only did it make breastfeeding easier but it was super comfy and roomy too!

Some even have built-in bras!

Here are a couple of different ones below.

You can wear this during pregnancy and postpartum.

It’s roomy, comfy, and you could wear this instead of a hospital gown!

You can get this nightgown here.

Another good option is this set of 2 breastfeeding gowns.

This has enough room to be worn while you’re pregnant and during your 4th trimester.

One thing that’s nice about this nightgown is that it has a built-in bra. I have these and LOVE them!

You can buy this breastfeeding gown here.

This is a button-down nursing gown.

It’s not a maternity gown but you may be able to wear it depending on how big your belly is.

This one comes with a couple of different cute designs you can choose from.

Click here to see this nursing nightgown!

Best Nursing Tops

If you’re breastfeeding, having nursing clothes is a good idea.

Breastfeeding shirts are nice since you don’t have to expose your whole midsection in order to breastfeed.

Now nursing clothes AREN’T a must (I mean I breastfeed without them sometimes) but they are nice to have!

Here are some stylish and cute nursing shirts below.

These tank tops are made for maternity and nursing moms.

One nice thing about them is that they’re more loose-fitting and won’t cling to your new postpartum body.

You can buy these nursing tanks here.

A lot of times maternity clothes make for great postpartum clothes.

And with this adorable top, you’ll be able to create cute postpartum outfits, be comfortable, AND be able to breastfeed easily!

This shirt also comes in a couple of different colors to choose from.

You can check out this nursing shirt here!

Normally you KNOW if it’s a breastfeeding top.

With these nursing tank tops, it’s secretly hidden under some pretty ruffles!

You can wear these during pregnancy and postpartum.

You can buy a cute nursing tank top here!

Best Nursing Bras

If you’re nursing you probably want a breastfeeding bra.

This will help make breastfeeding more accessible and will help hold your nursing pads in.

And trust me, you’ll want nursing pads!

The leaking is REAL!

And can get pretty messy!

The best (and comfiest) bras for breastfeeding are the ones with no underwire.

Here are a couple of different breastfeeding bras below.

This is a 3 pack where you’ll get bra extenders and clips.

These have no underwire (which in my opinion makes them more comfortable) while still being a supportive bra.

Click here to get these breastfeeding bras.

With this nursing bra, you won’t have to mess with those pesky hooks and clips, as this is made so all you have to do is easily pull it to the side and breastfeed.

Breasts will leak at all times of the day, including at night.

This bra is ideal for at night (because it’s so comfortable) plus you can put nursing pads in it to help keep yourself dry while you’re sleeping.

You can check out this nursing bra here.

This nursing bra comes in a 3 pack. It also includes extenders and clips so you can adjust the bra to fit you better.

And what’s nice about these is that they are maternity bras as well.

You can get this set of bras here.

Best Sweatpants for Postpartum

Who DOESN’T love lounging around in a comfy pair of pants?

And when you’re taking care of a baby all day and exhausted on all levels, these pants may become your new best friend.

Lounge pants could be anything from pajama pants, yoga pants, and sweat pants.

Here are a couple of different pants that would make a great option to wear during postpartum.

These wide-legged drawstring lounge pants look as comfy as they are cute!

They come in a variety of different styles.

And would make as a great pair of loose pants to wear around the house!

You can get these PJ pants here.

These comfy sweat pants come in a couple of different cute colors to choose from.

They would be perfect to wear while taking care of baby and when taking those much-needed naps!

Click here to get a pair of these sweat pants!

These sweat pants are a great alternative to traditional leggings.

They come in a TON of fun colors you can choose from!

Whether you’re staying at home or going out to get grocers these pants would work perfectly!

You can buy these comfy pants here!

Best Postpartum Robes

What’s nice about having a robe is that you can wear whatever underneath it and no one is gonna know!

Clothes don’t match?

Oh well, who will notice anyway?

You could even rock your robe with no clothes on.

And why not?

It’s just gonna be you and baby most of the time, right?

Here are some cute robes that would be perfect to wear after giving birth in the hospital!

This is a maternity AND a nursing robe.

So you can wear this while you’re pregnant and for as long as you want after the baby is born!

It also comes in multiple different designs as well.

You can get this pregnancy robe here!

This isn’t made as maternity wear but you could still bring it to the hospital and wear it after the baby is born.

Plus you can still easily breastfeed in this comfortable robe if that’s what you’re planning on doing!

You can get this robe for the hospital here!

Best Outerwear

Having a nice cardigan can just help make certain outfits go together and look better.

And it can help keep you covered if you’re worried about certain things.

I love how this sweater is long, has a hood, AND has pockets!

A girl loves her pockets right?!

You can get this knit cardigan here.

This open-front sweater is chunky and is made with popcorn yarn material giving it that cute textured look.

You can get this knit sweater cardigan here.

Best Postpartum Dresses

Dresses are the best.

I LOVE wearing dresses especially postpartum.

They’re cute, loose, and comfy!

Here are a couple below.

If you give birth during the summer months, you’ll probably want light and comfortable clothes.

This maternity dress is a great choice to wear after you have your new baby.

Plus it works as a breastfeeding dress as well!

You can check out all of the beautiful colors and patterns for this dress here.

This long maxi dress comes in lots of beautiful colors.

This dress is cute while still being loose and comfortable.

Do keep in mind though that it’s not so much for breastfeeding.

You can buy this maxi dress here.

Best Underwear for After Birth

Yes with postpartum comes postpartum underwear.

And you will want to have some for the recovery phase.

You’ll wanna be sure to have some that are roomy and are pretty much like period panties.

Postpartum is MESSY!

So don’t worry about buying super cute ones!

Here is some comfortable underwear that you could wear after birth.

These are high-waisted underwear that you can wear during your postpartum period.

And since these are high-waisted, they also keep from irritating incision areas of moms who have a c-section scar.

You can get this multipack of underwear here.

These are 100% cotton underwear, which is the most ideal for women as cotton is more breathable.

You can get this pack of tag-free underwear for postpartum here.

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Best Comfy Slippers

Keep your feet warm with slippers!

Non-slip socks would even work!

You could wear these at home and during your stay at the hospital as well.

Here are some cute options below.

These cute and cozy socks are non-skid to help keep you from slipping on those cold hospital floors.

Each pair has a sweet little phrase on the bottom that any mom-to-be would love!

You can get these sweet mommy socks here.

These memory foam slippers have an anti-skid rubber sole.

AND you can wear them inside as well as outdoors! It also says they’re machine washable!

Click to get yourself a pair of these slippers for after birth here!

What are the best clothes to wear after having a baby?

So what are the ideal clothes to wear during recovery time?

I would say, that the best clothes to wear during postpartum are ones that are loose and comfortable.

Postpartum can leave you feeling pretty uncomfortable.

So why not get clothing that IS comfortable!

I never liked to wear any type of tight clothes, especially pants.

Having a tight waistline not only made me feel very uncomfortable but hurt my stomach area as well (probably because my uterus just pushed out a baby).

So I would stick to nice loose clothing that isn’t constricting.

The best clothing for that would be stretchy leggings or yoga pants, sweat pants, t-shirts, jackets, robes, and dresses.

But I’m sure you don’t wanna look like you just came out of bed all of the time.

It makes sense that you wanna wear clothing that looks nicer and makes you feel cute.

I mean you could have an event, an appointment, or some kind of meeting, or maybe you just wanna look nice for yourself to help boost your confidence.

So what kind of clothing is comfortable but still looks nice?

Here are a couple of items that fit into that category:

  • Black leggings (goes with pretty much everything)
  • Jean leggings (I have a pair and completely love them!)
  • A loose v neck blouse
  • A big sweater/wrap
  • Dress (if you’re breastfeeding make sure you have easy access to your breast for feedings)

What size clothes will I need after giving birth?

Unfortunately, there’s really no “one” answer.

Everyone’s body is SO different that it’s hard to say what size someone will be in during the 4th trimester.

Normally, it’s said to wear your 6-month maternity items as postpartum clothes.

Which may work for some but also may not work for others.

Others may be able to make any loose-fitting clothing they have work like sweat pants, yoga pants, t-shirts, and dresses.

Something I will say is that you probably won’t be wearing your “pre-baby” size anytime soon.

So I would try to get a bigger size than you wore before if you are wanting to buy any non-maternity clothing.

Just something to keep in mind!

What can I wear to hide my post-baby belly?

Not that there’s any shame in your new mom body, but maybe you’re not too comfortable with everything yet.

Maybe you want a way to hide it a little better.

In that case, a good choice to help hide your post-pregnancy belly are:

  • Black leggings
  • Loose flowing shirts
  • Hoodies/jackets
  • Wraps/cardigans
  • A loose fitting and flowing dress
  • Dark colors

When should I buy postpartum clothes?

Ideally, you’ll want to have some clothes ready prior to giving birth.

So just be sure you have a couple of shirts and bottoms ready for yourself.

And if you end up needing more clothing you can always buy more (like online at Amazon)!

What are the best postpartum clothes for C-section?

C-section mamas can wear pretty much whatever a mom who had a vaginal delivery can BUT they need to be aware of the scar.

So be sure to not wear clothes that lay and rub up against your incision area.

This will hurt and cause irritation!

With that in mind be sure that your pants and underwear are high-waisted.

This will help avoid that band of your bottoms rubbing up against the incision.

A Word for Postpartum Mommas

Something I would like you, new mommies, to keep in mind is that when you enter the 4th trimester, you may have to adjust to your new body.

Your clothes may not look like how they use to look on you or fit how they did before you got pregnant.

But let me tell you, your postpartum body is BEAUTIFUL!

It took 9 months to make your precious baby.

So don’t expect to snap right back into your old body.

Understand these things take time.

But in the meantime appreciate the body you have NOW.

Your body did some pretty amazing things during those 40 weeks!

Just focus on taking care of yourself and your new bundle of joy!

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