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After having a baby you’re gonna be sore and tired.  You don’t want to be running around or waiting for someone else to get you what you need.  So get prepared for postpartum pregnancy BEFORE you give birth!  Make it easy on yourself! 

On this postpartum preparation checklist, you’ll find all the essentials you need to help with postpartum care and recovery.


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Postpartum Recovery Checklist


Super Absorbent Pads

Get pads that are BIG and LONG. 

During the first week of postpartum pregnancy, it’s gonna be like a super heavy period.  So you’re gonna want something thick enough that won’t leak and get everywhere.  Once it starts to lighten up though you should be able to start using normal-sized pads for the duration of your postpartum period. 

These extra-heavy-duty pads work really well for postpartum bleeding.



Part of your postpartum care routine is using a peribottle every day multiple times a day. The hospital will probably give you one when you’re there. 

Whenever you go to the bathroom to do your “business”  fill it up with some warm water and use it to clean yourself up down there. 

Keeping it clean down there will help prevent infections.  Make sure the water isn’t too hot though!  You don’t want to burn yourself! 


Witch Hazel Pads

These were a total lifesaver for me! 

I had quite a few stitches after giving birth and these guys helped so much!  The cooling effect from the witch hazel pads felt so good on my stitches. 

But be sure to put them in the fridge though to help give it that cooling effect!  The hospital may give you some but you can always get an extra container of tucks pads for yourself just in case!  I ended up using all my witch hazel pads and had to get more.

Pain Relieving Spray

When you’re done cleaning yourself up down there, you can use a pain-relieving spray to help reduce some of the pain during postpartum recovery.  You may actually end up getting one from the hospital. 

Ice Packs

Having an ice pack, frozen peas, or even some padsicles will help give your hoo-ha get some relief during recovery. 

I would have a few at hand that you can use.  I had 2-3 ice packs I could rotate out so I always had one ready to go! 

Just remember NOT to put them directly on your skin or you’ll get frostbite!  Either wrap it up in cloth or have something thick enough on top of your skin to help protect it. 

Heating Pads

You’re gonna have some mighty cramps.  And yes cramps will get worse with every baby you have.  So having a heating pad may help relieve some of the pain from those postpartum cramps.

Comfy Undies

Time to get out those lovely granny panties that we love so much! 

Either have some comfy cotton period panties or disposable underwear like the ones you get at the hospital. 

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look super cute.  They don’t need to be all cute and pretty.  Cause most likely, they’re gonna get stained and ruined anyway. 

During postpartum recovery, you’re gonna want to be as comfortable as possible!  So as long as those undies are comfy and aren’t too tight, you’re good to go!

Comfortable Clothes

Again, you’re gonna want to be as comfortable as you can during postpartum pregnancy!  So put on some comfy loose PJs, find your robe, and grab those slippers! 

My favorite thing to wear during postpartum pregnancy was my nursing gown.  It gave me easy access for breastfeeding and it was super loose and comfy! 

Pain Killers

I’ll admit, I’m not the type of person who typically takes pills of any kind.  I try to solve and do things as naturally as I can.  So being my stubborn self, I decided I wasn’t going to take the pain pills after I got out of the hospital. 

Come a couple of days later of not taking any kind of pain medication, the stitches I had gotten were now EXTREMELY PAINFUL.  I could barely walk or get out of bed.  I had ice packs on there consistently! 

So, I finally decided to start taking them.  After that, I felt so much better! 

So, my advice to you is to have some kind of pain management around the house.  Even if you’re like me and aren’t planning on taking them, at least they’ll be there just in case.

Stool Softeners

Why would you need stool softeners?  Well, you want to eliminate the feeling of having to “push” while you’re healing.

Epsom Salt

If you’re planning on taking sitz baths when you’re on postpartum recovery, you’re gonna want some Epsom salt on hand. 

You can even add certain herbs or essential oils to help get an even more therapeutic effect.  

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras will help give you easy access for when you go to breastfeed the baby.  And it’ll keep those lovely nursing pads on and in place!  But be sure it’s not too tight though! 

Cause like I keep preaching, you want to be extra comfortable during postpartum recovery!

Nursing Pads

In the beginning, you’ll leak.  And I mean A LOT.  I can’t even tell how bad my milk use to leak.  It was like 24/7!  So nursing pads are something I absolutely recommend. 

Nursing pads will help keep you, the baby, the bed, your partner (it was literally everywhere you guys) and your shirts dry! 

Nipple Cream

Unfortunately, nursing can make your nipples super sore in the beginning.  But you can use nipple cream to help reduce some of the pain.  This nipple cream is all-natural and it worked very well for me. 

I’ve also heard of people using coconut oil and even their own breast milk as an alternative for nipple cream!

Nursing Pillow

Have some kind of nursing pillow or even an old pillow you don’t use anymore. 

I didn’t think I’d ever use one for nursing but trust me.  Once I did it saved my arms and my back! 

I wouldn’t say you NEED one but it really does help.  And it can make nursing a little more comfortable for you. 

Prenatal Vitamins

Keep taking your prenatal vitamins even during postpartum pregnancy.  They’ll still benefit you and your breastfeeding baby!

Water Bottle

You should be drinking plenty of water during postpartum pregnancy, especially if you’re breastfeeding. 

At the hospital, they gave me this HUGE cup to drink from.

I would get a big water bottle so you can go longer without having to get up fill it again! 

During postpartum recovery, you want to make things easy for yourself and even the little things (like having a bigger water bottle) can help.

Movies & TV Shows

Have either Netflix ready or a stack of DVDs prepared for when you get home. 

During postpartum recovery, you should be resting and relaxing.  So lay back with your baby and binge-watch your favorite TV show or have a movie marathon!


Have some snacks like trail mix, dried fruit, and other easy things that you can eat throughout the day.


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(Please keep in mind that I am now a doctor.  I am only a Mom who is going off of her own experiences and research.  If you’d like to know more you can read my full disclaimer policy here.)

The ultimate postpartum recovery checklist pinterest. Mom holding newborn baby.

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The Ultimate Postpartum Recovery Checklist all the essentials a momma needs pinterest
The Ultimate postpartum recovery checklist pinterest. Mom holding newborn baby
Postpartum Checklist everything you need during recovery pinterest
Postpartum Checklist everything you need after giving birth pinterest. Mom holding newborn baby


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