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The Complete Postpartum Care Plan

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Pregnancy is done, and now postpartum pregnancy begins!  But what happens during postpartum pregnancy?  I mean, what happens to you and your body after you give birth? 

Well, let me start off by saying that your body isn’t going to instantly snap back to how it was before you got pregnant.  Your body went through a lot of changes in the last 9 months trying to grow a baby.  And now all of a sudden it has to change again!  It took months to get that pregnancy bod, so of course, it’s gonna take some time for your body to adjust after birth. 

Now, remember how when you were pregnant and you had that big list of things that you can and can’t do?  Well, get ready for another one cause this postpartum care plan has its own set of do’s and don’ts for ya!  

Look below to learn how you should care for yourself after birth!

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Postpartum Care Plan

Postpartum Do’s

Rest Rest Rest

Rest mama, you need it. 

Having a baby is a lot of work and it’s gonna make you sore and tired.  So when the baby is sleeping, sleep.  And instead of folding that laundry, lay down and relax for a bit. 

Don’t think about how all the things need to get done right now.  IT’LL GET DONE!  Your body went through a lot, so right now, give it all the rest it needs.

Care For Your Hoo-ha

After you give birth, the hospital will give you a peribottle, numbing spray, and witch hazel pads.  These are super important things to have on your Postpartum Care Checklist! 

So, USE them.  Trust me.  These guys are gonna be your best friends.  It’ll keep everything clean down there and help with the pain as well!  

Mommy Tip: Be sure fill the peribottle with warm water!  And if you want some extra relief, leave the witch hazel pads in the refrigerator for a nice cooling effect! 

Use Pads

The bleeding you have after birth is called lochia and begins as soon as you give birth.  This postpartum bleeding happens because your body is trying to dispose of the extra blood and tissues from your uterus. 

The bleeding will be heaviest during the next few days after birth and can last up to 6 weeks.  So it’ll pretty much be like a LONG period.  Though, keep in mind that the bleeding can last longer or be less than 6 weeks as well.

You can check out the best postpartum pads for after birth bleeding here.

Sitz Baths

Taking Sitz baths are also a good idea.  In case you don’t know what a sitz bath is, it’s where everything below your hips are submerged in water. 

Normally people put stuff like epsom salt and baking soda in it.

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Wear Cotton Undies

During your postpartum period, cotton underwear is the way to go (or disposable ones if you prefer)!  Cotton is more breathable and you’re gonna wanna be comfortable. 

So leave those sexy panties in the drawer a little longer and rock those granny panties!

Use a Heating Pad

Your uterus has been stretching for the last 9 months.  And now you just popped out a baby!   

Since there’s no baby in there now, your uterus knows it doesn’t need to be that size anymore.  So she’s gonna start shrinking back to normal size. 

This is gonna cause cramping!  It feels similar to a menstrual cramp and can get to be pretty painful.  Breastfeeding will cause it to shrink more, so don’t be surprised if you start to cramp while nursing.

Kegel Exercises 

Keep doing your kegels!  Kegel exercises will help with the healing process.  Your doctor may tell you to start doing them soon after delivery.  But only start doing them if you’re feeling up for it.  And remember to not strain yourself!  Just do what you can.

You can learn how to do kegel exercises here!

Ask For Help

If you feel like you need help, ask for it!  Don’t be ashamed or scared to!  If you need help around the house or with the other little ones call a family member or a friend! 

They’ll be happy to help you!

This Postpartum Handbook actually talks about postpartum bleeding and how to manage it!  This handbook is perfect for new moms.  It covers so many things from c-section tips, postpartum care items, a postpartum exercise plan, and everything else you can expect during postpartum pregnancy!

Best part?  It’s a crazy affordable price!

You can check out The Postpartum Handbook here!

Postpartum Don’ts

No Hanky-Panky

Even though this is probably the last thing on your mind after having a baby, this is a no-no.  For the next 6 weeks, your hoo-ha is off limits!  

No Tampons

You’re going to be bleeding for about 6 weeks after having your baby.  So for the duration of that time, only use pads. 

Do NOT use tampons!  

No Heavy Lifting

Take it easy on the heavy lifting mama!  You shouldn’t be picking up anything heavier than your baby right now.  So ask someone else to do the lifting for you.  

No Intense Exercises

Give your body a couple of weeks of rest before you start any kind of exercise.  Normally the only exercise they want you to do is short distance walking. 

But when you do feel ready for it, start off with some light exercises.

No Swimming

Although, it’s okay to take sitz baths during postpartum, swimming, on the other hand, is not.  Doing so can increase the chance of you being exposed to bacteria. 

So until you have fully healed and there’s no blood coming out, stay out of the pools!

No Tight Clothes

Don’t wear tight clothes.  Cause for one, you won’t be comfortable.  And two, it could cause even more pain! 

No need to look fancy right now.  Wear some nice loose clothing or even your 6-month maternity clothes will work.

How Long is the Postpartum Period?

Even though your bleeding only lasts about 6-8 weeks, the postpartum period can last up to 6 months!

It’s actually divided into 3 stages; the first being the acute phase which lasts 6-12 hours after childbirth, the subacute phase which can last 2-6 weeks and the 3rd is the delayed postpartum period that can, surprisingly, last up to 6 months.

This article here talks more about the postpartum period and how you’ll be physically and mentally around that time.

A Word From a Mom

Take care of yourself, mama!  And most importantly, listen to your doctor.  If you’re experiencing problems during postpartum or think you may have an infection, get a hold of your doctor asap.

(Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor, nurse, or any other kind of medical professional.  I’m only Mom who is going off of her own experiences and research.  If you’d like to know more you can read my full disclaimer policy here .)

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What was your postpartum care plan like?  Any words of advice you’d give to other fellow mamas?  Let’s hear it in the comments!  And of course, if you liked it, give it a share!  Baby on ladies!

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