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20 Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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One of the most exciting moments of your life is finding out you’re pregnant.

And your pregnancy is not just a personal thing; it’s monumental for your close friends and family members, too. So you can’t just call people and tell them you’re expecting a baby, right?

I mean you could but doing something a little bit more “out of the box” is a more fun and memorable way to do it!

So if you’re looking for fun ways to announce your pregnancy, look no further.

Here are more than enough ideas to make the exciting announcement unforgettable for everyone!

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Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy


What better way to announce your pregnancy than with something you or a family member will be able to use over and over again?

And who doesn’t love t-shirts?

You could gift a t-shirt to the grandparents-to-be or wear a shirt with a message and see how long it takes your loved ones to catch on.

This type of pregnancy reveal is a great option if you’re looking to do a in person announcement.

This Grandpa t-shirt would be the perfect gift to share your sweet surprise.

You can get one like this here.

How exciting would it be for the new Grandma to open up this t-shirt? And she’d be able to wear it for a loooong time.

You can buy this cute Blessed Grandma shirt here.

How long do you think it would take your family or friends to pick up on this message?

You can buy this Eating Tacos for Two shirt here.

You’ll discover who’s really paying attention if you choose to wear this shirt for your pregnancy announcement.

Click here to buy this pregnancy announcement shirt!

A Photoshoot with a Cute Sign

printable cute pregnancy announcement signs

Doing a fun photoshoot with some cute signs to help tell the message is a great way to help spread the news!

These gorgeous printable pregnancy announcement signs are cheap and easy to use.

Just download, print, and use!

You could also frame them for a more unique look.

What’s nice about these is that not only do they have more than one type of sign to use to announce your new baby, but they also come with a variety of other signs and milestones that you can use throughout your entire pregnancy!

Click here to buy these pregnancy announcements and milestone cards.

Felt Letter Board

Doing something simple like writing a cute message on this letter board is another fun and easy way to announce your pregnancy to your family!

You can write something like “Coming in Year XXXX” or “Baby *Your Last Name*”

You could even incorporate other baby items into the photo as well.

You can buy this felt letter board here!

Little Shoes

Aren’t baby shoes just the cutest thing?

Share a picture of those sweet tiny shoes to let others know about your new addition!

One idea you can do is share a simple picture of you and your partner holding a little pair of shoes.

A picture can say a thousand words and people will certainly get the message with this one!

You could also take a picture with all of your shoes lined up together or if you have other kids, you could add the baby shoes to the mix (a cute sign wouldn’t hurt either!).

Wrapping up a pair of baby shoes to surprise siblings or grandparents with the news is another great idea you could do.

Baby Onesies That Send a Message

Share the amazing news with a baby onesie that sends a message. You could have family members open a gift with a onesie inside or just share a picture.

I always see lots of people post an image of a onesie and their ultrasound picture on social media as a pregnancy announcement.

This is a simple but sweet way you could tell everyone on the web!

This onesie is the perfect option for Grandparents who aren’t totally new to the game.

You can check out this grandparents onesie here.

It’s just a few words, but it’s a HUGE moment for new grandparents!

You can get this surprise onesie here.

You can surprise Dad with this as a gift or send a photo of this to family members and friends who are far away.

You could also utilize this onesie for a baby announcement mockup photo. These work great if you have to make a long-distance announcement.

You can get this “Coming Soon” baby onesie here.

Use Your Pets

Did you become an animal parent before having human kids?

Involve your pets for an ultra-adorable way to announce your pregnancy!

Put this bandana on your dog and see how quickly others catch on. Or set up your own photo shoot and have your fur baby wear this for it!

pregnancy announcement you can do with your dog

You can get this cute pet announcement bandana here!

This is a super cute way to announce your pregnancy to family and friends!

Go ahead and have your sweet doggy hold this customizable chalkboard sign for a adorable pet-styled baby announcement!

You can get this sign here.

No matter how much your parents love your dogs, they’ll probably be super excited to get promoted to human grandparents!

You can get this promoted to human grandparents onesie here.

Baby Goodie Bag

Putting together a baby goodie bag is a great way to announce your pregnancy to your husband or boyfriend!

You can buy some simple baby stuff like a onesie, bottle, pacifier, socks, shoes, and just whatever else you want that’s baby-related.

Then put all the items in a gift bag (or wrap whichever you prefer) and give it to him.

Once he starts opening and seeing all the baby stuff, I’m sure he’ll start to realize that there’s a baby on the way!

So if you’re looking for an idea for the soon-to-be Daddy this is definitely a contender!

Share Your Sonogram

An adorable and CLEAR way to send the message is by sharing your sonogram.

Have a photographer snap a picture of you and your partner holding the sonogram (or use your trusty camera timer if you don’t want to spend the money or spill the beans to anyone quite yet).

You could also gift your loved one with a cute frame showcasing the ultrasound photo or feature it in a mock-up photo.

These beautiful pictures are great as there are lots of different ways you can incorporate your ultrasound picture into your baby reveal!

Wrap up this frame with your sonogram as a life-changing gift for the new grandparents.

You can get this grandparents picture frame here.

This is the perfect short and sweet message if you’re a minimalist. Send this as a gift to whoever you want or snap a picture and share it with your online social circle.

You can get this pregnancy announcement picture frame here.

Involve Your Other Kids

Pregnancy is a whole family affair!

If you have older kids, they’d probably love to be involved in the pregnancy announcement (even if they don’t quite get what’s going on).

Have an older sibling hold the sonogram, wear a t-shirt with a message, hold a sign revealing the special announcement, or even a book about becoming an older brother or sister.

If you have a toddler or baby still using the crib, snap a picture with this eviction notice for a fun and playful way to announce your pregnancy!

And don’t worry, you can put in your own personalizations in the order details so that it says YOUR due date!

funny pregnancy announcement sign you can do with an older sibling

You can get this funny eviction notice sign here.

Share a photo of your child holding this simple but cute printable chalkboard sign to spread the word.

After you buy it you will be able to change the due date on it.

cute pregnancy announcement with chalkboard

You can find this pregnancy announcement sign here.

Have your sweet little one wear a shirt that reveals your little (or should I say big) surprise!

You can take a picture or have them wear it next time you see the family and see who finds out first (that’s what we did hehe).

Click here to get the big brother t-shirt!

Or click here to get the big sister outfit!


Looking for a fun way to tell your co-workers that you’re pregnant?

One way you can announce your pregnancy at work is with food!

Bring in a box of goodies (donuts, brownies, etc.) and tape a note under the lid of the box announcing the news of your baby.

Or you can make small goodies bags for everyone with candies or cookies inside.

Then with a ribbon, tie a note around it revealing the big news!

Get a Little Funny with a Punny

There are sooo many pregnancy puns that it’s not too hard to find one that’s perfect for you.

You can do something as simple as the phrase, “there’s a bun in the oven”, or you could gift some of these funny (or punny) gifts to your loved ones who will celebrate with you!

Share the “egg-celent” news with a quail egg filled with glitter and a little rhyme.

You can get this creative pregnancy announcement egg here.

Spill the beans with this customizable flat lay photo. This digital download allows you to switch out the image and (of course) change the letterboard to your info.

a creative way to announce your pregnancy to family

You can get this spill the beans mock-up photo here.

Send this as a surprise gift to family and friends who are far away. You can also include a personal message to make it your own!

fun pregnancy reveal for long distance family members and friends

You can buy this bun in the oven announcement here.


Revealing the news around a certain holiday?

Then how about a holiday-themed announcement?!

I see these all the time and it’s super cute!

I’ve seen Christmas ones, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and even St. Patrick Day pregnancy announcements!

Scratch Off Card

Your family might get the hint by the time the message appears, but a scratch-off card is a super creative and fun way to announce your pregnancy!

Pick a card that matches your style and the message you want to send.

Here are some cute ones below!

What a sweet message for the new grandma-to-be! She’ll be thrilled to find what’s hidden under the heart.

Get this scratch-off card for Grandma here!

Everyone who gets this lotto ticket is sure to be a winner!

You can buy this pregnancy reveal scratch-off Gold Rush lotto tickets here.

How come these avocados are so precious? This is a simple yet adorable way to share the exciting news!

You can get the avocado announcement cards here.

A Movie Poster

One of the most creative ways to announce your new addition is with a custom movie poster featuring your story.

Maybe you don’t have the ability to create a movie poster on your own, but other talented designers have made it easy!

Check out the options below to create your own.

I love the style of this movie poster! And don’t worry! The designer will use a photo that you take and use the information you provide to make this poster your own!

unique movie poster pregnancy announcement idea

You can get this funny movie poster announcement here.

Make sure you have a picture already taken before you buy this pregnancy announcement poster!

women eating and man reading in bed

You can check out this movie poster announcement here.


Jewelry is always a nice gift.

One way to tell someone the big news is to find a piece of jewelry that says something related to it.

A necklace or bracelet that says, Grandma on it would be a very sweet gift that she could wear all the time!

You could also do another family member such as an Aunt or older Sister.

And of course, if the men in your life like jewelry then by all means you can get a Dad, Uncle, or even Grandpa one!

Feature Your Unique Hobbies and Interests

Are you and your spouse known for the movies you’re obsessed with or the hobbies that take up your free time?

Announce your pregnancy featuring something else you love too!

These tees are a fun way to spread the word if you’re one of the millions of Star Wars fans.

star wars pregnancy announcement shirts

You can buy these star wars t-shirts here.

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic?  Share your magical news with this cute digital social media announcement.  

This is just one of the many unique you can go about announcing your special news

wizard themed picture with black baby outfit

You can get this digital harry potter pregnancy announcement photo here.

Do you and your partner love gaming? Play on your love for video games for a fun baby announcement!

ways to announce pregnancy on social media

You can get this gaming mock-up template from CranberrySkyDigital here.


Another thing you can do that’s simple and easy is to give a card.

A card works for EVERYONE.

This is also a good choice if you have friends or family members who live far away and you want to give something more than a phone call.


A keychain is a cute way to tell someone that a baby is on the way. And they can keep it forever!

Do the men in your life live for fishing? Surprise your baby’s Grandpa or Daddy with this special fishing lure. This keychain would be perfect for the dad-to-be or future grandpa!

You can get this new fishing buddy keychain here.

Present these sweet keychains for the future grandparents. I’m sure their faces will be priceless!

You can get these soon-to-be grandpa and grandma keychain set here.

Test in a Box

If you’re trying to tell your husband or boyfriend about your special surprise, you can do something as simple (but obviously huge) as putting your test in a box or in a gift bag.

Imagine the look on his face when he finds out!

This could be a fun way to tell him that you are pregnant!

Mug Pregnancy Announcement

Buy a mug that reveals your message to the family.

This is a cute gift that they can always use.

This cute grandpa and grandma cup is a great way to reveal the news!

You can buy this set here.

At the bottom of this cup is a hidden message saying “We’re Pregnant!”.

This is a great one for any family member, friend, or for Dad!

Just think of their face as they’re sitting at the dinner table and finally finish that last sip!

You can buy this mug here.

Puzzle Pregnancy Announcement

A puzzle pregnancy announcement is a very creative and cryptic way of letting someone know that you’re expecting.

They’ll have no idea what type of surprise they’re about to find out!

This puzzle is a great way to announce that your parents are becoming grandparents.

And don’t worry, you can change the date that you would like shown on the puzzle!

white heart shaped puzzle pregnancy announcement

You can buy this cute puzzle pregnancy announcement here.

How long should I wait before announcing pregnancy?

This will depend on you and what you’d like to do.

Some moms-to-be announce shortly after they find out.

Some women prefer to tell everyone after the first trimester is over.

All-in-all this is completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with. It’s your decision when you decide to tell everyone.

So take as long or as little time as you want!

What should I say when announcing my pregnancy?

Here are lots of fun quotes you can use when announcing your new bundle of joy!

Here are a couple of my favorite sayings below!

  • You + Me = 3
  • First Came Love, Then Came You
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, on (your due date) Our Little Miracle is Due
  • And Then There Were 3
  • We Wished Upon a Star, and it Came True… Now We’re Expecting Baby Number 2

And if you want to check out, even more, you can go to this post with some of the best pregnancy announcement quotes!

There are so many ways you can announce your pregnancy!

Whatever one you choose to do, it’ll be an occasion you and your loved ones will never forget!

So have fun with it!


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the best pregnancy announcement ideas that you can do for family, friends, and even your husband

What’s your favorite way to announce a pregnancy? If you’ve had previous children, how did you reveal your new pregnancy to everyone? Tell me below in the comments! And if you like this post, give it a share! Thanks!

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