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+150 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

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Announcing your pregnancy to the world is almost as exciting as getting pregnant in the first place!

It’s a time to celebrate the happy news, and your friends and family will be ecstatic to celebrate with you.


But the hard part is figuring out what’s the best way to announce your pregnancy.

Here’s a massive list of cute pregnancy announcement quotes to make your job a little easier!

Pick something that fits you and your family’s personality to make the experience all the more fun and special.


You can use these quotes as captions for a social media post, in a card to give to your friends and family, or alongside a photo.

Get creative and show your personality (and your new bun in the oven)!

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Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Announcement Quotes for Your First Pregnancy

Announcing your first pregnancy is a big deal!

Most pregnancy quotes work whether you’re expecting your first baby or your third.

But there are a few pregnancy announcement quotes that would be adorable especially when letting your loved ones know you’re becoming a parent for the first time.


 “You + me = three”

“First came love, then came you.”

“Our family will be growing by 2 feet.” (With a pic of baby shoes nestled in between you and your partner’s shoes.)

“And then there were three.”

“An adventure is about to begin.”

“First came love then came you.”

“And a baby makes three.”

“Started dating (date).  Got married (date).  Became mom and dad (date).”

2nd Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Finding out that you’re having a second baby is so exciting!

Knowing that your kiddo is going to have a little playmate soon is just so heart-warming.

Have fun with these 2nd baby announcements!

“Being promoted to big sister/brother on (due date).” (You could have your child wear a “big sister/big brother” shirt or hold up a letter board with the baby’s due date.)

“The battle for mama’s attention begins (due date).”

“Only child expiring (due date).”

“We can’t wait to meet our new addition (due date).”

“Patiently waiting for the arrival of my little brother/sister in (due date).”

“Oldest (cross out the word only) child.”

“Sentence to brother/sisterhood on (due date).”

3rd Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

You can have a lot of fun announcing a pregnancy when you already have kids.

Show off your family’s personality and maybe an exaggerated reaction from your new arrival’s older siblings. 

Be creative!

You can take a photo of just your children for this one or a whole family photo exhibiting the craziness you’ve already got going on.


“We’re officially outnumbered.”

“What’s one more?”

“Here we grow again!”

“One is great, two is fun, so why not add another one?”

“We’re gonna need a bigger car.”

“Hip-hip-hooray!  Another baby is on the way!”

“One more to adore.  Baby number 3 coming (due month and year).”

“Our family wasn’t quite complete until we added 2 more little feet.”

mockup of pregnancy milestone cards

Baby Announcement Quotes for Big Families

If you have more than 3 then you may want to check out these!

These pregnancy announcements are perfect for bigger families!

And so adorable too!

“The fourth is with us. Empire expanding (due date).”

“This really is our last one…”

“We are adding ten more fingers and toes to our family!”

“Say hello to baby number (whatever number your baby is).”

Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Having a rainbow baby is so special.

And these pregnancy announcements will help express it.

“After every storm, there comes a rainbow.”

“When we lose one blessing, another is most often unexpectedly given in its place – CS Lewis”

“It’s true somewhere over the rainbow dreams really do come true.”

“Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

“Out of difficulties, we grow rainbows – Jean de la Bruyere.”

“You are the rainbow that adds color to my grey sky.”

“It’s when a rainbow smiles that sadness is banished from the land – Anthony T. Hincks”

“Love swoops down to Earth riding on the colors of a rainbow.”

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart – A.A Milne”

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Found out you’re having more than one?

Then check out these fun baby announcement quotes for your 2 bundles of joy!

“Double trouble coming in (due date).”

“Miracle come in pairs.”

“We had a wish- and two came true!”

“Twice the blessing, twice the fun—two miracles instead of one.”

“Pink or blue? Either will do. We just know there are two.”

“Sometimes you pray for a miracle, and God gives you two.”

“Two little blessings from above.”

“There’s two to kiss, two to hug, and best of all, there’s two to love!”

“So many good things come in pairs, like ears, socks, and panda bears. But, best of all are the set of twins, with extra laughter, and double the smiles.”

“Twins. Twice the love, half the sleep!”

“Twins. God’s way of saying “Buy one get one free.”

“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.”

Pregnancy Announcement Captions to Go Along with Your Hobbies

Are you well known for your hobbies or passions?

Maybe you and your partner love to travel or are an outdoorsy couple.

Or maybe you love to cook or are super into gaming.

Whatever it is, incorporate it in your pregnancy announcement! 


“Our adventure is about to begin.”

“Every superhero needs a sidekick!”

“I grow humans. What’s your superpower?”


“We’ve been cooking something up.”

“Baking a little cutie pie.”

“Bun in the oven. Baking until (month, year).” 

“Bun in the oven. Bake at 98.6 degrees until (due date).”


“Future (your favorite team) fan.”

“Player 1, Player 2, Waiting for Player 3…”


“I’m so crafty that I make people.”

Video Games

“Player number 3 has joined the game.”

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes for Those Who Had to Wait

You are so ready to celebrate your pregnancy, and the people you love want to celebrate your miracle with you.


If you feel comfortable, share a little bit of your journey along with your circle when you let them know you’re expecting.

Some mothers have posted pregnancy announcements along with all of the injection needles used in an IVF round.

So many people don’t understand what couples go through when dealing with infertility, and this is a beautiful way to shed light on the process.

Of course, only add this if you feel comfortable!


“Even miracles take a little time.”

“Making a miracle with lots of love and a little science.”

“Worth every shot.”

“Worth the wait and wait and wait.”

“We made a wish- and you came true.”

“For this baby, we have prayed.”

Baby Announcement Quotes for Pet Owners

Are you known for being a pet parent?

Take a pic with your fur child and use one of the following pregnancy announcement quotes to share your exciting news with your friends and family!


“Cat’s out of the bag. We’re expecting on (due date).”

“Our dogs wanted a little friend.”

“From fur mama to baby mama.”

“Our parents are getting us a human!”

“Who let the baby out?”

“Adding one more to the pack.”

“Guard dog duty starts (due date).”

“We have some paw-fect news!  Baby (last name) is coming (due date)!”

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Pregnancy isn’t always super fun, but your announcement can be!

These are some creative and “punny” announcements to show your personality.


“One of us is eating for two, while the other is drinking for two.”

“Baby is loading up for (due date).”

“I like big bumps, and I cannot lie.” 

“Expecting brand new genes (due date).”

“You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now…”

“Best oops ever.” 

“I tested positive, but not for COVID…”

“I declare PREGNANCY!” (Only die-hard fans of “The Office” will get this one…)

“Tacos for two, please.”

“Napping for two.”

“It’s not a food baby.”

“New tax deduction coming (due date).“

“Looks like Netflix and Chill went a little bit too far.”

“Do not open until (due date).” (While holding a bottle of wine.)

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

There’s nothing more sweet and tender than a new baby, right?

These announcements go right along with that!


“Something’s brewing for (due date).” (With a photo of a coffee cup or you and your partner holding a coffee cup.)

“Ten little fingers, ten little toes. With love and grace, our family grows. This precious soul, so sweet and new. This little life, a dream come true.”

“We’re on the ride of our lives.”

“If I am thinking correctly,” said Pooh, “a new baby is probably, undoubtedly the grandest gift that could ever be. — Winnie the Pooh”

“Coming in for a landing on (due date).”

“Love makes the belly go round.”

“There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes. We are expecting.”

“Baby under construction until (due date).”

“Have you heard the buzz?  Our little honey is coming (due date).”

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes for Social Media

If you use social media a lot then you want to try a quote that goes well with a social media post.

You can use these captions on Instagram, Facebook, and any other ones that you might commonly use.

“The best is yet to come (due date).”

“Welcoming our little one in (due date).”

“Surprise!  We’re Expecting!”

“Baby (last name) coming to you soon. (expected month and year below or next to it).”

“Tiny human arriving in (expected birth month).”

Holiday Themed Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

You can have a lot of fun with your pregnancy announcement if you find out near a holiday!

Pick one of these holiday-themed pregnancy announcements wordings to go along with a fun, festive photo.


Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Captions

“Expecting a little pumpkin.”

“We’re adding a new little pumpkin to our patch on (due date).”

“Mummy to be.”

“Winnie, I smell a child. Due (due date).”

“Adding a new boo to the crew!”

“Kick or treat. Baby coming (due date)!”

“Pumpkin pie for two, please.”

“We have some spooktacular news!  We’re expecting baby #2.”

“Our little pumpkin.  Coming (due date).”

“No tricks just a treat.  Our family is growing by two little feet.”

“No tricks just a treat.  Baby number 2 is coming soon.”

“Don’t Eat the pumpkin seeds.” (Have you and your partner in the picture too.)

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Captions

“Baking more than cookies this year.”

“The more, the merrier! Baby arriving (due date).”

 “Santa’s bringing us the best gift ever! Unwrapping on (due date).”

“There will be no more silent nights.”

“We’ve been naughty! Baby arriving (due date).”

“Our Christmas wish list: Chocolate, new slippers, and a baby!”

“Tis the season to be jolly.  Baby number 2 is coming soon.”

“We elfed around and now baby (last name) is coming on (due date).”

“Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way.  Oh, what fun it is to say a baby is on the way.”

“Hold on to your stockings!  Baby (last name) is on the way.”

“The best gifts aren’t under the Christmas tree.  Say hello to baby number 3.”

“Santa’s not the only one coming to town.  Baby (last name) is due (due date).”

“Eating cookings for 2 this year.”

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Captions

“Roses are red violets are blue, we’re expecting baby #2.”

“Adding a little more love to our family.” (Along with the due date and ultrasound picture or baby shoes.)

“(Expected birth year) is getting a little sweeter.”

“Love is in the air & we have some BIG news to share.  Baby (either last name or number) is coming (due date).”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, on (due date) our little miracle is due.”

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Captions

“The Easter bunny came early this year.  Here comes baby #3.”

“We are so egg-cited to say that there’s a new baby on the way.”

“We’re happy to say that some bunny is on the way.” (Along with baby shoes or an ultrasound picture.)

“Some bunny is going to be a big sister/brother.”

“We’re adding some bunny new to our family.”

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Captions

“There’s a little turkey in this oven”

“We’re extra thankful this year.  Our little turkey is coming (due date).”

“There’s so much to be thankful for.  Baby #2 is coming (expected month and year)”.

“Extra hungry this year.” (Along with the ultrasound pictures.)

“Adding another turkey to our table this year.”

“This Thanksgiving we feel so blessed.  Baby (last name) is due (due date).”

“We got more than one turkey cooking in the oven this year.”  (Picture of you and your partner with ultrasound pictures or a baby item.)

St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Captions

“Extra lucky this year.”

“What’s better than gold?  A new baby to hold.” (Along with last name and due date.)

“Growing my own lucky clover.”

“Look what we found at the end of the rainbow.” (Along with baby items and an ultrasound picture.)

“We got lucky.”  (Along with you and your partner holding the ultrasound pictures.)

“We’re expecting a wee little one.”

“There’s a lucky charm we can’t wait to meet.  Baby (last namer or number) is coming (due date).

How do I choose a quote for my announcement?

With so many different quotes for announcing your pregnancy, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Cause you want to make sure you choose a great one!

And probably one that makes for a sweet picture, right?

So first before choosing a pregnancy announcement wording, I would think about what type of picture you want to take.

Do you want to make a cute holiday-themed picture?  One with the kids?  Or one with just a sign and baby items?

Thinking about this can help with eliminating some of your options out and help you find ones that fit more with the type of picture you want to take with it.

Typically though, almost any baby announcement quote can go with any pregnancy or style of picture.

How can I share my pregnancy news?

There are so many fun ways you can announce your new bundle of joy!

A couple of ideas you could try are:

  • Using a felt letter board with an announcement quote on it
  • Taking a fun picture with baby items incorporated in it
  • Using a clever caption on Instagram or Facebook
  • Having your other kiddos be involved in it

If you want even more ideas you can check out this post about cute ways to announce your pregnancy!

Just remember that there’s no right or wrong way to announce your pregnancy.

Have fun with it and make it fit your personality!

Do it how you want to do it!

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cute pregnancy announcement quotes and captions

What quote did you use when announcing your pregnancy?  How did you do it?  Tell me below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

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