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24 Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Just WEIRD

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Pregnancy is beautiful.  You’re growing a sweet little human and becoming a Mom!

But pregnancy can also be just plain WEIRD!

When you’re in the first trimester you may notice some strange things happening with your body.

But before you start going Google crazy let’s cover some “normal” early pregnancy symptoms that are just plain WEIRD!


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Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Just WEIRD

1. Vaginal Discharge

We all get vaginal discharge even when we aren’t carrying around a baby in our bellies.  So this one may not seem so weird when you hear it at first.

But when you become pregnant, your vaginal discharge will actually increase and will become a thin milky white substance with a mild smell to it.

No worries though!  It’s harmless and is totally normal!

It’s actually called leukorrhea.

You may get more than you expect though.  A lot of women will actually wear panty liners to keep dry and to help it from getting it all over the place.

This article talks more about vaginal discharge in early pregnancy and how to tell if you’re having normal discharge.


2. Increase in Basal Body Temperature

Basal body temperature is one thing that some women use to see when they’re ovulating.  So if you’re one of those people keeping track and charting it down this may be more familiar to you!

This increase in basal body temperature normally will gradually decrease back down, but if you become pregnant it’ll stay high!

3. Frequent Urination

Due to hormonal changes and the increase in blood flow, this can cause your kidneys to process more fluid than normal.

This can cause you to use the bathroom more often.

Your growing uterus can also play a part in this as well.

4. Headaches

Headaches are another common early pregnancy symptom.

But why headaches?

Well with all these things changing and happening in your body (hormones and blood flow increase) it can cause headaches.

I never ever get headaches (unless I’m smelling a super strong fragrance).  And before I even knew I was pregnant I got the worst headache of my life!

Somethings that can help with them are laying down in a dark and quiet room, applying a warm compress to your eyes/nose area or a cold compress on the back of your neck.

But if cold compresses work better than warm ones do that instead!  I always did cold ones cause it helped me more.

5. Dizziness

Dizziness is most common in the first trimester but can happen during your whole pregnancy.

Your blood vessels relax and widen to help bring blood to your growing baby, but this can also slow the return of blood to your veins and reduce blood flow to your brain.

Making your feel dizzy at times.

You can help with this by standing up slower, avoid standing for long periods of time, don’t take hot baths/showers, snacking throughout the day, and wearing loose clothing to help keep good circulation.

6. Gas

Gas is actually one of the earliest signs of pregnancy!  And one of the most embarrassing ones…

One of the reasons for this pregnancy symptom is the increase in the hormone progesterone.  This relaxes all smooth muscles making your gastrointestinal tract work a bit slower.

Thus resulting in… GAS!

Unfortunately, not all bloating will result in a funny sound and can get pretty uncomfortable at times.

A couple of things that can help with gas relief is drinking plenty of fluids, eating smaller meals, and wearing loose clothing when you’re feeling more bloated.

7. Food Aversions

We know that during pregnancy you’re supposed to have all these food cravings and you just want to eat everything.

Well, that’s not always the case.

Food aversions can also happen during pregnancy.  And can even last throughout the entire pregnancy!

I’ve gotten this with every pregnancy and it’s always meat, eggs, and greasy foods that I just can’t stand.

This can happen with any food.  Even ones that you love (or shall we say loved).

Don’t worry though.

These food aversions typically go away after the baby is born.

8. Morning Sickness

This symptom can start even before you’ve missed your period.

Now morning sickness just straight-up sucks and it’s weird and I wish we wouldn’t get it.

But we do.

Morning sickness can be just nausea, throwing up, or both.  And can happen at any part of the day (or even all day).

This early sign of pregnancy is different then having food aversions, as with food aversions you just feel that way about certain foods.

But with morning sickness, you feel just sick.  For no reason (well besides hormones of course).

9. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can happen in early pregnancy as well as late pregnancy too.

Not only do your hormones play a part in this but you need A LOT more water when you’re pregnant.

Other potential reasons for getting dry mouth when you’re pregnant are dehydration, sleep problems, thrush, and gestational diabetes (something you can only get when you’re pregnant).

10. Extra Saliva

Extra saliva is another odd pregnancy symptom that can start during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

The lovely abundance of saliva is called ptyalism gravidarum.

Though no one seems sure of the reason why this excessive saliva happens during pregnancy, it’s possible it’s because of hormones, nausea, and/or heartburn.

This symptom is harmless but can be annoying.

You can help with it by chewing on gum, ice, or keeping napkins around in case you need to blot your mouth.

11. Metallic Taste

That metallic taste in your mouth is called dysgeusia and is caused by your new change in hormone levels.

This is a pretty weird pregnancy symptom that occurs in the first trimester and normally goes away by the second trimester.

This taste is often described as bitter or having loose change in your mouth.

12. Constipation

Constipation can happen in the first trimester as well as in the second and third trimesters.

This caused by a hormone that actually relaxes your body’s muscles, including the intestines.

This ends up making digestion slower and can lead to constipation.

Eating fibrous foods and drinking plenty of water can help relieve constipation.

Here are some more tips to help with constipation during pregnancy.

13. Diarrhea

Constipation and now diarrhea??

Pregnancy comes with a lot of strange symptoms and this is definitely one of them.

Diarrhea can happen from the changes in hormones, a new diet, and some brands of prenatal vitamins.

It’s a good idea to drink plenty of fluids so you don’t get dehydrated since having loose stools can remove water from the body.

And if you have severe diarrhea be sure to call your doctor.


14. Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is completely normal but can definitely put a scare on any new mom if they already know they’re expecting (as bleeding anytime during pregnancy can send a red flag).

But implantation bleeding is harmless and lots of women have experienced this symptom during the first month of pregnancy.

This bleeding is more like spotting and only lasts for a couple of days.  It is not heavy whatsoever and won’t be like a period.

Though some women may mistake it for a very light period.

Implantation bleeding normally happens between 10-14 days after conception.

The cause of this is said to be from the fertilized egg attaching itself to the lining of the uterine wall.

15. Cramps

Getting cramps during pregnancy is pretty normal and is normally not a cause for concern.

These cramps can be caused by the egg implanting in your uterus, gas, dehydration, and your uterus growing.

But if you’re having severe pain that’s not going away (or have any concerns at all about your cramping) call your doctor right away.


16. Immunity Change

Is it said that when you become pregnant you’re more subtitle to getting illnesses.

This research in Science Immunology explains that an aggressive immune system is essential to the implantation process and that your immune system will actually be heightened for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

That’s the whole first trimester!

Then over the following 15 weeks, your immune system will be repressed in order to let the fetus grow and develop.

This is a pretty unheard of pregnancy symptom.

So be sure to take precautionary measures like washing your hands, staying clear from sick people as much as possible, and eating a healthy diet.

If you do become sick though be sure to call and let your doctor know.

17. Emotional

Ahh, the emotions.

Pregnancy can take your emotions to all sorts of places!

Awesome… right?

You can thank the increase in hormones for that!

I remember getting very emotional and in “the feels” a lot even at the beginning of my pregnancy.

Before I even found out I was pregnant I was crying at cooking shows!

18. Breast Changes

Your breasts will go through all sorts of things when you’re pregnant.

Not only will they become extremely sensitive but your boobs may feel larger and heavier.

Your breast could look veinier these days as well.


19. Nipple Changes

Yes, your nipples will most definitely change too.

Though it is one of the more unusual early signs of pregnancy.

Especially if this is your FIRST pregnancy!

When you’re pregnant your nipples and areolas will get darker and little bumps will start to pop up around that area.

These harmless bumps are called Montgomery’s Tubercles and they help keep germs away from the breast as well as aiding with lubricating for breastfeeding.

20. UTI

Urinary tract infections happen cause of the change in the urinary tract and the fact your uterus is sitting right on up of your bladder.

This extra weight on your bladder can make it harder to drain all the urine which can cause a UTI.

Your chances of getting a UTI increase as early as 6 weeks!

Some common symptoms of a urinary tract infection during pregnancy are:

  • Pain/burning when peeing
  • The need to pee more often
  • Cramps/pain in the lower abdomen
  • Painful intercourse
  • Change in the amount of urine
  • Cloudly or bad-smelling pee
  • Blood/mucus in urine
  • Or if you start experiencing chills, fever, or sweats

If you think you may have a UTI call your doctor as soon as possible.  If left untreated it could result in a kidney infection which can cause early labor and low birth weight in babies.

A couple of things that you can do to help reduce your risk of getting a urinary tract infection when you’re pregnant are doing things like drinking plenty of water, going to the bathroom when you feel the need to go, peeing after intercourse, keeping the area dry and clean, and changing your underwear every day.

21. Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are, unfortunately, a very common symptom of pregnancy.

This is caused by an increase in the hormone estrogen.

So thanks again hormones!

Luckily though yeast infections won’t harm your baby and can be treated pretty easily.

You can help prevent them by keeping the area dry, wearing loose clothing, and avoid using any sort of thing that is scented down there.

22. Vivid Dreams

Women have reported having a change with their dreams during pregnancy.

Your dreams could become more frequent and more vivid making it easier to remember your dreams.

Though some women may experience more intense dreams and nightmares.

My dreams were always just more vivid and easier to remember once I became pregnant.

It is said this change in dreams may be due to fluctuating hormones as well as changes in sleep patterns.

This article talks more about dreams during pregnancy.


23. Nosebleeds and Stuffy Noses

Nosebleeds?  Why would my nose bleed during pregnancy??

Well, when you’re pregnant your circulatory system expands, which means your body will start making more blood.

This increase in blood flow puts more pressure on your blood vessels making it more likely for you to get nosebleeds.

This also can make your mucous membranes (a thin tissue that lines the nasal cavity) swell and soften, leading to a stuffy nose.

So if you need to, be sure to blow your nose gently and possibly use a humidifier to add extra moisture in the air during the dry winter months.

24. Enhanced Sense of Smell

This is a weird early pregnancy symptom that everyone knows about!  And it is normally one of the first signs that you’re expecting!

I didn’t actually believe it until I got pregnant and it happened to me!

And that super sniffer is no joke!

It was like one day I could just smell everything.

I would be sitting in the living room and say, “That smells good, are you eating an orange?”.

And whatever it was they would just be like, “Uhh yeah… how did you know that?”.

But unfortunately, not all smells are good and can be VERY strong!  Which can make morning sickness even worse at times.

This heightened sense of smell is, of course, caused by hormones.


How Early Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Some women can notice pregnancy symptoms as early as 7 days!

Some may not notice until they missed their period.

And others may not experience any until a couple of months into the pregnancy.

Sometimes early pregnancy symptoms can come off as very mild and aren’t very noticeable to some women.

The bottom line is that there is no definite answer as every pregnancy and every woman is different.

So no worries if you haven’t had any of these weird pregnancy symptoms yet!

(Please keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor, nurse, midwife, or work any other profession in the medical field.  I am just a Mom who is going off of her own experiences and research.  You can read my disclaimer policy here.)

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