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167 Boho, Earthy, & Hippie Boy Names

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Love crunchy, bohemian, and nature names?

Then you will LOVE these baby names!

Here you’ll find a list of the cute and unique boho, earthy, and hippie boy names!

Look below to check them out.

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Boho, Earthy, & Hippie Boy Names


Get ready to go nuts for this crunchy name!  Almond is a simple and sweet name that would be perfect for any little boy!


Ainsley means one’s own meadow and is of Scottish origin.


The nature-inspired name, Acorn, is great for Moms who love the good ol’ outdoors!  Acorns come from the Oaktree.  They can symbolize luck, stability, prosperity, youthfulness, perseverance, power, as well as spiritual growth.


This name comes from the Alder tree.  These trees have been used to represent strength, determination, confidence, and protection.


The Ash tree often symbolizes power, strength, spirituality, and mystic power.  Ash is a more modern earthy tree name for a boy.


These beautiful tall trees have many meanings such as focus, protection, purity, awareness, victory, strength, determination, connectivity, overcoming fear, and resurrection.


Agate is a calming stone that can help bring harmony, positive energy, relieve anxiety, and improve mental function.


Asher is of English origins and means happy or blessed.


This unique name means loved and is of Latin origins.


This summer month makes for a super sweet boy’s name!  August comes from Latin origins and its meaning is great.


This boy’s name means healer and is of Hebrew origins.


An arrow often is a symbol of strength and protection.  I feel like Arrow is more of a tough hippie name for a boy.


Looking for something that’s a little bit more astrological?  Well, the name Astro is a super cute choice!  Astro means star and is of Greek origin.


This bohemian boy’s name means hill and is of English origins.


Ansel means with divine protection and is of German origins.


This boy’s name means wind and is of Indonesian origins.


Bodhi means enlightenment or awakening and is of Sanskrit origins.  Bodhi is also a fig tree which is known as the tree of enlightenment as that is where that founder of Buddhism received enlightenment.


Bay is a cute water name. This short name can also refer to bay leaves which is an herb used for cooking.  The name Bay has Latin origins and means berry.


According to Wikipedia, “Beryl is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate with the chemical formula Be3Al2Si6O18.”  Some stones that are Beryl are aquamarine, emerald, morganite, goshenite, and red beryl.  Beryl is said to help with happiness, youthfulness, and laziness.


A bud is part of the early stage of the flower.  This happens before the flower blooms.


Berry is a super sweet name for any baby!


Blaze is a cool-sounding fire-themed name.  If you’re looking for an elemental name, this one is a good choice!


Basil is an herb used for cooking.  This makes for a great crunchy name!


A birch tree often represents growth, rebirth, and new beginnings.  


Love animals?  Then this cute but fierce animal name is perfect!  


Bryn is of Welsh origins and means hill.


Bo is a great boho baby boy name.  Now you may be wondering, what’s earthy about Bo?  Well, the Bodhi tree is sometimes referred to as the Bo tree.  These big beautiful trees are a type of fig tree.


Bjorn is a sweet variation of the name Bear.  This name is of Swedish origins and means bear.


Brent is of Celtic origins and means hill.


This cute color-themed name is a great choice!  This calming color often represents peace, tranquility, relaxation, and water.


The name Cedar comes from the cedar tree.  This cute tree name has a very cool and calm vibe to it.  Cedar trees are often seen as a symbol of strength.


This Celtic boy name means strong wolf.  A cute alternate name in place of the name Wolf!


This boy’s name is of English origins and means a steep rock face or cliff-side slope.  Gazing over a cliff or just seeing one from afar is always a beautiful sight in nature.


This cute baby boy’s name, Clay, refers to the soft earthy material, clay.


A Cypress is a very tall green tree.  The cypress tree is seen as a symbol is eternal life, elevation, death, hope, and mourning.


Clouds are beautiful, white, and fluffy.  I mean, who knew water molecules floating in the sky could be so pretty (and sometimes even entertaining) to look at?


Even though this is a flower, Cosmos makes for a great earthy hippie name for a boy!  Cosmos is a bright, vibrant flower.  They are associated with joy, happiness, peace, balance, and harmony.


This name means destroyer of peace and is of Slavic origin.


Dash is of English origins and means from the Ash tree.  Dash can also refer to when someone runs quickly.


Dirt is a very earthy name.  I’m sure you won’t find very many people with this name!


This bohemian boy’s name is of English origins and means the hidden spot.


This cool name means dragon and is of English origins.  Dragons can symbolize wisdom, strength, transformation, and change.


Demeter is of Greek origins and means earth mother.  Demeter is also a Greek Goddess who was known for being the Goddess of harvest.


Dusk happens during sundown and is the darker stage of twilight.  


This cute boy’s name means light dirt and is of English origins.  


Dakota is of Native American origins and means friendly one.  This name has a very cute and sweet sound to it!


Ember is a great fire-inspired name!  This name is right in the middle of not being too out there but still has that unique nature aspect to it.


This name is of Italian origins and means winner.


Eagles are very majestic birds.  They often mean strength, wisdom, pride, and courage.


This eclectic boy’s name means helpful and is of Jewish origins.


Elm trees represent new beginnings and are sometimes also associated with the cycle of life.


This name is of Old English origins and means home strength.


These long-leafed green plants have multiple meanings.  Ferns symbolize sincerity, new beginnings, family, and hope for future generations.


Fox is a great animal name!  These beautiful creatures can symbolize stealth, opportunity, playfulness, inner strength, cleverness, wisdom, beauty, good luck, curiosity, charm, invisibility, and balance.


Forest makes for a great wilderness name for a boy.  This is a very unique and crunchy name.


Fiore means flower and is of Italian origins.  Flowers come in MANY kinds and lots of different colors.  Some of the most common things that flowers represent are love, purity, happiness, and good luck.


Though it may not seem like it, this name has an earthy meaning to it!  This boy’s name means rock and is of Irish origins.


These beautiful birds often represent victory, success, rulership, wisdom, protection, and overcoming challenging situations.  Falcon is a very strong and masculine boy name.


These sweet little birdies often are seen as a symbol of joy, appreciation, liveliness, high energy, positivity, and enthusiasm.  Finch makes for a super cute baby name!


Flint is a type of stone that is typically used when trying to start a fire.  Some believe this stone has healing properties such as balancing chakras and keeping you grounded.


A field is an open area of land.  Field is a simple but great nature-themed name.  


Grover is of Old English origins and means grove of trees.


This color name fits perfectly for those who adore life outside!  Green often symbolizes health, good luck, tranquility, and of course, nature!  This makes sense given so many things in nature are GREEN.


The name Geo comes from the word geode.  These rocks are so beautiful and also super cool to look at!  A geode is a rock that has a cavity lined with crystals or other minerals.  The word geode comes from a Greek word that means Earth-like. 


This name is of Latin origins and means keeper of the garden.  A perfect name for those looking for an earthy name!


Garnet is a type of stone that can come in red, green, purple, black, brown, and yellow.  This stone is often seen as a symbol of friendship, love, commitment, and truth.


This boy boho name means ford with yellow flowers and is of English origins.


Gulliver is of Irish origins and means glutton.  Glutton is another name used for wolverines.  This animal represents aggression, courage, bravery, and fearlessness.


Though gold is a color, gold is also a metal that can be found in the ground.  Some meanings behind this metal are love, wisdom, compassion, courage, and passion.


Gal is of Hebrew origins and means wave.  Like the waves that come from the beautiful flowing water of the sea.  This is a very cute water-themed name.


Hawk is a cool and manly bird name for a boy.  A hawk can symbolize courage, power, strength, determination, and focus.


This spiritual name means safe place and is of English origins.  


This water-inspired name means a waterfall to the sea.


Though indigo is a color, this makes for a great hippie boy’s name!  The color indigo often symbolizes spirituality, wisdom, devotion, creativity, fairness, justice, and deep sincerity.


Iolite is a blue crystal that’s said to be calming and promote peace and tranquility.  A cool but very uncommon name.


Idris is of Arabic origins and means studious or lord.


Jasper is another stone name.  This crystal is said to give tranquility, wholeness, protection, and can rid you of negative energy. 


This boho-styled boy’s name means lifted by Yahweh.  Joaquin is actually the Spanish form of the Hebrew name, Joachim.


This name is perfect for your free-spirited hippie!


Jonquil is a type of flower.  These sweet flowers bloom into a beautiful yellow or white.  This flower represents happiness and friendship.


This name Jay is referring to the sweet bird, Blue Jay.  These birds as always a beautiful sight to see.  They often symbolize long-lasting relationships, loyalty, patience, truthfulness, faithfulness, and clarity.


Jet is a black stone.  This rock is created by woody material that is buried, compacted, that then goes through organic degradation.  This stone is said to give calming energy as well as dispel negative thoughts of ourselves.


This unique name is actually the name of an animal.  The Kodiak bear is also known as, the Alaskan brown bear.  This bear lives on the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago in southwest Alaska.


This cute name means happiness and is of Japanese origins.


Koda is short for Dakota.  This name is of Japanese origins and means friend.


This short but cute name is of English origins and means pure.


This crunchy name is referring to the leafy green vegetable known as kale.  Whether or not you like this food, you got to admit it does make for a super cute boy’s name!


Kai is a great earthy name.  Kai is of Hawaiian origins and means sea or ocean.  A very short and sweet water-inspired name!


Another great nature-themed name is Keanu.  Keanu is an air name that translates to cool breeze.  It is of Hawaiian origin.


Leaf is a cool and unique hippie name from the 60s.  A leaf can symbolize, growth, hope, renewal, fertility, and revival.


Land is a unique name that is full of those nature-earthy vibes that you’re looking for!


This name is of Greek origins and means flax.


This uncommon bohemian name means little fierce one and is of Irish origins.


Love is a sweet name for any boy.  Definitely has that hippie factor to it!


Luca comes from the name Lucas which means light.


Lupin comes from the Latin word Lupinus, which means pertaining to the wolf.  A very cute animal-themed name.


Linden is the name of a tree.  The wood and leaves can actually be used for medicine.  Some common symbolism behind this tree is protecting against bad luck and repealing energy or spirits that would cause harm.


Lucien is of French origin and means light.  I love how elegant and flowy this name sounds!


Looking for a water name for your little boy?  Lake is a simple, calm, but yet cool name that is associated with water.


A lotus is a lovely flower with meanings in lots of different cultures and religions.  These beautiful water lilies represent purity, enlightenment, rebirth, beauty, and prosperity. 


Leo is of Latin origins and means lion.  Lions can symbolize strength, courage, majesty, and justice.


Midnight, such a mysterious and cool name!


This bohemian name is German origins and means solider.


Mica is of Latin origins and means loved friend.  Mica is also a mineral.


Moe is a cute boho name that means delivered and is of English origins.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this famous river before.  The Nile is actually known as the great river.  This is certainly an earthy name that’s perfect for Moms looking for water names.


North gives off a very natural and free-spirited feel to it.  A very cute and unique boy’s name!


Nico is of Greek origins and means people of victory.


This name is of Latin origins and means new or gift.


Ocean is a great water-themed name!  Oceans often mean power, strength, stability, life, truth, hope, and mystery.


Oak is a great tree lovin’ name!  Oak trees are often a symbol of strength, resistance, honor, wisdom, nobility, and knowledge.


Orion is a constellation that is supposed to be a man in the night sky.  It is named after Orion, a hunter, in Greek mythology.


Onyx is the name of a stone.  Some believed that this stone has properties that may help with negative energy, preventing your personal energy to be drained, stamina, self-control, and grief.


Odin is of Norse origin and refers to the Norse God Odin.  He was known as the God of war, poetry, runes, magic, and the dead.


This unique name means salvation and is of Greek origin.


Oliver is of English origins and means olive tree.  The olive tree has many meanings including friendship, victory, healing, luck, light, wisdom, and is also known as a symbol of peace.


Orson is of Latin origins and means bear.  Bears are often seen as a symbol of family, strength, and courage.


This name is of German origins and means wealthy.


This name is of French origins and means pierce valley.


These tall and beautiful evergreen trees are sometimes a symbol of fertility, life, wisdom, longevity, and resilience. 


This boy’s name is of English origins and means a spear.


A phoenix is a mythical bird that is known for being reborn from its ashes.  They are often a symbol of rebirth, renewal, death, transformation, and fire.  Phoenix makes for a very cool name!


Quartz is a stone that can be used for many different things.  This crystal is said to be good for meditation, protection, spiritual growth, wisdom, and harmony.


This boho boy’s name is of Irish origins and means counsel.


This sweet-sounding name means oarsman and is of French origins.


Rowan is of Scottish Irish origins and means little redhead or rowan tree.  The rowan tree often represents protection, courage, and wisdom.  Rowan is a great boho earthy boy name!


Ridge refers to a mountain range or long narrow hilltop.  Definitely, a name that has an “edge” to it!


The name River means stream of water.  Like lots of water names, River has a very calm and tranquil feel to it.


This boy’s name means trust, lightning, and thunder.  It is of Japanese origins.


These little sweet birds often mean hope, rebirth, and renewal.  Robin is a very sweet-sounding down-to-earth name.


This is another nature boy’s name that I love!  Rain often symbolizes rebirth and renewal.


The meaning of Rocky is rock and is of American origins.


This name is of Japanese origins and means water lily or lotus.  A super cute alternative to the hippie name Lotus.


This name is of English origins and means red-haired.


Rebel means rebel or deficient person and is of English origins.


Raiden is of Japanese origins and means thunder and lightning.


Sage can either mean wise or refer to the plant sage.  Sage leaves are often burned during ceremonies in certain cultures.  This herb can be used as a spice for cooking as well.


A sequoia, also known as a sierra redwood, is known for its size of being huge trees.  They can represent protectiveness and wellness.


Sky is a great hippie name that represents something so beautiful in nature.


Storms can come with thunder, lightning, winds, and snow.  This is a strong but yet fearsome name for a boy.  


Stones represent being grounded and connected to the earth.  This makes for a great earthy boy name.


Sonny is sunny; just spent with an “O” instead.  A super cute name that refers to the nice warm sun.


Sterling refers to sterling silver, a material commonly used to make jewelry.  As a name is it of English origins and means high quality.


A spruce is a type of evergreen tree.  They are often associated with peace, good luck, and protection.  To the Greeks, it symbolized eternal life and was called the tree of birth.  


Soren is of Scandinavian origins and means stern.


These sweet little birds symbolize power, courage, caution, and strength.  Sparrow is a cool-sounding bird-inspired name for a boy.


The color silver often symbolizes sleek, graceful, elegant, and high tech.  Silver though is also a type of mental.  This typically means wealth, purity, health, love, strength, emotions, and feminine energy.  


Snakes are seen as a symbol of rebirth, fertility, transformation, and healing.  


Thor is a Norse name that means thunder.  Its meaning probably comes from the Norse God Thor who was often seen creating thunder and lightning.


Trees are found everywhere in nature.  Their beauty is admired and beloved by many.  Trees are often seen as a symbol of growth, strength, union, fertility, and transformation.  Tree has a very crunchy feel to it.


Topaz is a type of stone that comes in a variety of colors.  This crystal is said to heal, recharge, and calm people.  It is often associated with love, good fortune, forgiveness, and passion.


Terran means earth man and is of English origins.


This bohemian boy’s name means from the city and is of Latin origins.


This short and sweet boho name means “of” and is of Dutch origins.


Vermont is of French origin and means green mountain.


Wren means small bird and is of English origins.  Wrens often symbolize enthusiasm, vibrancy, and efficiency.


This uncommon but yet very cute name means now who whistles and is of English origins.


Wind is a fun air-themed name.  It often represents the power of nature, the spirit, and is seen as the vital breath of the universe.


This name is of English origins and means wild or untamed.


Wood is often a symbol of strength, life, protection, and growth.  This is a great boy’s name for crunchy moms!


Wolf is a strong and masculine earthy name for a boy.  Wolfs often represent loyalty, spirit, and guardianship.  


West is of English origins and means west.  The name West has a very laid-back feel to it.


Zen means peaceful and calm.  This tranquil name is perfect for your little free spirit!


Ziggy is of German origins and means protector.   This hippie boy’s name is well known by the Jamaican musician Ziggy Marley.


This name is of Greek origins and means west wind.

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Here's a list of super cute and unique hippie, boho, and earthy boy names

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