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182 Super Cute Four Letter Boy Names

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Looking for names for your little boy?

Here you’ll find a list of handsome four letter boy names along with their meaning and origins!

Check them out below!

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4 Letter Boy Names

Abel (Origin- Hebrew)

Abel is a biblical name that means breath.

Ajay (Origin- Indian)

This name means unconquered or invincible.

Alec (Origin- Scottish)

Alec is the Scottish form of Alex.  This name can also be spelled like Alek or Aleck.  The meaning of this name is defender of men.

Adam (Origin- Hebrew)

Adam also spelled Adaam, which means man or the ground/earth.

Axel (Origin- Scandinavian)

The alternative spellings for this name are Axl and Aksel.  This name means father of peace.

Amir (Origin- Arabic)

This name means prince or cultivated.

Alex (Origin- Greek)

Alex is short for Alexander.  This name means protector/defender of men.

Alan (Origin- Celtic)

This name has many different spellings such as Allan, Alen, Allen, and Alin.  In Celtic this name means harmony, in English it means little rock, and in Irish it means handsome or cheerful.

Aldo (Origin- Italian)

Aldo means old, noble, or wise.

Arlo (Origin- Spanish)

Other ways of spelling this name are Arlow, Arlowe, and Arrlo.  In Spanish it means barberry tree, in English it means hill, and in Latin it means strong or manly.

Ares (Origin- Greek)

Ares means ruin or bane.  In Greek mythology, Ares is known as the God of War and Massacre.  He is the son of Zeus and Hera.

Amos (Origin- Hebrew)

Amos means to burden or to carry.

Andy (Origin- English)

Andy comes from the name Andrew.  You can also spell this name like Andi or Andie.  The meaning of this name is manly or brave.

Adan (Origin- Spanish)

Adan is the Spanish form of Adam.  It means of the earth.

Aden (Origin- Irish)

Other spellings of Aden are Aiden, Ayden, Aidan, and Aydan.  This cute boy’s name means little fire.

Bill (Origin- English)

Bill is commonly used as a nickname for William.  This name means with gilded helmet.

Beau (Origin- French)

This unique name is of French origin and means handsome or beautiful.

Bode (Origin- German)

This name means messenger.

Bear (Origin- German)

This boy’s name means strong brave bear or can just mean bear-like.

Bart (Origin- Hebrew)

Bart is short for Barton or Bartholomew.  You may have heard this name from the cartoon character Bart Simpson from the television series, The Simpsons.  This name can mean bright or shining mind or son of the earth.

Bert (Origin- German)

Bert is a short variation for the names Bertram or Bertrand.  The meaning of this name is bright.

Brad (Origin- English)

This name can be used as a nickname for Bradford or Bradley.  This boy’s name means from the broad meadow.

Bret (Origin- English & French)

Bret or Brett means a Breton (a native of Brittany, France) or a Briton (a citizen or native of Great Britain).

Cole (Origin- English)

Cole means swarthy, coal-black, or charcoal.  Sometimes it can also mean victory of the people.

Cody (Origin- English)

This name has a variety of different spelling such as Codi, Codie, Kody, Kodi, and Kodie.  This name means helpful.

Carl (Origin- German)

Carl, which can also be spelled as Karl, means manly or free man.

Colt (Origin- English)

This is a shortened version of the name Colten.  The name Colt means young horse.

Cash (Origin- English)

In Latin, this baby name means vain which is slang for cash.

Cruz (Origin- Spanish)

The meaning of this name is cross.

Crew (Origin- English)

This name’s meaning is a group of people.

Case (Origin- English)

Case meaning is box.

Cory (Origin- Irish)

Cory is a variation of the name Cora.  This name can be spelled like Cori, Corrie, and Corey.  The meaning of this name is hollow.

Clay (Origin- English)

Clay is the short form of Clayton.  This name was used for people who worked with clay or lived on clay land.

Chad (Origin- English)

Chad is the shortened version of the names Charles, Chadrick, and Chadwick.  It means protector or defender.

Chaz (Origin- English)

Chaz is another way to spell Chas which is a shortened version of the name Charles.  The meaning of this name is free man.

Chip (Origin- English)

This name’s meaning is diminutive form of Charles.  It can also be a nickname for boys with the names Christopher, Richard, and Charles.

Chet (Origin- English)

Chet is a nickname for Chester.  This name means fortress.

Dane (Origin- Scandinavian)

This name means from Denmark.  In Hebrew, this name means God is my judge.

Dash (Origin- English)

Dash means from the ash.

Dean (Origin- English)

This name means from the valley.

Dale (Origin- English)

This 4 letter boy’s name means valley.

Drew (Origin- Greek)

This name comes from the name Andrew.  This name means manly or brave.

Dave (Origin- Hebrew)

Dave is short or David.  This name means beloved.

Davy (Origin- Hebrew)

This name can be used as a nickname for David and Dave.  This boy’s name means beloved.

Dion (Origin- Greek)

Another way to spell Dion is Deon.  This name is short for Dionysos who was the Olympian god of wine, vegetation, festivity, pleasure, madness, and wild frenzy.  This name means  God of wine and revelry

Dick (Origin- German)

This name comes from Richard.  It means strong or brave ruler.

Doug (Origin- Scottish)

This name is short for Douglas.  It’s meaning is dark stream.

Duke (Origin- English)

Duke means leader or son of Marmaduke.

Ezra (Origin- Hebrew)

This 4-letter biblical boy name means help or helper.  The name Ezra comes from the Biblical prophet Ezra who authored the Book of Ezra (the Hebrew Bible).

Evan (Origin- Welsh)

The name Evan means God is gracious.

Eric (Origin- Scandinavian)

This name means sole ruler or ever ruler.

Eddy (Origin- English)

Eddy can also be spelled as Eddie.  This short name is associated with the name Edward and Edmund.  It means wealthy guardian.

Earl (Origin- English)

This name means nobleman or warrior.

Elmo (Origin- Italian)

You may know Elmo as the little cute red monster who lives on Sesame Street.  But this name can also be used for your sweet little boy!  This name means protector.

Erin (Origin- Irish)

This name can also be spelled, Aaron.  This name means peace.  Erin is used as another name for Ireland.

Enzo (Origin- Italian)

Enzo is short for Lorenzo.  The meaning of this name is home ruler.

Eden (Origin- Hebrew)

Eden is a unisex name that can be used for both boys and girls.  This name means delight or pleasure.

Emir (Origin- Arabic)

The name Emir means ruler or prince.

Finn (Origin- Irish)

This four letter boy’s name means white or fair.

Ford (Origin- English)

The meaning of this name is river crossing.

Fred (Origin- English)

Fred comes from the name Frederick which is the English form of a German name.  This name means peaceful ruler.

Gael (Origin- Irish)

Other spellings of this name are Gale, Gail, Geil, and Gayle.  This name means Irishman or joyful.

Grey (Origin- English)

This name means grey-haired.

Gage (Origin- French)

Gage means to pledge in French.  In English, it means to measure.

Gary (Origin- English)

This name means spear.

Gabe (Origin- Hebrew)

Gabe comes from the biblical name Gabriel.  The meaning of this name is God is my strength.

Glen (Origin- Scottish)

This name means valley.

Guss (Origin- English)

The name Guss comes from the names August and Augustus.  It means great or magnificent.

Hank (Origin- English)

Hank is commonly used as a nickname for Henry and Harry.  This name means ruler of the home.

Hale (Origin- English)

This name means someone who lives in a nook or hollow.

Hugo (Origin- German)

Hugo is of German origins and means mind, spirit.

Hugh (Origin- German)

This name means heart, mind, spirit.

Ivan (Origin- Russian)

Ivan is the Russian form of John.  This boy’s name means God is gracious.

Iker (Origin- Basque)

Iker means visitation.

John (Origin- Hebrew)

John is the short form of Jonathan.  The meaning of this name is God is gracious.

Joni (Origin- Hebrew)

Other ways to spell Joni are Johnny, Jonny, and Jonnie.  This is a nickname that’s typically used for boys named Johnathan.  The meaning of this name is God is gracious.

Jose (Origin- Spanish)

Jose is the Spanish form of Joseph.  This name means God will increase.

Jace (Origin- American)

Jace or Jayce is a nickname used for the name Jason.  This cool name means to heal.

Jeff (Origin- English)

Jeff is a shorter variation of the name Jeffery.  This name means pledge of peace.

Juan (Origin- Spanish)

Juan is the Spanish form of John.  It means God is gracious.

Jude (Origin- Hebrew)

Jude is the shortened version of the name Judah and Judas.  The meaning of this name is praised.

Jett (Origin- English)

Jett refers to an aircraft or a stone.

Joel (Origin- Hebrew)

This four-letter boy’s name that starts with ‘J’ means Jehovah is the Lord.

Jack (Origin- English)

Jack means God is gracious.

Jake (Origin- Hebrew)

Jake is short for Jacob.  This cute name means supplanter.

Jaxx (Origin- English)

Jaxx can be spelled with one or two x’s at the end.  This is a form of Jackson and means son of Jack.

Joey (Origin- Hebrew)

Joey is a nickname that’s commonly used for boys named Joseph.  It means God will increase.

Jair (Origin- Hebrew)

Jair means he shines or enlightened.

Josh (Origin- Hebrew)

Josh is short for Joshua.  It means God is my salvation.

Kyle (Origin- Gaelic)

Kyle means slender or narrow.

Kyro (Origin- Arabic)

Kyro is of Arabic origins and means victorious one.

King (Origin- English)

The meaning of this name is ruler.

Knox (Origin- English)

This name means from the small hill.

Kane (Origin- Irish)

This four letter boy’s name means warrior.

Kade (Origin- American)

Kade can also be spelled like Cade.  This name is normally used as a nickname for the name Kayden.  It means stout or sturdy.

Kian (Origin- Irish)

This name means old or ancient.

Kobe (Origin- Swahili)

Kobe means tortoise or turtle in Swahili.

Koda (Origin- Native American)

Koda is a version of the name Dakota.  This sweet name means friend.

Kylo (Origin- American)

This short boy’s name means sky.

Kale (Origin- Hawaiian)

Kale is the Hawaiian version of the name Charles.  It can also be spelled like Cale.  This name means man.

Kurt (Origin- German)

Kurt is the short form of the Germanic Konard or Conard.  The meaning of this name is polite or courteous.

Kirk (Origin- Scandinavian)

The meaning of Kirk is church.

Liam (Origin- Irish)

Liam is a version of the name William.  This name means helmet or protector.

Lian (Origin- Chinese)

Lian means lotus flower.  A lotus is seen as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

Levi (Origin- Hebrew)

Levi or Levy means joined or joining.

Luke (Origin- Greek)

Luke means from Lucania.  In some places it can mean light as well.

Luca (Origin- Italian)

The name Luca means from Lucania.

Luis (Origin- Spanish)

This short name means famous warrior.

Leon (Origin- French)

This fierce boy’s name means lion.

Leni (Origin- English)

Leni also spelled as Lenny, is a common nickname used with the name Leonard.  This name means brave lion.

Lane (Origin- English)

The meaning of this name is roadway or pathway.

Lyle (Origin- English)

Lyle means from the island.

Milo (Origin- German)

This name means soldier.

Mark (Origin- Latin)

This name comes from the name Marcus.  It means warlike.

Musa (Origin- Arabic)

Musa means saved by the water.

Matt (Origin- Hebrew)

Matt comes from the name Matthew.  Its meaning is gift of God.

Mike (Origin- Hebrew)

This name is a version of the name Micheal.  It means who is like God.

Mack (Origin- Gaelic)

Mack or Mac is a common nickname used for boys with the name of Maximillian.  The meaning of this name is son of or greatest.

Maxi (Origin- Latin)

How do you make the name Max cuter?  By turning it into Maxi!  You could also spell it like Maxie or Maxy.  This name means greatest.

Noah (Origin- Hebrew)

This sweet name means rest, repose.

Neil (Origin- Irish)

This name means champion or even sometimes cloud.

Nash (Origin- English)

The name Nash means by the Ash tree.

Nico (Origin- Greek)

This name is related to Nicolas.  It means victory of the people.

Nick (Origin- Greek)

Nick is short for Nicolas.  It means victory of the people.

Noel (Origin- French)

Noel comes from the old French noel which means Christmas or birthday of the Lord.

Nial (Origin- Irish)

Nial or Nile means champion.

Newt (Origin- English)

Newt comes from the boy’s name Newton.  It means small salamander.

Paul (Origin- Latin)

Paul means small or little.

Pete (Origin- Greek)

Pete comes from the name Peter and means rock or stone.

Park (Origin- Chinese)

Park means Cypress tree which is coniferous trees or shrubs.

Phil (Origin- Greek)

The 4-letter Greek name, Phil is a short form of Philip.  It means lover of horses.

Owen (Origin- Welsh)

This name means well-born or young warrior.

Onyx (Origin- Greek)

In Greek Onyx means claw or fingernail.  In English, it means black gemstone.

Omar (Origin- Arabic)

This name means eloquent or flourishing.

Odin (Origin- Scandinavian)

This name means frenzy, rage, inspiration.  In Norse mythology, Odin is also known as the Allfather and is God of war and death.

Otto (Origin- German)

The meaning of this name is wealthy.

Otis (Origin- English)

Otis means wealthy and is of English origins.

Obie (Origin- Hebrew)

Obie comes from the name Obadiah and means servant of God.

Olaf (Origin- Norse)

You may remember this name from the little cute snowman Olaf in the Disney movie Frozen.  In Norse Olf means ancestor’s descendant.

Olie (Origin- Latin)

Olie is commonly spelled as Ollie and comes from the name Oliver.  It means olive tree.

Ryan (Origin- Irish)

Ryan means little king.

Reid (Origin- English)

The name Reid means red-haired.

Remy (Origin- French)

Remy or Remi means oarsman.

Rene (Origin- French)

This sweet name means reborn.

Rory (Origin- Irish)

This is a cute name used for both boys and girls.  Its meaning is red king.

Raul (Origin- Spanish)

Raul is a form of Ralph.  This name means wolf counsel.

Rudy (Origin- German)

This name is a short version of the name Rudolph.  Rudy, also spelled as Rudi, means famous wolf.

Rome (Origin- Latin)

This name means citizen of Rome.

Rick (Origin- English)

Rick is a common nickname for Richard and Fredrick.  It means brave ruler.

Rich (Origin- English)

Rich is a short variation for Richard.  This name’s meaning is weathly.

Rico (Origin- Spanish)

Rico is a Spanish name meaning strong ruler.

Robb (Origin- English)

Robb, normally spelled Rob, comes from the name Robert.  It means bright fame.

Ross (Origin- Scottish)

Ross means headland.  In German, it also means steed or horse.

Rain (Origin- American)

This unique 4 letter boy name means blessing from up above or just rain.

Soni (Origin- English)

Soni can also be spelled like Sonny or Sonnie.  This is a term used that means son.  It could also be another spelling variation for the name Sunny and mean sun or cheerful.

Samm (Origin- Hebrew)

This name is normally spelled like Sam.  It comes from the name Samual and means God has heard.

Sami (Origin- Hebrew)

Sami also can be spelled as Sammie or Sammy is a cute nickname for boys with the name Samual or Sam.  It means God has heard.

Sean (Origin- Irish)

Sean is the Irish version of the name John.  It means God is gracious.

Seth (Origin- Hebrew)

This biblical name means appointed.

Saul (Origin- Hebrew)

Saul means asked for or prayed for.

Sage (Origin- English)

Other spellings of Sage are Saige and Sayge.  It can mean a wise person or the sage herb.

Theo (Origin- Greek)

Theo is a cute version of the name Theodore.  It means gift of God.

Tate (Origin- English)

This sweet 4 letter boy’s name means cheerful.

Troy (Origin- English)

This name means foot soldier.

Tony (Origin- Latin)

Tony is shot for Antony or Antonio.  Other spellings of this name include Toni, Tonie, and Toney.  It means priceless.

Trey (Origin- Italian)

Trey means three.

Toby (Origin- Hebrew)

The meaning of this name is God is good.

Thor (Origin- Norse)

Thor means thunder or God of thunder.  In Norse mythology, Thor was a hammer-wielding God who was the God of war and fertility.  He was associated with lightning, thunder, storms, and strength.

Tedd (Origin- English)

Tedd or Ted is short for Edward and Theodore.  It means gift of God or wealthy guard.

Vick (Origin- Latin)

Vick can also be spelled as Vic or Vik.  This name comes from the name Victor and means victory.

Vern (Origin- English)

Vern is short for Vernon and means alder tree.

Wade (Origin- English)

You can also spell this name like  Waide, Waid, and Wayde.  Wade is a name for someone who lived near a ford.

Will (Origin- English)

Will is short for William.  The meaning of this name is resolute protector.

Walt (Origin- German)

Walt is short for Walter.  This name means ruler of the army.

West (Origin- English)

West is another variation of the name Westly.  It means from the west.

Yael (Origin- Hebrew)

Yael means mountain goat.

Zayn (Origin- Arabic)

Zayn can also be spelled as Zane or Zain.  It means beauty or grace.

Zack (Origin- Hebrew)

Other spellings of Zack include Zac, Zak, and Zach.  It comes from the name Zachariah and is a common nickname for boys with the name of Zachery.  It means God has remembered.

Zion (Origin- Hebrew)

Zion means the highest point and is of Hebrew origins.

Zaid (Origin- Arabic)

Zaid also spelled Zayd means to prosper or to increase.

Zeke (Origin- Hebrew)

Zeke is a short form of the name Ezekiel.  It means God will strengthen.

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