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75 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Boy Names With Their Meanings

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Need some ideas for unique baby boy names?

Here you can find over 70 sci-fi and fantasy boy names!

All from some of your favorite books, movies, and even video games!

Their meanings are listed with them as well.

Look below to check them out!

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Sci-fi & Fantasy Boy Names and Meanings


Meaning: “To Destroy”

This unique boy’s name comes from Greek Mythology.  Perseus was said to be a hero and son of Zeus.  But you may also know this name from the movie, Clash of the Titans, where the main character, demigod Perseus sets off on an epic adventure.


Meaning: “Sky”

Sora is a playable character and hero in the video game series, Kingdom of Hearts.  In the first game, Sora is a teenager and lives on Destiny Island with his best friends, Riku and Kairi.  One day the Darkness, which is spreading from world to world, comes to his home.  Later he finds out that he is chosen to be a Keyblade Welder and sets off to defeat the Heartless with Donald and Goofy.  Sora is an adorable boy name from the Kingdom of Hearts!


Meaning: “Universal”

Emmett Cullen from The Twilight Saga is one of the main vampires in the series.  He is one of the adoptive sons of Carlise and Esme Cullen.  He is strong, brave, and very intimidating.


Meaning: “Full of Life”

If you loved playing the Final Fantasy videos you’ll love this idea for a baby’s name!  Vaan is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.  Vaan is a 17-year-old orphan from Rabanastre in the Kingdom of Dalmasca.  This street thief dreams of owning an airship and being a sky pirate.  Vaan is a different and uncommon boy’s name but still sounds normal.


Meaning: “Wild Animal”

The name Fox comes from the sci-fi TV show, The X-Files.  In the show, Fox Mulder is an FBI special agent and investigates and strange and unexplained.  Though Fox is an uncommon name it still holds a cool but yet sly feel to it.  Much like the animal does.


Meaning: “Man of Sebastia”

If you watched The NeverEnding Story as a kid, you’ll recognize this name.  The main character, a young boy named Bastian plays is this fascinating fantasy story from the 80s.


Meaning: “Born into Eternity”

In The Stormlight Archive, Kaladin is the main protagonist aka “good guy” from this epic novel series.  In the books, Kaladin is an excellent spearman and natural leader.  He eventually becomes the captain of Elhokar Kholin’s King’s Guard.  This name is so unique but yet doesn’t sound strange.  You could also use the name Kal for short.


Meaning: “To Rejoice”

Gaius is a character from the fantasy video game series, Fire Emblem Awakening.  He is a thief who loves candy and sweets!


Meaning: “Rising in the Sky; Dawning”

Orion is a fictional charter from DC comics.  This superhero is from an extraterrestrial race of supernatural immortals known as, the New Gods.  His powers are super strength and speed.


Meaning: “Thunder”

Thor is a Norse god of strength, war, storms, and of course, thunder.  But you may know this hammer throwing guy, from the Marvel movies and comic books.  In the movie Thor, Thor is sent to Midgard (Earth) by his father, Odin as punishment for his arrogance.  He loses his hammer and all his powers until he can prove he’s worthy again.  During his stay, he makes friends and saves Earth from impending doom.


Meaning: “From Qazvin; Iran”

You may know this name from C.S. Lewis’ character in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  Prince Caspian is the rightful heir and once he meets Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan they join forces to overthrow the evil king and restore peace to the land once again.  The character Caspian is described as noble, handsome, and brave and strives for fairness and justice.  Because of his love of the sea, he is also known as Caspian the Seafarer.


Meaning: “Treasurer”

90s babies will surely remember the movie, Casper!  Casper is a sweet and friendly ghost who is a great friend to all.  In the movie, a father and daughter move into a haunted house, where Casper and his wicked uncles reside.  Casper quickly has a fascination for the girl, Kat, and befriends her.  Later he finds out he may be able to become human again, but will it work?


Meaning: “Servant of Mars; God of War”

Marty is short for Martin.  But when I’m talking about this name I’m referring to the classic 80s sci-fi comedy movie series, Back to the Future!  In Back to the Future, Marty Mcfly and Doc time travel back to the 1950s where they have to figure out a way to get back to the 80s.  There Marty ends up meeting his parents and has to make sure they end up together or else he won’t have a future to get to!


Meaning: “Dog Star”

Sirius or better known as Sirius Black is from the Harry Potter movie and book series.  Sirius is Harry’s godfather and helps save the wizarding world from a mister you know who.


Meaning: “Stern”

Soren is a character from the video game series, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.  He is the staff officer and strategist of the Greil Mercenaries.  Soren normally comes off as rude and cold towards others


Meaning: “Messenger of God”

In the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s spin-off series, Angel, the character Angel is a vampire.  In the series he and Buffy, who by the way, is a vampire slayer, become a couple.  Angel is a very lighthearted and sweet boy’s name.


Meaning: “Wealthy”

This name comes from the sci-fi TV series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  In the show, Odo is head of security and is part of a species called the Changelings who have the ability to shapeshift.


Meaning: “Frenzy; Rage; Inspiration”

Odin is from Norse mythology and is the highest of all the Gods.  He represents art, war, death, and wisdom.  If you like Marvel movies you may remember Odin in the movie Thor.


Meaning: “Gift from God”

When I hear Han I instantly think of Han Solo from Star Wars.  And I’m sure many of you do as well!  Han Solo is the Captian of the Millennium Falcon.  He and his best friend Chewbacca help fight against the Empire.  Han Solo was easily a favorite character for a lot of fans.  Including myself!


Meaning: “Light Giving”

Luke is another form of the name Lucas.  But our Luke is a blonde-haired, lightsaber welding, Jedi.  Can you guess who?  Yes, I’m talking about Luke Skywalker, a popular character from one of the most well-known movie series, Star Wars!  He’s not only brave but is a great friend who fights for what is right.


Meaning: “God Has Heard”

Sam or should we say Samwise Gamgee, is a character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s book and the movie trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.  Sam is a hobbit with a heart of gold and is a great friend to have along for long long adventures!


Meaning: “One Who is From the Land of Eoghan; Rock”

Lord Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf from the television series, Game of Thornes.  Tyrion is the youngest of his siblings and belongs to House Lannister.  He is highly intelligent and very witty.  Tyrion is a variation of the name, Tyrone.


Meaning: “Peace of a Stranger”

King Joffrey Baratheon is a fictional character in the fantasy novels,  A Song of Ice and Fire by American author George R. R. Martin.  And later its television adaptation, Game of Thrones.  Joffery was the 18th king to rule the iron throne.  His poor actions during his time caused the War of the Five Kings.


Meaning: “Wealthy Guardian”

Ahh… Edward Cullen.  He’s a fictional character from Stephenie Meyer’s famous book series, Twilight.  This vampire is not only very protective but also very romantic.  He is the fastest of all the Cullens and is a skilled fighter.  Oh, and did I mention he can read minds?


Meaning: “Conquering”

Vincent Valentine had his first appearance in the 7th Final Fantasy video game.  He is a former Turk (Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department) with a mysterious past.  His weapon of choice is handguns.  And his nicknames are Vince and Vinnie.


Meaning: “Light & Dark or Two Become One”

In the video game series, Kingdom of Hearts, Roxas is first to introduce in the Kingdom of Hearts: Chain of Memories.  Roxas is the Nobody of Sora.  A “Nobody” is what remains of those who lost their hearts to the Darkness.  He is a playable character in the Kingdom of Hearts 2 and 3.


Meaning: “Treasurer”

Jasper Hale also comes from the Twilight series.  He’s a member of the Cullen Clan and is very….well serious.  In his early days, he was a Major for the Confederate Army.  He is the best fighter out of all the Cullens and helps train them in the third movie, Eclipse, so they can defeat an army of newborn vampires.


Meaning: “From the Walled City”

Carlisle Cullen is the leader of the Cullens in the fantasy series, Twilight.  In Forks, Carlisle is a doctor and loves helping people in need.  He is very compassionate making him choose a more “vegetarian diet” over humans.  Oh did I mention he’s a 400-year-old vampire?


Meaning: “Warrior”

Anakin Skywalker is a character created by George Lucas for the Star Wars films.  Anakin was said to be the “Chosen One” and would bring peace and balance to the force.  But in efforts to save the one he loved most in this world, he turned to the dark side.  Later he became the one and only, Darth Vader.


Meaning: “Sufficient Jewel”

The name Faramir comes from The Lord of the Rings.  His first appearance was in the second movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.  Faramir is the younger brother of Boromir and son of Denethor II, who is the Steward of Gondor.  He was the Captain of the Rangers of Ithilien and Captain of the White Tower.


Meaning: “Gentle; To Tame”

In the TV show series, The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore is a vampire who resides in Mystic Falls.  Damon is the main antagonist and thinks he will always be the bad guy no matter what.  Later he tries to take a new path and be the “good guy”.  And though he means well and tries to do the right thing, it doesn’t always come off that way.


Meaning: “Crown; Wealth”

Stefan Salvatore is the younger brother of Damon Salvatore, in the L. J. Smith’s novel series, The Vampire Diaries.  He is also featured in the spin-off, The Originals.  Stefan is a kind-hearted vampire who is always trying to do the right thing.  He just has a little problem with blood.


Meaning: “House Protector or Army Commander”

Harry Potter is a fantasy character created by J. K. Rowling.  His parents died when he was just a baby.  After that, he had to live with his not-so-nice aunt and uncle.  Then on his 11th birthday, he finds out something amazing.  He’s a wizard!  Harry turns out to be very famous, in the Wizarding World.  But later learns that one day he must stop, You-Know-Who.  Harry is a great friend with a brave heart.


Meaning: “Mind; Intelligent Person”

In this fun fantasy adventure, Hugo is an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station in the 1930s.  His job is to oil and maintain the clocks around the station.  With his new friend Isabelle, they try to solve an item his father left him before he passed away.  All while trying to find a place he can call home.


Meaning: “Stain or From the South Meadow”

In the sci-fi action movie, Avatar, Jake Sully is the main protagonist.  He is a paraplegic renegade Marine veteran who lost the ability to use his legs.  After his twin brother’s death, Jake is chosen to take over his place and be an avatar driver on Pandora.  He started to get to know the locals known as the Na’vi and befriends them.  When he finds out their evil plans, he helps fight back and defend the Na’vi and their land.  Sully is a short version of the name, Sullivan.


Meaning: “Bled of Jar”

This boy’s name comes from the fantasy film, Labyrinth.  Jareth, played by David Bowie, is King of the Goblins and Master of the Labyrinth.  In the movie, Sarah journeys through a maze to recover her baby brother from a goblin king.


Meaning: “Small Hollow”

Logan or better known as Wolverine is a superhero in the Marvel comics and movies.  After losing his memory, he adopts the name Logan and is commonly referred to it in the series.  He is featured in many films like X-men, X-men 2, and X-men: The Last Stand.  As well as his own called, X-men Origins: Wolverine and Logan.


Meaning: “Bright; Splendid”

Charles Xavier, or maybe you know him better as Professor X, is a superhero from Marvel.  This character is played by Patrick Stewart.  He is a very powerful telepath who has the ability to read, control, and possess minds.  Just to name a few.  He is the founder of a private academy called, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.  There, young mutants are able to receive an education without persecution from the outside world


Meaning: “Light”

In the movie Labyrinth, Ludo is a gigantic beast who Sarah rescues from a group of cruel goblins in Labyrinth.  He then joins her on her journey through the maze.  He is very strong and has the power to summon rocks by calling to them.


Meaning: “Soldier”

In the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Milo Thatch believes that Atlantis is real and it’s out there somewhere.  And no matter how many times people told him he was crazy. he still believed.  Little did everyone know he was right!  He became the linguist and cartography expert during the journey to find the lost city.


Meaning: “Long; Heavy Nail”

Spike was a vampire IN the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  He played as a villain and an anti-hero.  He loves to fight and is very intelligent.


Meaning: “Maker of Wheels/Spokes”

In the movie and TV series, Star Trek, Spock is the commanding officer on the Starship Enterprise.  He is half-Vulcan, half-human.  Since he’s half Vulcan he has super strength, stamina, and durability.  He can also create a telepathic link by touching another person.  Spock is also very intelligent and started off being a science officer on the Enterprise.  Spock is a very futuristic sounding sci-fi name.


Meaning: “God”

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the highest of all the Gods and is the ruler of Mt. Olympus.  He is the God of the sky, thunder, and lightning.  You may remember seeing this Greek God in The Percy Jackson Series and in Clash of the Titans.


Meaning: “God is Gracious; Gift of Jehovah”

In The Game of Thornes, Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.  He is the late Prince of Dragonstone.  Since Jon was a baby he was raised in Winterfell.  Later he joins the Night’s Watch and is eventually chosen as Lord Commander.


Meaning: “Serpent; Dragon”

Draco Lucius Malfoy is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.  He is, what they consider to be a “pureblood” and is in the House of Slytherin.  He is the main bully at school and is always up to no good.  He later became a Death Eater at age 16 by Lord Voldemort.


Meaning: “Unknown”

In the Harry Potter series, Remus Lupin is first introduced as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Askaban.  He works with Harry during year 3 on the Patronus charm so he can ward off Dementors.  But he has a little fear of full moons.  Later Harry, Ron, and Hermione find out it’s cause he’s a werewolf!


Meaning: “Foreigner; Stranger”

Pippin or Peregrin Took is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel, The Lord of the Rings.  He is a hobbit from The Shire who is always getting himself into trouble.  Pippin and his cousin/best friend Merry Brandybuck, help Frodo on his journey to destroy the ring.  He is apart of the Fellowship of the Ring.


Meaning: “Venerable; Revered”

Sebastian is a vampire who is in the spin-off TV series, The Legacies.  He is said to be a vampire who lived in the ‘golden age’ of their species which meant a time when vampires weren’t afraid to feed on humans.  He is an old vampire who has been alive for over 600 years.


Meaning: “Conqueror”

Viktor Krum (or you could also spell as Victor) is a Bulgarian wizard and attended the Durmstrang Institute in the Harry Potter series.  He is a famous Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team and shows him playing for the Quidditch World Cup in the 4th movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  During their 4th year, Hogwarts is the host for the Triwizard Tournament.  Viktor ends up being one of the chosen ones to compete.


Meaning: “High; Wise”

This name comes from the fantasy adventure movie, Conon the Barbarian.  This movie is set in a prehistoric time.  He was orphaned as a boy and is enslaved after his village is destroyed.  When he becomes a man he ventures off to find the man responsible for his family’s death.


Meaning: “Inquire; Block”

Sokka, a character from Avatar: The Last Air Bender, lives in the Southern Water Tribe with his sister and grandmother.  He and his sister, Katara, discover the Avatar and join him on his journey.  He loves food and his weapon of choice is his trusty boomerang.


Meaning: “Peaceful Soaring”

In the TV series Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Aang is a 12-year-old boy who is found frozen in an ice burg after 100 years.  Later he finds out that he is the last of the Air Nomads and that there has been a war going on while in his absence.  Now, being that he’s the Avatar, he must learn and master all four elements and defeat the Fire Lord.


Meaning: “Pierce Valley”

Percy is short for Perseus.  This same name comes from the book and movie series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians.  Percy is just a normal teenager but has always felt different.  Then one day he finds out he’s a demigod and the son of Poseidon.  In this fun fantasy story, he and his friends set off on a journey filled with danger, adventure, and friendship.


Meaning: “Lord; Husband”

Poseidon is God of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses.  And his brothers are Zeus and Hades.  In Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif, Percy finds out that his Dad is the Greek God, Poseidon.  He may also have heard of this name in Clash of the Titians.


Meaning: “Sky”

In the movies, Star Wars: A Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren is a Jedi and son of Princess Leia and Han Solo.  He was originally known as Ben Solo.  His uncle, Luke Skywalker, became his master and started teaching him the ways of the force.  Then after falling to the Dark Side, he adopted the persona, Kylo Ren.  He is now the leader and commands The First Order and is a student of Supreme Leader Snoke.  Kylo seeks to destroy the New Republic, The Resistance, and the legacy of the Jedi, thus fulfilling his grandfather’s (Darth Vader) legacy.


Meaning: “Peacock”

In the movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron is part of The Resistance and is a pilot and the commander in the Resistance’s Starfighter Corps.  He is one of Leia’s most trusted operatives.  He is also seen in The Last Jedi.


Meaning: “God on High; My God is Jehovah

In the Disney movie, Pete’s Dragon, Elliot is a friendly green dragon who looks out for and protects Pete.  Now, these two best friends are out to look for a new and better home for little Petey.


Meaning: “Wise; Wisdom”

Frodo Baggins is the lead character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings.  Frodo is a hobbit who lives in the ever-so-peaceful Shire.  At least he did.  Now Frodo has the task of being the Ring Barrer and must take it to Mount Doom and destroy it.


Meaning: “Dragon Rider; Morning Wind; Stone of Water”

In the fantasy movie, Eragon, Eragon is a farm boy who lives with his cousin and uncle.  One day while hunting in the woods he discovers a beautiful stone.  But to his surprise, it was no stone, but a dragon egg!  Now Eragon and his dragon (along with a couple of new friends) are set out to overthrow the evil monarch, Galbatorix.


Meaning: “Hansome; Good Looking Lad”

In the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her Dad.  During her first day of high school, she discovers that there’s a group of adopted children called the Cullens.  She later finds out that the Cullens are a family of vampires!  Now even though it is their last name in the series, Cullen could still make a great first name for a boy as well!


Meaning: “Bounty”

This heroic sounding name comes from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling.  Cedric Diggory is a wizard who is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  He belongs to the Hufflepuff House.  Cedric is most well known for his time during the 4th year, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.  In The Goblet of Fire, Cedric ends up being one of the competitors in the Triwizard Tournament.  He and Harry both end up being the Triwizard Champions.


Meaning: “Hill”

Aro first appears in the second Twilight movie, New Moon.  Aro is a very old vampire and is seen as the head leader of the Volturi, the dominant coven in the vampire world.  He processes the ability of tactile telepathy, meaning he can read someone’s thoughts and memories all with a single touch.


Meaning: “Unknown”

Bilbo Baggins is a fictional character seen in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit.  In the Hobbit, Bilbo is just a simple hobbit who lives in the Shire.  Then one day the wizard Gandalf convinces Bilbo to join him and a group of dwarfs on a journey to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor.  In The Lord of the Rings, it shows Bilbo having the “One Ring”.  He finally gives up his precious ring, after his 111th birthday which later ends up in the hands of his younger cousin, Frodo.


Meaning: “Faithful Jewel”

Boromir is another fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings.  He was the heir of Denethor II and the elder brother of Faramir.  In the first volume, The Fellowship of the Ring, he joins the Fellowship and helps Frodo on his journey to deliver the ring to Mordor.


Meaning: “Green Leaves”

The male name, Legolas, comes from the fantasy books and movies, The Lord of the Rings.  He is a Sindarin Elf of the Woodland Realm and one of the nine members of the Fellowship.  Legolas has excellent eyesight and sensitive hearing making him a great archer.


Meaning: “Hollow”

This boy’s name comes from the sci-fi movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  This movie takes place just before Star Wars: A New Hope.  He is part of the Rebel Alliance, an Alliance Intelligence Officer, and a pilot.  Cassian Andor is the leader of Rogue One, a rebel unit whose mission is to steal the plans to the Death Star.


Meaning: “Dark”

When I say the name Darth you probably instantly know who I’m referring to.  Yep, Darth Vader, the main villain in Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.  Darth Vader was formally is known as, Anakin Skywalker.


Meaning: “Light”

Lucius Malfoy is a character from the Harry Potter series.  His wife is Narcissa Black and his son is Draco Malfoy.  He is a pureblood and strongly belives in blood purity.  When Lucius was a boy he went to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy and was put in Slytherin House.  Now he is a Death Eater and serves the Dark Lord.


Meaning: “Stubborn; To Pull”

In the Game of Thrones, Ser Loras Tyrell was a popular tourney and one of the most skilled knights in Westeros.  He was the heir of Highgarden.  After giving up his title, he became better known as Brother Loras.  Though Tyrell was his last name, it would make a very cute first name!


Meaning: “Supplanter”

Ser Jaime Lannister is the eldest son of Tywin Lannister in the series, Game of Thrones.  His brother is Tyrion Lannister and his twin sister is Cersei Lannister.  He previously served in the Kingsguard of Aerys Targaryen before infamously murdering him during the Sack of King’s Landing.  Thus earning him the nickname “Kingslayer”.  He later was appointed as the new commander of the Lannister armies.


Meaning: “To Destroy”

Apollo is from Greek mythology.  He is the god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty, and wisdom.  You may remember the name from Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief as well as Clash of the Titans.


Meaning: “White”

Albus Dumbledore is a favorite character and professor to many in the famous Harry Potty series.  Professor Albus Dumbledore is Headmaster at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  He is the oldest of 2 siblings; Ariana and Aberforth.


Meaning: “Calm; Peaceful”

Galen Tyrol is a fictional character from the TV series, Battlestar Galactica.  He is the highest-ranking NCO aboard the Galactica and is often mentioned as “Cheif”.  He is a Cylon descended from the Thirteenth Tribe and was later exiled to live among humanity.


Meaning: “Western Meadow”

Westley is the protagonist in the movie, The Princess Bride.  Westley is a farm boy who falls in love with Buttercup.  Everyone thought he was killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts but later returns as the Man in Black.  In the movie, he goes on a quest to get his beloved from Prince Humperdinck.


Meaning: “Brave Ruler”

In the 80s movie, Blade Runner, Rick Deckard is a Blade Runner for the Los Angeles Police Department.  This special bounty hunter targets artificially intelligent humanoid cyborgs which they refer to as, “Replicants”.  This movie is set in 2019 when Deckard comes out of retirement to help with six rogue Nexus-6 models that had arrived on Earth for unknown reasons.

How Do You Think of Fantasy Names?

If you’re still having trouble thinking of some cool fantasy boy names try some of these tips.

  • Think of some of your favorite books, movies, comics, or video games.  Then either look up character names from it or re-watch/read it.  Then write down names that come up that you like.
  • Look up names of mythical creatures (elves, vampires, werewolves, etc.) and see if any of those catch your eye.
  • If you’re the creative type, something you could try is making up a name of your own.  I doubt anyone would have it!

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