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176 Boho, Earthy, & Hippie Girl Names

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Are you a free-spirited, nature-oriented, or crunchy mama?

Then this list of baby names is for you!

Here is a list of boho, earthy, and hippie girl names just for you!

I love these types of names as they are super fun and so unique!

Check out some of them below!

And if you have a boy, then be sure to check out this list of boho, earthy, and hippie boy names!

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Boho, Earthy, Hippie Girl Names


This sweet name is actually the same name for the stone, Amber.  This beautiful gem is typically a brownish yellow or orange.  Some people believe it has healing properties that can help with getting rid of negative energy and balancing emotions.


Anise is a herb that can be used for cooking.  The aroma is very similar to black licorice.  


This gorgeous purple crystal is a kind of quartz.  Amethyst is probably one of the more popular and common stones out there.  This name is so pretty but yet very unique!


An Azalea is a flowering shrub that blooms in the spring.  Their beautiful buds come in shades of pink, purple, red, and reddish-orange.  They are native to Japan.  This would make for a great flower child name for your little girl!


An Aura is said to be the energy field that is around all living things.  This is a name that I’m sure a spiritual mama would love!


Aurora is of Latin origins and means dawn.  This is actually the name of the Roman Goddess who was the Goddess of dawn or sunrise.


This bohemian girl’s name is of German origins and means noble or kind.


This sweet name is the name of the beautiful reddish-brown color.


In Italian Aria means air.  A very cute way of referring to the element air!


In Greek, Ambrosia means immortality.  Ambrosia is said to be the food and drink of the Gods and is said to give immortality to whoever consumed it.


Whimsical nature baby name is of Persian origin and means wind.


This cool name refers to the beautiful state, Alaska!  Its meaning is mainland.


This uni-sex name means wise or wisdom.  Avery is a very cute boho type of name!


Amaranth is a plant that is used as food and even medicine!  This name is of Greek origin and means unfading.


This is a name of a beautiful bright blue color.  This name is of Spanish origin and means sky blue!  


Apples are a delicious fruit.  But you could totally use it as a super cute name!  


Ava is a cute variation of the name Eve.  Ava in Latin means bird.


This girl’s name is of Celtic origin and means island of apples.  Hopefully, your little girl ends up liking them!


Another name for the season of Fall is Autumn.  And who doesn’t like Autumn?  The crisp air, beautiful colors, and nice weather.  What’s not to love?!


A great name for your future free-spirited little girl.  I mean, it is called the land of the free, right?


I love this earthy name!  Breeze has such a cool and calming feel to the name.


This unique girl’s name is of French origin and means jewel.  And I’m sure your baby girl will be the “jewel” of your eyes!


This color name is of Italian origin and means white.


Bluebell is of English origin and refers to the flower, Bluebell.  This sweet name is perfect for your flower child!


This cute name is of English origin and means little bird.  How sweet is that?


Basil is a very common herb for cooking.  But it could also make for a great girl’s name!  Especially if you’re going for a more crunchy vibe.


Blossom means to bloom.  I love this name because I instantly think of beautiful flowers blossoming in the springtime sun!


Blue is seen in so many wonderful things in nature!  The ocean, sky, and even some flowers.  The color blue often symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom, and sadness.  


Under the water lives tons of beautiful coral!  So if you’re looking for a name that reminds you of the sea, this would be a great option!


A clementine is a sweet little orange fruit.  This is also a cute name for a cute little baby girl!


Chakras are said to be spinning energy points found in your body.  The word chakra actually means wheel.  Chakras are said to affect our emotional and physical well-being and if they become out of line, energy healers can help correct them.  This more spiritual name but is very cute.


Calla is referring to the flower, calla lilies.  This pretty name would be a great option if you’re looking for a flower-inspired name that’s also uncommon.


This gorgeous flower comes in a variety of colors such as white, pink, and red.  A pretty name for any girl!


This spicy red pepper is a common spice used for cooking.  The origin of this name is French is means hot spice.


What fruit-inspired name is better than Cherry?!  To be honest, I always thought Cherry was a cool name.  A cute nickname for this could be Cher!


Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange stone that’s apart of the quartz family.  Some people believe this crystal has properties that can help with creativity, promoting happiness, and encouraging positivity.  This name is actually of French origins as well!


The name Crystal has some Greek and Latin origins.  It can mean ice or brilliant glass.


This name is of English origins and means rhythm or flow which typically refers to music, harmony, and sounds in nature.


Calliope is of Greek origins and means beautiful voice.  In Greek mythology, Calliope was the oldest of the Muses and was the Goddess of song, music, and dance.


This girl’s name comes from Latin origins and means heavenly.


A carnation is a flower that can come in the color of pink, red, white, and yellow.  Depending on the color, a carnation can have a couple of different meanings such as love, purity, and gratitude.


This plant name can represent the sweet clover meadow flower or a cloverleaf.  Typically a clover with 4 leaves is seen as a symbol of good luck.  


Cloud is a cute and unique earthy name that you could give to your little girl!


Dawn is used as a term for the start of morning twilight.  This beautiful sight happens just before sunrise.


Daisies are sweet meadow or grassland flowers that can come in white, pink, or yellow.  They typically represent purity.  In Celtic legend, they are a symbol of motherhood and childbirth.  Because of this, they are often given to new mothers.


Deja as in Deja Vu refers to when you get the sensation you’ve already experienced something before even you feel like you’ve never had.


Miss Delilah flowers are apart of the Dahlia family.  These summer-blooming flowers can blossom into a dark or light pink and look very similar to a water lily.  


This popular gemstone is typically seen as a symbol of love, purity, and faithfulness.  The name Diamond can mean high value or invincible.


Another well-known flower is the Daffodil.  These symbolize rebirth and new beginnings as they are one of the first types of flowers to bloom after winter.  This pretty flower name is perfect for any little girl!  


If you’re looking for an animal name then how about Dove?  This bird often represents hope and peace.  What’s more hippie than that??


Yes, people who are free-spirited are often dreamers.  Which makes the name Dream is an excellent choice for your little hippie girl!


This boho vintage girl’s name means fire or delight.


Everly means from the boar meadow and is of English origins.


This unique girl’s name means reflected sound and is of Greek origins.  In Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph who lived on Mount Cithaeron.  She was cursed with an Echo for a voice.


Ebony is a type of wood known for its dark color.  The name is of Greek origin and means deep black wood.  Who knew a name of a tree could sound so pretty!


If you’re wanting a cool name that’s associated with fire then Ember could be it!  The name Ember is of English origins and means spark or burning low.


An emerald is a beautiful green gemstone that’s associated with the month of May.  In ancient times this gemstone was seen as a conveyor of love and hope.


This beautiful gypsy baby name is of Spanish origins and means emerald.  Even though this is an old-styled name, this name would be a great fit for any future and present little girl!


If you like names that are out of this world then maybe you’d like a name like Estelle!  The sweet baby name means star and is of Latin origins.


Some synonyms for the word essence are heart, soul, and spirit.  This definitely sounds like someone who is free-spirited!


This sweet name is of English origins and means young deer.  A fawn is what they call a baby deer during their first year of life.  


Fae is another name for a fairy.  As a name, it is of English origins and means trust or belief.


A feather, a beautiful token from birds is often seen as a symbol of freedom.  In Native American culture, they were a sign of high honor and meant strength, honor, wisdom, trust, power, and freedom.


Ferns are green plants with feather-like leaves.  This surely falls into the category of crunchy names!


Freedom, a name that literally means free.


A fairy is a magical mythical being found in European folklore.  They are typically seen as a tiny form of a human but with wings.  


This name means blossoming or flourishing and is of Latin origins.


Flora is of Latin origin and means flower.  In Roman mythology, Flora was the Goddess of spring and flowers.  Her powers were used for the plants blooming.


A gypsy is often seen as a free-spirited person.  This name is of English origins and means wanderer.  Back then a gypsy was a name used for a member of a group of people originating in South Asia who traditionally had an itinerant way of life.  Nowadays though the word gypsy is now considered an ethnic slur when used for the Romani or Roma people.  So just keep that in mind!


A gardenia is a type of flowering plant.  Depending on the color, a gardenia can mean gentleness, purity, or love.  As a girl’s name, Gardenia means garden’s flower and is of English origins.


Galena is of Greek origins and means tranquil or calm.


Instead of Gold, how bout Goldie!  Goldie is a cute variation of Gold.  It is of English origin and means made of gold.


Ginger is a flowering plant.  People use the root of ginger (ginger root) as a spice for foods and teas.  This spice has a very strong but yummy aroma and taste.


In Greek mythology, Gaia was the Mother Goddess who presided over the Earth.  The name Gaia means Earth and is of Greek origins.  


This tree-loving name refers to the hazelnut tree.   It can grow to be a small tree or shrub. 


This sweet name can refer to music or peace depending on how it’s used.  Harmony has got to be one of the top picks for moms choosing down-to-earth girl names!


Typically Heaven is what they call the home of the Gods and where people go after they have died.  But Heaven can also refer to the sky as well.


Henna is the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub called Lawsonia inermis, also known as the henna tree.  In India, they use this as a dye to color hair and to decorate the body with beautiful designs.


This lovely girl’s name means positive expectations and is of English origins.


Ivory is a type of color.  This name is of English origins and means pale or white.


An Iris is a type of flowering plant.  These beautiful flowers represent hope, trust, and wisdom.  Iris is also the name for the Greek Goddess of the rainbow.


An Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant.  Ancient Greeks used to give newlyweds an ivy wreath to represent fidelity (faithfulness).


India is the name of a country in South Asia.  Its name was derived from the word Indus which was the name of a river.  


This cool name means independent and is of American origin.  Indie is also a genre of music.


Wild blue indigo is a flowering plant and is also a name of the deep rich midnight blue color.  The color indigo means wisdom, justice, fairness, and great devotion.  This name is of Greek origin and means blue dye.


This pretty name means island and is of Spanish origin.


Infinity means endless and is of American origins.  In recent years the infinity symbol has been used to express forever love.  Another fun way to spell this girl’s name is Infiniti.


This summery name June is of Latin origins and simply means born in June.  


Janis Joplin was a singer-songwriter in the 60s.  The age of the hippies!


Jade is a light green stone that is said to be lucky.  The healing properties of the Jade stone are treating stress and anxiety and supporting happiness and harmony.


Juniper is a type of tree and shrub.  But this nature name is also used for the juniper flower and berry!  The name Juniper is of Latin origins and means young.  


Jasmine is a shrub that blooms small white flowers.  The flowers of the Jasmine plant are made into essential oils which may help improve your mood and sleep.  


This name is of American origins and means a trip or experience from one place to another.  This is a very cool bohemian baby name!


Kai is of Hawaiian origins and means sea or ocean.  This boho earthy baby name is a great name if you’re looking for one that’s associated with water.


This name is of Hebrew origins and means Cassia tree.  This tree produces the well-known cooking spice, cinnamon.


The name Lilac is of English origins and means a bluish-purple color or the flowering shrub that blooms Lilac.  These beautiful purple flowers symbolize spring and renewal.


A lily is a gorgeous flower with nice long petals that curl at the end.  Lilies are commonly associated with rebirth and motherhood and typically mean purity.  This sweet name definitely has some flower power!


If you’re looking for a name that “shines” above the rest then maybe this will catch your eye!  I would say the name, Light is pretty uncommon but not soo unique that it’s weird.


Luna means moon in Spanish.  This is very a pretty variation of the word moon!


Lilou is of French origins and means lily.


This unique sounding name is of Greek origins and means beautiful one.


Hippies are all about universal love and peace.  So if you’re searching for a 70s hippie name for your baby then Love could be it! 


The name Lyric refers to music.  A fun and a different name for those music-loving Moms.


This name is of English origin and means either the light purple color or the lavender flower.   The lavender flower is typically known for easing tension and promoting tranquility.  They represent purity, serenity, calmness, and grace.


These beautiful flowers are found floating in the water.  A lotus is often a symbol of purity, enlightenment, rebirth, and self-regeneration.


Lyra is the name of a small constellation.  It is also the name of a flower which is also known as a Falling Eagle.


A meadow is a beautiful piece of grassland.  This peaceful name is great for nature-loving babies!


These beautiful southern flowers symbolize beauty, nobility, love for nature, and gentleness.  This incredibly sweet flower name is great for any baby.


Marigolds are a pretty round puffy looking flower.  This flower is often associated with good luck, positive emotions, happiness, and joy.  Much of which your baby girl will bring to you!


The moon is always a beautiful and magical sight to behold.  This is a name I’m sure your little one will be proud to have!


Marley is one of those names that instantly gives off more of a hippie vibe.  Probably because of the reggae singer Bob Marley.  This girl’s name means marshy meadow and is of English origins.


This sweet girl’s name means wonderful or wondrous and is of French origin.


Maple trees are full of glorious colors!  From red, yellow, and orange these trees are a beauty to see in the fall.  The maple tree is often a symbol of strength and endurance.


This musical name means song and is of Greek origin.


This traditional bohemian girl’s name means driftwood and is of English origins.


Naomie has such a cool fresh sound to it.  Definitely a unique boho name!  The name Naomie is of Hebrew origins and means pleasant.


Nala is of African origins and means successful.


This cute name means new and is of Latin origins.  The name also refers to a star when it gets very bright then fades.  A very cute name if you’re wanting one that’s inspired by space!


This name is referring to the olive tree.  Olive trees represent peace, wisdom, health, luck, and tranquility.


This stone comes in a beautiful white with rainbow hues.  Opals are often used for creativity, passion, and optimism.  The name Opal is of Sanskrit origins and means gem or precious stone.


These delicate unique-looking flowers often represent love, luxury, strength, and beauty.  Their exotic look and beautiful colors are very memorable.


These round beauties are made by marine oysters and freshwater mussels.  Pearls symbolize wisdom, calmness, serenity, purity, and loyalty.  


Plum tree blossoms symbolize beauty, purity, and hope.  They are also seen as a symbol of spring.


Paisley is a type of pattern.  These patterns are made by using a teardrop shape with a curve known as boteh or buta.  This fun and unique design can be used to create many different pictures.  Depending on the culture, the paisley symbol can represent things like objects, food, as well as spiritual meanings.


Pixies are mythical creatures of British folklore.  They are described as very tiny mischievous elflike creatures that typically reside in gardens.  I love this magical girl’s name!  It’s cute, unique, and playful.


This sweet earthy girl’s name represents the beautiful petals of a flower.  So if you’re looking for a name that has some flower power, this one could be a contender!


These soft sweet flowers come in lots of pretty colors.  They represent hope and desire.  But they can also symbolize anger and resentment.  The name is of English origin and means trumpet-shaped flower.


The primrose flower comes in a variety of gorgeous colors.  They are one of the first flowers that bloom in the spring.  Which makes sense considering that the meaning of Primrose is first rose.


Remember in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her friends had to travel through a field of red Poppies and ended up all falling asleep?  That is because the opium extracted from them is a sedative.  The poppy flower is often seen as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death.


Peace is a great choice for your free-spirited child!  As hippies are often seen as promoters of peace.


Patience is of English origins and means enduring or forbearing.


This name is of English origins and means blackbird.


This red stone represents purity and passion.  The gemstone often symbolizes pure love, loyalty, and good fortune.  This girl’s name is elegant but simple.


This fragrant herb is an often ingredient used for cooking.  Rosemary is a symbol of remembrance, love, loyalty, and happiness.  The name is of Latin origins and means dew of the sea.


Depending on the color of the flower the meaning will be different.  But typically roses are associated with love and romance.  This nature name is super sweet.


Rosie is a cute take on the name Rose.  Both of which would make great names for your little girl!


Rain is very calming and always makes me feel refreshed after it rains.  It can symbolize unhappiness, determination, and rebirth.


Rainie is just a cute take on the name Rain.  Both are super cute choices though!


You can recognize these birds with their black head and orange bellies.  They are often a symbol of death, rebirth, and the arrival of Spring.


The name River refers to the calming stream of water.


This cute name is of Hebrew origins and means ewe or a female sheep.


These beautiful colorful arches called rainbows are often seen after it has rained.  Rainbows are frequently a sign of hope and better things to come.


This unique name is of American origins and means tale.


This music-inspired name is of American origin and means a musical piece of orchestra.  


Storm is a powerful nature-themed name.  This earthy name gives off a very strong feel.


Shine comes from the name Sunshine.  This is a sunny name that has a very happy vibe to it!


This name is of Spanish origins and means treeless plain.  


This beautiful gem is said to help with bringing serenity, peace, joy, as well as restoring balance.  The name is of Hebrew origins and means blue.  Which makes sense given this stone’s lovely blue color.


Snow typically signifies the winter season.  Though snow can symbolize, hardship, new beginnings, individuality, and changes.


This name means peaceful or calmness and is of Latin origins.  Just the sound of this name brings on a very relaxing feeling!


The sun is a huge star that warms our planet and gives it light.  The sun can be a symbol of passion, power, growth, and health.


Stars are one of the most beautiful and calming things to see in nature.  This name would be perfect for your little star!


This is a cute variation of the name Sun.  You could also spell it as Sonnie.


Who doesn’t like sunshine?  It’s warm, makes you feel energized, and promotes happiness!


Not only is Summer a great season, but it also makes a great name!


The name Sandy refers to sand.  This is a great name for those who love all things about the ocean!


This sweet season is full of life and blooming flowers.  A cute name for any girl!


This name is of Latin origins and means star.


Sierra is of Spanish origins and means mountain.


This is a spice that comes from the flower, Autumn Crocus also known as Saffron.  The saffron flower can be a symbol of happiness, positivity, cheer, and youthfulnless.


This pretty flower makes for a sweet name!  Depending on the color of the tulip it can mean eternal love, passion, peace, or loyalty.


This name is of Hebrew origins and means gazelle.  A great name if you’re looking for an animal-themed one!


True is a cool down to earth name that I bet no one you know has!


This earthy girl’s name literally means earth and is of Latin origins.  The Roman Earth Goddess aka Mother Earth is also called Terra.


This name is of Hebrew origins and means morning dew.


This name is of English origin and means dusk.  Twilight is the time between full night and sunrise.  This is the time where it’s not too dark but not too light either.


This happy-looking flower is a symbol of innocent love.


This name is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin and means splendor or tranquility.  Uma is also the name of a Hindu goddess.  She is the Goddess of love, fertility, beauty, harmony, children, and strength.


This purple flower represents innocence, decency, and modesty.  The name is of Latin origins and means violet.


This flower is a symbol of modesty.  It also represents spiritual wisdom and faithfulness.  As for the color violet, it often represents dreams, imagination, spirituality, and the future.


This is probably one of the more popular and well-known hippie names for girls.  The willow tree is typically seen as hope, safety, and healing.  This tree name is super cute.


Winter is a nice cool name that represents our coldest season.  


A wren is a little bird.  In Celtic tradition, they were a symbol of vibrancy, alertness, and efficiency.


The wind is air in its active state.  Wind can represent the spirit and the breath of the universe.


Zelda is a Yiddish name that means happy or blessed.


Zella is also a Yiddish name that means blessed.


These flowers are seen as a symbol of endurance, goodness, remembrance, and lasting friendships.  It blooms from mid-summer all the way until frost which is why it represents endurance.


This unique name gives more of a hippie vibe.  Ziggy is also the name of Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy Marley.

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Find earthy hippie name here!  Find names associated with flowers, nature, and more.

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