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120+ Boy Names with Ridiculously Cute Nicknames

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Looking for some baby boy names with super cute nicknames?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

Having a name that has a nickname is great as you can quickly use their shortened alternative AND it gives them some freedom to choose to go by another name if they ever want to.

Here you’ll find lots of different types of boy names with nicknames that will make you wanna say “aweee”.


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Boy Names with Nicknames


Modern Boy Names with Nicknames


Brandon: Bran, Brando, Don, Donnie

Origin: English  Meaning: Beacon Hill or Crow


Jacob: Jake, Jakey, Jack, Koob, Coby

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Supplanter


Brayden: Brade, Brady, Bray, Bradley, Ayden

Origin: American  Meaning: Son of Bradan


Kayden: Kaid, Kay, Kadie, Aiden

Origin: English  Meaning: Son of Cadan


Kaleb: Kay, Kale

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Whole Hearted


Cameron: Cam, Cammy, Ron, Ronny

Origin: Scottish  Meaning: Bent Nose


Bailey: Bail, Bails, Lee

Origin: English  Meaning: Steward


Andrew: Andy, Drew, Andre

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Manly


Lucas: Luke, Luca, Lukie, Lou

Origin: Greek  Meaning: From Lucania


Baxter: Bax, Ax

Origin: English  Meaning: Baker


Jackson: Jack, Jax, Jay, Jace

Origin: English  Meaning Son of Jack


Jason: Jay, Jay Jay, Jace

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Healer


Jeffery: Jeff, Jeffie

Origin: English  Meaning: God Peace


Matthew: Matt, Matty, Hugh

Origin: English  Meaning: Gift of God


Donovan: Don, Donny, Dono, Van, Vanny

Origin: Irish  Meaning: Brown Black


Jayden: Jay, Jade, Jay Jay, Aden

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Thankful One


Elliott: El, Eli, Ellis, Lee

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Jehovah is God


Daniel: Danny, Dan, Dane, Neil

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: God is my Judge


Aaron: Air, Ro, Ron, Ronny

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Enlightened


Dustin: Dust, Dusty

Origin: Norse  Meaning: Brave Warrior or Thor’s Stone


David: Davie, Dave

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Beloved


Casey: Cay, Case, Ace, Chase

Origin: Irish  Meaning: Brave in Battle


Spencer: Spence, Spenny, Spen

Origin: English  Meaning: House Steward


Jeremy: Jere, Jerry, Jimmy

Origin: English  Meaning: Appointed by God


Zachary: Zack, Zacky

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: The Lord has Remembered


Ashton: Ash, Ashie

Origin: English  Meaning: Ash Trees Place


Dexter: Dex, Dexie

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Right-Handed


Clayton: Clay

Origin: English  Meaning: From the Town on Clay Land


Kennedy: Ken, Kenny, Ned

Origin: Irish  Meaning: Misshapen Head


Pierceson: P, Pierce, Erson

Origin: English  Meaning: Son of Piers


Steven: Steve, Stevie

Origin: English  Meaning: Garland or Crown


Paxton: Pac, Pax, Paxie, Pattie

Origin: English  Meaning: Peace Town


Mitchell: Mit, Mic, Mitch, Mitchie

Origin: English  Meaning: Who is Like God


Landon: Lan, Land, Lannie, Don, Donnie, Lando

Origin: English  Meaning: Long Hill


James: Jay, Jamie, Jim, Jimmy

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Supplanter


Michael: Mike, Mikey, Mickey, Mick

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Who is Like God


Christopher: Chris, Christo, Tob, Toby, Topher

Origin: English  Meaning: Christ-Bearer


Ryan: Ry, Ryo, Ryolee

Origin: Irish  Meaning: Little King


Austin: Aus, Austie

Origin: English  Meaning: Magic Dignity


Ethan: E, Ethie, Etan

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Strong or Enduring



Old Fashioned Boy Names with Nicknames


Gordon: Gordy, Gordo, Don, Donny

Origin: Scottish  Meaning: Great Hill


Oscar: Oz, Ozzy, Car

Origin: English  Meaning: Friend of Deer or Spear of God


Vernon: Vern, Verno, Vernie

Origin: English  Meaning: Place of Alders


Henderson: Henry, Henson, Anderson

Origin: English  Meaning: Son of Henry 


Angus: Gus, Gussy

Origin: Anglicised form of the Scottish Gaelic and Irish Aonghas  Meaning: One Strength or One Choice


Beckham: Beck, Bex, Cam, Cammy

Origin: English  Meaning: Homestead by the Stream


Gabriel: Gabe, Gabie, Abe

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: God is my Strength


William: Will, Willie, Willis, Bill, Billy, Liam

Origin: German  Meaning: Resolute Protection


Edward: Ed, Eddie, Ned

Origin: English  Meaning: Wealthy Guardian


Benjamin: Ben, Benny, Benji

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Son of the Right Hand


Laurence: Lar, Larry, Laurent, Rory

Origin: Latin  Meaning:  Man from Laurentum


Patrick: Pat, Pat Pat, Patty, Paddy, Rick, Ricky

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Nobleman or Patrician


Samuel: Sam, Sammy

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Told by God


Robert: Rob, Robbie, Bob, Bobby, Bert, Berto

Origin: German  Meaning: Bright Fame or Glory Bright


Maximilian: Max, Maxie, Maximus, Mac, Maccy, Milly

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Greatest


Bennet: Ben, Benny

Origin: English  Meaning: Blessed


Dominic: Dom, Don, Nick, Nicky, Nico

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Belonging to the Lord


Theodore: Theo, Teddy, Ted, Tad

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Gift of God


Abraham: Abe, Abram, Brahm

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Father of Multitudes


Nathaniel: Nathan, Nate, Nat, Neil

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Gift of God


Joshua: Josh, Joshie, Jo, Jojo

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: The Lord is My Salvation 


Davidson: Dave, David, Davis, Davie

Origin: English  Meaning: David’s Son


Thomas: Tom, Tom Tom, Tommy

Origin: Aramaic  Meaning: Twins


Stanley: Stan, Lee

Origin: English  Meaning: Near the Stony Clearing


Timothy: Tim, Timmy, Timbo

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Honoring God


Dennis: Den, Denny

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Follower of Dionysius


Nicolas: Nick, Nicky, Nico, Cole

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Victory of the People


Philip: Phil, Philly, Lip, Pip

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Fond of Horses


Edison: Ed, Eddie, Ned

Origin: English  Meaning: Son of Edward


George: Georgie

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Farmer


Henry: Hank, Harry

Origin: German  Meaning: Ruler of the Home


Vincent: Vin, Vinnie, Vince

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Conquering or Winning


Johnathan: John, Johnny, Nate, Nathan, Jack

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: God has Given


Preston: Pres, Prest, Prestley

Origin: English  Meaning: From The Priest’s Town


Joseph: Joe, Joey, Jojo, Joss, Jose, Josh

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: God will Increase


Remington: Rem, Remmy

Origin: English  Meaning: Place on a Riverbank


Charles: Charlie, Chad, Carl, Chuck

Origin: German  Meaning: Free Man


Prescott: Pres, Scott, Scottie

Origin: English  Meaning: Priest’s Cottage


Jamieson: Jamie, James, Jay, Jay Jay, Jimmy

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Son of Jamie


Alexander: Al, Alex, Lex, Xander, Alec, Ander

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Ward Off, Defend, or Protect


Raymond: Ray, Ray Ray, Raymon

Origin: English  Meaning: Counsellor or Protector


Gibson: Gib, Gibs, Gibby, Gibo

Origin: English  Meaning: Gilbert’s Son


Peter: Pete, Petey

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Stone or Rock


Alfred: Alfie, Al, Alf, Fred, Freddy

Origin: English  Meaning: Wise Counselor


Fredrick: Fred, Freddy, Rick, Ricky

Origin: German  Meaning: Peaceful Ruler


Gregory: Greg, Greggy, Gregor, Rory

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Watchful or Alert


Ronald: Ron, Ronny

Origin: Norse  Meaning: Ruler’s Counsellor


Arthur: Art, Artie

Origin: Welsh  Meaning: Bear


Franklin: Frank, Frankie, Franco

Origin: English  Meaning: Free Landowner


Anderson: Andy

Origin: English  Meaning: Son of Andrew


Samson: Sam, Sammy

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Bright Sun or Sun Child


Anthony: Ant, Tony, Thony, Nino

Origin: English  Meaning: Highly Praiseworthy


Garrett: Gar, Gary, Rhett

Origin: English  Meaning: Spear Rule


Augustus: Gus, Gussy, Aug, Auggie, August, Angus

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Great or Magnificent


Harrison: Harry, Harris

Origin: English  Meaning: Son of Harry


Sullivan: Sul, Sully, Van, Vanie

Origin: Irish  Meaning: Dark-Eyed


Russel: Rus, Russy, Rusty

Origin: French  Meaning: Red-Haired


Terrance: Terr, Terry, Terren

Origin: English  Meaning: Heart


Richard: Rich, Richy, Dick, Dicky, Rick, Ricky

Origin: German  Meaning: Brave Leader or Strong



Unique Boy Names with Nicknames


Kendrick: Ken, Ken Ken, Kenny, Kendo, Rick, Ricky

Origin: Scottish  Meaning: Great Champion


Alister: Al, Ali, Star

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Defender or Protector


Maverick: Mav, Mavie, Mavery, Rick, Ricky

Origin: American  Meaning: Wildly Independent


Archer: Arch, Archie, Artie, Art

Origin: English  Meaning: Bowman or Bow


Baron: Barr, Barry, Ron, Ronny

Origin: English  Meaning: Warrior


Sebastian: Bass, Bash, Bastian, Ash, Ashton

Origin: Greek  Meaning: Venerable


August: Aug, Auggie, Gus, Gussie

Origin: English  Meaning: Great or To Increase


Leonardo: Leo, Leon, Leonard, Len, Lenny

Origin: Italian  Meaning: As Strong as a Lion


Carter: Car, Cart, Art, Artie, Cary

Origin: English  Meaning: A Cart Driver


Tobias: Tobe, Toby

Origin: Greek  Meaning: God is Good


Corbin: Cor, Cory, Corb, Cobie

Origin: English  Meaning: Little Crow or Raven


Orlando: Orly, Lando, Lan, Lanny

Origin: Italian  Meaning: Famous Land


Dakota: Kota, Cody

Origin: Native American  Meaning: Friend or Friendly


Wesley: West, Lee

Origin: English  Meaning: Western Meadow


Oliver: Ollie, Levi

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Olive Tree


Josiah: Jo, Jojo, Joss, Si, Siah

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: Jehovah has Healed


Donatello: Don, Donny, Dontae, Nate

Origin: Italian  Meaning: Gift


Malakai: Mal, Kai, Malik, Mallie

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: My Messanger


Finnley: Finn, Finny, Flynn, Lee

Origin: Irish  Meaning: White Warrior


Isaiah: Issac, Isa, Ike

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: God is Salvation


Quincy: Q, Quince, Quinn

Origin: French  Meaning: Estate of the Fifth Son


Jullien: Julio, Jude, Lee

Origin: Latin  Meaning: Youthful


Thatcher: Thatch

Origin: English  Meaning Roof Maker


Rafael: Raf, Raffie, Ralph

Origin: Hebrew  Meaning: God has Healed


Mateo: Matt, Mattie, Teo

Origin: Spanish  Meaning: Gift of God



Nicknames for Boys


Alright so maybe you just want some general boy nicknames that you can use whenever with whatever name you decide to go with.

Below you’ll find some adorable nicknames that you can use for your baby boys!





Baby Bear



Blue eyes

Brown Eyes

Green Eyes








Little Prince


Chucky Monkey





Cutie Pie

Cutie Patootie





Good Looking





Muscle Man




Honey Pie


Sweet Pea



Little Man

My Guy

My Love

Boo Boo Bear

Prince Charming






Stud Muffin



Suga Booga



Trouble Maker

Big Guy

Little Guy












Little Munchkin


My Sweet Baby


What to Remember When Choosing a Name with a Nickname


Remember, if there’s a boy name you like but DON’T like the nickname that you can use for it.  Then just don’t call them by that!

Though it may not stop other people from using it (especially if it’s a name that can be shortened into many different names like Johnathan) if you don’t like it you absolutely do NOT have to use it.

It’s not law and not required that you must use it if you have that name.

Just use what you like and what feels right to you!


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What do you think of these boy names with nicknames?  Which one is your favorite?  Why do YOU want your little boy to have a nickname?  Tell me about it below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

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