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145 Baby Girl Names with Cute Nicknames

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I LOVE cute little nicknames!

I remember when I was looking at baby names when I was pregnant.  I swear I looked at 100s of different baby names!

But something I really wanted was a nickname to go with it!

I wanted to be able to have to ability to use cute nicknames for my little baby and let them have the freedom to go by a different name if they choose to.

Sooo if you’re like me and want a name with some cute nicknames then I’ve got you covered!

Below you’ll find a list of sweet baby girl names with cute nicknames to go with it!

But first…

What Names have Nicknames?

The type of names that have nicknames to go with them are normally longer.  But not always.

Nicknames that come from names are normally just shortened versions taken from the original form.

Like Johanna and Joan or Susanna and Sue.

And typically names that have nicknames are just there naturally and very easy to find.

Like if I took my example Susanna from earlier you can see that Anna and Ann are obviously there!

See- SusAnna

Or a nickname can just be a cute witty name that you can take from it.

So as you can see nicknames can be found pretty easily!

Now if you’re ready we can go on to the girl names!

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Girl Names With Nicknames

Arabella: Ara, Bell, Bella, Elle, Ella

Alice: Al, Allie

Isabella: Iz, Izzy, Bell, Bella, Elle, Ella

Esmerelda: Es, Esme, Merelda

Emmeline: Emma, Emmy, Em, Emily

Elizabeth: Emily, Liz, Lizzie, Libby, Elsie, Beth, Betty, Betsy, Birdie

Gabriella: Gabby, Gab, Brielle, Briella, Bree, Elle, Ella

Amelia: Amy, Mimi, Milly, Mia, Lia, Melia

Eleanor: Elle, Ellie, Ellen, Nora, Nelly, Nell

Victoria: Tori, Toria, Vicky, Vic

Catherine: Cat, Kate, Cathy, Catie

Alexandra: Al, Allie, Alex, Alexa, Alexis, Andie, Lexa, Lexi, Sandra, Xandra

Margaret: Margot, Maggie, Greta, Maisie, Marge, Margie, May, Molly

Amalia: Amy, Leah, Molly, May

Aurora: Rory, Aura, Lorelai

Annabella: Anna, Ann, Annie, Bell, Bella, Elle, Ella

Penelope: Penny, Poppy, Nelly, Nelle

Beatrice: Trice, Trixie, Bizzy, Birdie

MaKenna: Kenna, Kenner, Ken, Kenny, Mac

Jayda: Jay, JayJay, Jade

Angelina: Angel, Angie, Annie, Ann, Lin, Lina, Nina

Charlotte: Char, Charlie, Lottie

Christina: Chris, Christa, Christie, Tina

Margaret: Maggie, Mags, Marge, Margie, Meg, Peggy

Michelle: Chelle, Elle, Mich, Micki, Shelby, Shelly

Patricia: Pat, Patti, Tricia, Trish

Paulina: Paul, Polly, Lina

Jennifer: Jen Jenny, Jenna

Anastasia: Annie, Ann, Anna, Tasia

Winona: Winnie, Winna, Nonnie, Nona

Camryn: Cammy, Cam

Valentina: Val, Tina, Lena

Tamara: Tammy, Tam, Tamtam, Tara, Mara

Rachel: Rach, Rae, Rachie

Rebecca: Beckie, Becca, Becks

Melanie: Mel, Melly, Lanie, Annie, Anne

Lorraine: Lori, Lora, Rory, Raine

Lillian: Lily, Lil, Lila, Lilo, Lana, Anna, Ann

Kimberly: Kim, Kimmy, Kimber, Kiki, Kay

Kaitlyn: Kat, Kate, Katie, Kay, Lynn

Kristen: Kris, Krisa, Kristie, Kiki

Kathleen: Kat, Kathy, Kate, Lee, Kiki

Johanna: Joanie, Joan, Jo, Josie, Hanna, Anna, Ann

Josephine: Jo, Jojo, Josie, Fifi

Jacquelyn: Jackie, Lynn

Jasmine: Jaz, Jazzy, Mina, Minnie

Julianna: Julie, Jules, Juju, Anna, Ann

Gracelynn: Grace, Gracie, Lynn, Ellen, Rae

Francesca: Fran, Frankie, Francine, Cece, Cesca

Elaina: Lana, Elaine, Lainie, Elle, Ella

Emmalyn: Emma, Emmy, Emily, Lynn, Aly

Desiree: Des, Desi, Rae

Camilla: Cam, Camie, Mila, Millie

Abigail: Abby, Abbs, Gale

Susanna: Susan, Sue, Anna, Ann, Sukey, Sudie

Theresa: Tes, Tessie, Terra, Reese

Tabitha: Tibby, Tibs, Tabby, Beth

Deborah: Deb, Debbie, Dovie

Delilah: Dellie, Lila, Lilly, Lil

Loretta: Lora, Lori, Retta, Etty

Roxanne: Rox, Roxie, Rocky, Ann

Cassandra: Cassie, Cass, Andy, Sandra, Sandy

Sophie: Sophia, Phia, Soph, Fifi

Samantha: Sam, Sammie,

Miranda: Randy, Randa, Andy, Mira, Missy

Roberta: Ro, Robbie, Bobbie, Berta

Kendall: Ken, Kenny, Key, Doll, Dolly

Ramona: Mona, Nona, Ramie

Gwendolyn: Gwen, Gwennie, Wendy, Winnie, Lyn

Sabrina: Bri, Brina, Sabi

Trinity: Trin, Trinny, Trixie, Trix

Florence: Flo, Flor, Florie, Lo

Jessica: Jess, Jessie

Davina: Vina, Davi

Savannah: Ann, Anna, Annie, Vannah, Van, Sav, Savi

Liberty: Lib, Libby

Bethany: Beth, Betty, Annie

Faelan: Fae, Lynn, Lenny, Elyn

Kadence: Kady, Kade

Jaylee: Jay, Jayjay, Lee

Phoebe: Pheebs, Fee, Feefee, B

Carlotta: Carly, Lottie

Grace: Gracie, Gray, Rae

Henrietta: Hattie, Etta, Ettie, Rita

Ivana: Iva, Vana

Nicolette: Colette, Nicole, Cole, Nic, Niki, Nika

Aleah: Leah

Makenzie: Kenzie, Ken, Kenny, Kenz, Macey, Mac

Annalee: Lee, Ann, Annie, Anna

Nikita: Nik, Niki, Kit, Kita

Johanna: Joanie, Joan, Joey, Jo, Jojo, Hanna, Hannie

Sophia: Sophie, Soph, Phia, Fifi

Juliette: Jules, Julie, Etta, Jetta

Matilda: Mattie, Tilly, Tilda

Nicole: Cole, Nik, Nikki

Skylar: Sky

Hilary: Hill, Hilly

Laurel: Laurie, Aura, Laura

Noelle: Elle, Ellie, Nole

Madison: Maddy, Mads

Stephanie: Steph, Stephie, Stevie

Scarlette: Scar, Lettie, Letta

Gladiola: Gladdy, Gladys

Luciana: Luce, Lucy, Lulu, Ann, Anna, Annie

Zinna: Nia, Zin

Serenity: Seri, Sera, Wren, Rennie

Odessa: Odie, Ollie, Essa, Dessa, Ada

Melissa: Lisa, Liz, Mel, Mellie, Missy

Helena: Lennie, Lena, Helen

Yvonne: Von, Vonnie, Vonna, Eve, Evie

Seraphina: Sera, Phina, Fifi, Seri

Mercedes: Mercy, Sadie, Des, Desie

Zaidee: Zaid, Zai, Dee, DeeDee, Aidy

Octavia: Av, Ava, Avie, Avia, Tavia, Tavi

Magnolia: Maggie, Mag, Mags, Nola, Nolia, Nolie

Rosanna: Ro, Rory, Rose, Rosie, Ann, Anna, Annie

Natalie: Nat, Nattie, Tallie

Blakeley: Blake, Lee, Blakie

Rosemary: Rose, Rosie, Rosa, Ro, Mary

Cordelia: Cordy, Cord, Lia, Delia

Oriana: Orrie, Ora, Ann, Anna, Annie

Madeline: Maddie, Addie, Ada, Lynn

Olivia: Olive, Ollie, Liv, Livia,

Ululani: Lani, Lulu, Lu, Ulu

Rachelle: Chelle, Shelly

Talia: Tal, Tally, Lia

Ivette: Eve, Ivy

Natasha: Sasha, Tasha, Nattie, Nat

Rosalie: Rose, Rosie, Rosa, Sally, Lee

Tatiana: Ana, Tati, Tally, Tiana, Tanya

Marielle: Marie, Maria, Elle, Ellie

Lucille: Lucy, Luce, Lulu

Makayla: Kayla, Kay, Kaylie, Mikey, Mickey

Willow: Willa, Will, Willie, Lo

Natalia: Nat, Nattia, Talia, Tali, Lia

Teresa: Tess, Tessie, Terry

Ulyana: Yana, Anna, Ann, Uly

Paisley: Paisy, Pais, Pai, P, Lee

Quincey: Quin, Quince, Quinny, Ce, Cece

Yohana: Anna, Ann, Hannah

Winter: Win, Winnie

Vanessa: Van, Ness, Nessy

Renee: Wren, Renny

Tiffany: Tiff, Tiffy, Tia

Veronica: Nica, Roni, Vera

Wilhelmina: Will, Willa, Willy, Mina

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But what if the name I want is too hard to make into a nickname?

Well, let’s think of some quick.

Zoey could be Zoe or Z

Ava: A, Av, Avie

Mia: Mimi, Milly

Layla: Lala, Lay, Lila, Lola

Erin: Ronnie, Rinny

Some I was able to create little nicknames or shortened versions from the original name.  Others I just thought of nicknames that I felt were kind of similar and would make sense.

So if the name you want doesn’t naturally have a nickname within it, try looking at some of the nicknames from above.

Maybe one of those nicknames could be a good fit for the girl’s name you want!

So, can I just choose ANY name and have ANY nickname?

I suppose you could if you wanted to.  But I would try to be sure that the nickname makes sense with it.

Like I probably wouldn’t use the nickname Rocky if I was planning on naming my daughter Iowa. (Yes Iowa is an actual girls name lol.)

But like I was kind of saying before, really any name can have a nickname!

You just have to get creative and let it come to you!

Cause normally nicknames have a way of forming by themselves if you just let it happen naturally.

What are some other nicknames for girls?

Alright so maybe you just want to find a nickname for a girl.  And not necessarily a name with a nickname.

If so, then you can check out these cute nicknames for girls!

A lot of these I even use myself!



Baby Girl


Honey Bunny



Little Mama

Baby Boo





Pretty Girl

Pooh Bear


Pumpkin Pie

My Sweet

Lil Angel






Little Bear

Sugar Pie

Honey Bun



Sugar Plum



Cutie Pie 

Cutie Patootie





Little Missy



Goldie Locks

Little Girly



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baby girl names with cute nicknames

What do you think of these baby girl names?  What are your favorite girl names with nicknames?  Let me know below in the comments!  And if you liked this post, give it a share!  Thanks!

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