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165 Short & Sweet Four Letter Girl Names

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Looking for baby names is always so much fun!

But maybe you’re looking for a baby name that isn’t so loonnng.

Maybe you’re looking for girl names that are just short and sweet!

Well, here you’ll find the most adorable four letter girl names along with their meaning and origin!

Come check them out below!

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4 Letter Girl Names

Amie (Origin- French)

This name is a version of the name Amy and means Friend.

Adel (Origin- German)

This name is short for Adeline and means noble or elite.

Alma (Origin- Latin)

You can also spell this name like Allma or Almah and means kind or nourishing.

Avah (Origin- German)

Also spelled like Ava means bird.

Arya (Origin- Persian)

You may have heard this name from the fictional character in the popular show called Game of Thrones.  This name means noble.

Ayla (Origin- India)

Other versions of this name are Aila, Isla, and Ila.  The meaning of this name is light or earth.

Aria (Origin- Italian)

This fun name can mean either air or treasure.

Ally (Origin- Celtic)

Ally or Allie is short for names such as; Allison, Alexandra, Alyssa, and Alice.  The meaning of this name is harmony, noble, or stone.

Alia (Origin- Arabic)

This name can also be written like Aleah, Aaliyah, or Aliyah and means noble.

Anna (Origin- Hebrew)

This well-known name means grace.

Anne (Origin- Hebrew)

Anne or Ann is a common nickname for names like Annabelle, Annie, Annalise, and Anastasia.  The meaning of this name is grace.

Abby (Origin- Hebrew)

Abby is short for Abigal and means my father’s joy.

Andy (Origin- Greek)

Andy or Andi is a shortened form of the name Andrea.  This name means manly.

Bell (Origin- English)

Bell is a cute nickname for girl names such as; Isabella, Isabelle, Annabelle, and more.  This name means fair or lovely one.

Bria (Origin- Celtic)

Bria is a version of the name Brianna.  The meaning of this name is noble.

Bree (Origin- Irish)

Bree means hill and used as a nickname for Brianna, Brianne, and Brielle.

Barb (Origin- Latin)

This name means stranger and is short for Barbara.

Cora (Origin- Greek)

This unique name means girl or maiden.

Cali (Origin- Greek)

Cali is a version of Calista and means most beautiful.

Cleo (Origin- Greek)

This name can be used as a nickname for Cleopatra or Cleophus.  Cleo means pride, fame, or glory.

Cloe (Origin- Greek)

This name is normally spelled like Chloe and means fertility or blooming.

Coco (Origin- Unknown)

The original origin seems to be unknown.  Coco is a super cute nickname but could totally be a name of its own too!  In English, it means chocolate bean.  In Spanish Coco is an abbreviation of Socorro which means help.

Demi (Origin- Greek)

Demi is a nickname for the name, Demetria.  You may also have heard this name from the pop singer-songwriter, Demi Lovato.  The meaning of this name is half.

Dani (Origin- English)

Dani means God is my judge and is short for the name Danielle.

Dana (Origin- Unknown)

In Hebrew, the name Dana means God is my judge or arbiter.

Dora (Origin- Greek)

Dora makes as a cute nickname for Theadora, Dorothy, and Isadora.  This sweet 4 letter girl’s name means gift.

Dina (Origin- Hebrew)

This name means judged.

Dove (Origin- American)

The meaning of this name is bird of peace.

Dona (Origin- Italian)

Dona or also spelled Donna is a shortened version of the name Donatella.  The meaning of this name is lady.

Dior (Origin- French)

This unique name means present.

Ella (Origin- Spanish)

Ella is normally used for girls with the name Ellen or Eleanor.  The name by itself means beautiful or young girl.  In Hebrew it means goddess.

Elle (Origin- French)

This meaning of this name is she.  A cute nickname for this short name is Ellie!

Erin (Origin- Irish)

Erin can also be spelled like Aaron and means Ireland.

Elsa (Origin- Scandinavian)

You may know this name from the popular Disney movie called Frozen!  This beautiful name means my God is bountiful or God of plenty.  It can also mean noble.

Ezra (Origin- Hebrew)

The name originated from the Biblical prophet Ezra who authored the Book of Ezra, a book from the Hebrew Bible.  This name means help or helpful.

Emma (Origin- German)

Emma means whole or universal.  This name is typically used for longer names that have “em” in it like Emily, Emmeline, and Amelia.

Elma (Origin- Unknown)

In German, Elma means God’s protection.

Emmy (Origin- German)

This sweet girl’s name is used as a nickname for Emma, Emily, and Emmeline.  Other ways of spelling this name include Emi, Emie, Emmi, and Emmie.  The meaning of this name is whole or universal.

Esme (Origin- French)

Esme is personally one of my favorite names!  Esme is the shortened form of the name Esmerelda.  This cute name means beloved or esteemed.

Eden (Origin- Hebrew)

Eden is the feminine form of Aiden.  The meaning of this name is pleasure or delight.

Etta (Origin- English)

This name means Ruler of the Home.  Etta is the shorter version for names like Henrietta, Antonetta, Maretta, Rosetta, and Jamesetta.

Evie (Origin- Hebrew)

This name makes as a super cute nickname for Eve or Evelynn.  Evie means life or breathe.

Faya (Origin- Unknown)

The meaning of this name is fairy.

Febe (Origin- Greek)

Febe can also be spelled as Phoebe or Phebe.  This name means bright or pure.

Fern (Origin- English)

The meaning of this name is quite literal as it comes from the green shade-loving plant which is called a Fern.

Gwen (Origin- Welsh)

Gwen comes from the names Gwendolyn and Guinevere.  This name means white or holy.

Gaia (Origin- Greek)

In Greek Mythology, Gaia is the earth or mother goddess making the meaning of this name, earth.

Gala (Origin- Unknown)

In Scandinavia Gala means singer and in English, its meaning is festive party of joyful.  This name could also be used as a nickname for Abigail.

Gina (Origin- Italian)

Gina is a short variation of the names Virgina, Regina, and Georgina.  The meaning of the name is queen.

Gigi (Origin- French)

Gigi is a diminutive of Georgine and Virginia.  It means God is gracious or earth worker.

Hana (Origin- Japenese)

Hana means bud or blossom.  It can also mean one in Korean and happiness in Arabic.  Hana can also be another way to spell the Jewish name, Hannah.

Halo (Origin- Greek)

Halo means divine aura.  You may also know a Halo as a circular aura of light that’s usually seen above the head of a holy person and angels.

Hope (Origin- English)

I’m sure it’s no surprise that the name hope means hope.

Hava (Origin- Hebrew)

The meaning of this 4 letter name is life.

Izzy (Origin- American)

Izzy is a cute and fun nickname for girls who’s names are Isabel, Isabella, Isadore, and Isadora.  This name means God is my oath.

Isla (Origin- Scottish)

Isla’s name meaning is island.

Iris (Origin- Greek)

Iris means colorful or rainbow.  An Iris is also a beautiful purple flower!

Indy (Origin- American)

Indy is normally used for girls with the name India, Indiana, or Indigo.  This name means independent or land of the Indians.  In Canada, it means warrior, powerful, or valiant.

Jade (Origin- Spanish)

The name Jade comes from the pretty green gemstone called Jade.  It means stone on the side or stone of the colic as it was once believed to cure colic in babies.  Jade can also be a nickname for the name Jayda.

Jude (Origin- Hebrew)

The name Jude means praised.  It can also be a nickname for the name Judy, Judah, or Judith.

Judy (Origin- Hebrew)

The name means she will be praised.  Some of its related names are Judith and Judah.

Jane (Origin- English)

Jane means God is gracious.  Other variants of this name are Janice, Janette, Janie, Janelle, and Janet.

June (Origin- Latin)

Who doesn’t like the summer month of June?  The name June actually comes from the name Juno.  This name means young.

Jean (Origin- English)

This name means the Lord is gracious.

Joan (Origin- Hebrew)

Joan means God is gracious and comes from the boy’s name John.  It’s also a shortened version of the name Johanne.

Juno (Origin- Latin)

Juno is the Roman Goddess of marriage and childbirth.  This name means queen of the heavens.

Juni (Origin- Scandinavian)

Juni means June or born in June.  This cute name could even be a nickname for Juno or the name June.

Jazz (Origin- American)

Jazz is a style of music.  The meaning of this name, style of music.  You can also spell it as Jaz.  This is also a common nickname for girls with the name Jasmine.

Kate (Origin- English)

Kate also spelled as Cate, comes from the name Kathrine.  People use Kate typically with the names Kathleen, Katarina, and Katie.  The meaning of Kate is pure.

Kali (Origin- Sanskrit)

Kali means black one and comes from the Hindu Goddess Kali.  She symbolizes destruction.

Kaia (Origin- Scandinavian)

Kaia is the diminutive form of Katherine.  The meaning of this name is pure.

Kira (Origin- Unknown)

This name can also be spelled as Keera, Kerra, and Kiira.  The original origin is unknown but has multiple meanings.  In Russian it means throne, in Sanskrit origin, it means beam of light, and in Japanese it means glittery.

Kyla (Origin- American)

The meaning of Kyla is narrow.

Kori (Origin- American)

The original spelling of Kori is Corey.  It can also be spelled as Corrie, Cori, or Korrie.  This name means hollow.

Leah (Origin- Hebrew)

Leah is commonly used for girls with the name Aleah.  This name’s meaning is weary.

Lexi (Origin- Greek)

Lexi also spelled as Lexie, comes from the names Alexis and Alexandra.  This girl’s name means to defend.

Leia (Origin- Hawaiian)

This name is very well known from the character in Star Wars Saga, Princess Leia.  You can also spell it as Leya or Laya.  It’s meaning is child of heaven or heavenly flowers.

Luna (Origin- Italian)

Luna is a pretty way to say moon and also means moon.

Lyla (Origin- Arabic)

Lyla means dark or night.  Some other ways of spelling it are Lila, Lailah, and Leila.

Lyra (Origin- Greek)

In Greek, Lyra means lyre which is a stringed instrument.  It looks like a small U-shaped harp with strings fixed to a crossbar.  These were used especially in ancient Greece.

Lily (Origin- English)

Lily means the beautiful flower lily which represents passion, pure, and rebirth.  Other spellings of this name include Lilly and Lillie.

Linn (Origin- Nordic)

Linn, also commonly spelled Lynn is a girl’s name that is short for Linda.  This name means soft, mild, waterfall, or pretty.

Lucy (Origin- Latin)

Lucy can be spelled like Lucie, Lucey, and Luci.  It can also be short for Lucille.  This name comes from the masculine name Lucius.  It’s meaning is light.

Luce (Origin- French)

Luce is a nickname for Lucy or Lucille but still is a cute name by itself!  It’s meaning is light as well.

Lulu (Origin- Unknown)

Lulu is a sweet and fun girl’s name!  It’s used as a nickname for many names like Lucy, Lucetta, Lucille, and Louise.  Though its original origin seems to be unknown its meaning is typically the same which is, pearl.  In English, its meaning is famous warrior.

Lula (Origin- English)

Lula is another form of Lulu.  Its meaning is famous warrior.

Lila (Origin- Persian)

Lila is a very sweet-sounding name.  It means night, beauty, or dark beauty.

Lola (Origin- Spanish)

Lola is of Spanish origins and comes from the name Dolores.  This name’s meaning is sorrows.

Lena (Origin- Greek)

This 4 letter girl’s name comes from the Greek name, Elena.  Lena is also associated with the names Helena and Magdalena.  It has a variety of spellings such as Lenna, Leana, Leena, and Lina.  Lena means sunlight or moonlight.  In Arabic, it means kind or generous.

Lana (Origin- Unknown)

In Slavic origins it means light.  In Arabic, Lana means soft or gentle.  And in Hawaiian, it means afloat.

Lara (Origin- Russian)

Lara comes from the girl’s name Larissa, Laura, and Laraine.  It’s meaning is happy or cheerful.

Lilo (Origin- Hawaiian)

You may have heard this name from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch!  Its meaning is generous one.

Lina (Origin- Unknown)

Lina is a diminutive form of the name Avelina.  The meaning of this name is tender or tenderness.

Lisa (Origin- English)

Lisa is a short form of the names, Melissa and Elisabeth.  It means God is my oath.

Lizz (Origin- English)

This is just another way to spell Liz.  Lizz is a common nickname for girls with the name Elizabeth.  It means God is my oath.

Mila (Origin- Slavic)

Mila means gracious or dear.

Maya (Origin- Unknown)

The original origin of this name seems to be unknown but it has a variety of different meanings.  In Sanskrit it means illusion, in Hawaiian Maya means precious one, in English it means month of May, in Hebrew this name means bitter, in Latin Maya means great, and in Greek it means Mother. ·

Macy (Origin- English)

Macy can be spelled like Maci, Macie, and Macey.  Some even spell it with an S in place of the C.  Macy means weapon in Old French and hill in English.

Mary (Origin- Hebrew)

This biblical name means bitter or beloved.

Mira (Origin- Latin)

Other spellings of this name are Mirra and Mirah.  It means peace or admirable.

Maia (Origin- Greek)

Maia means good mother.  In Greek mythology, she is the Goddess of nursing mothers.

Mara (Origin- Hebrew)

Mara is short for Tamara, Maralda, and Marina.  It means bitter or in Arabic Mara means joy.  It can also mean eternally beautiful in Greek.

Mina (Origin- Unknown)

Mina comes from the names Marina, Wilhelmina, Emina, Jasmina, and Hermine.  This name has a couple of different meanings.  In German it means love, in Persian it’s blue sky, in Hindi it means precious blue stone, and in Hebrew it means bitter.

Mika (Origin- Japanese)

This cute name is of Japanese origins and means beautiful smell or fragrance.

Mimi (Origin- French)

Mimi means sea of bitterness and is a nickname commonly used for Marilyn and Miriam.

Mona (Origin- Unknown)

Mona is short for Ramona, Simona, and Monalisa.  In Arabic, it means desires or wishes and in Irish it means noble or good.

Nora (Origin- Unknown)

Nora means honor or light.  Other ways to spell Nora are, Noora, Norah, and Norra.

Nola (Origin- Irish)

Nola is the short version of the name Finola.  This baby girl’s name means fair shoulder.

Nova (Origin- Latin)

In Latin Nova means new.  A Nova is also a star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy, making it become very bright.

Nina (Origin- Spanish)

If you’ve taken Spanish you may remember that niña mean girl.  Nina as a name means little girl in Spanish.  In Greek it also means pure, in Arabic it means graceful, and in Chinese Nina means beautiful flower.

Naia (Origin- Greek)

Naia is of Greek origin and means water nymph.  It is also a Hawaiian name meaning dolphin.

Nell (Origin- English)

Nell is a common nickname for Eleanor, Helen, and Ellen.  This girl’s name means light.

Nala (Origin- African)

Nala also spelled as Naala or Nahala is an African name meaning success.  If you’re a Disney fan you may also remember this name from the movie Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.

Nara (Origin- Japanese)

This four letter baby girls name means happy.

Nava (Origin- Hebrew)

This name means pretty, beautiful, or beauty.

Nyla (Origin- Arabic)

Nyla means winner in Arabic and cloud or champion in Celtic.

Navy (Origin- English)

Navy can also be spelled Navi.  It means a fleet of ships.  Navy is also associated with the dark blue color called navy blue.  Fun fact the color navy blue got its name from the officers who wore dark blue in the British Royal Navy.

Niki (Origin- Persian)

Niki means goodness.  This name is also said to come from the female Greek name Nikita.  In Greek Niki means victory.

Opal (Origin- Sanskrit)

Opal means gem or jewel.  An opal gemstone is the birthstone for the month of October.

Ruby (Origin- Latin)

A ruby is a beautiful red gemstone.  It is also the birthstone for July.  It means deep red gem.

Rosa (Origin- Latin)

Rosa is short for names like Rosalina, Rosalie, and Rosalinda.  It’s meaning is rose.

Rose (Origin- Latin)

A rose is a beautiful flower.  The name Rose means the flower itself, a rose.  Rose comes from the Latin word rosa, which referred to the flower.

Ruth (Origin- Hebrew)

The meaning of this 4-letter female name is friend.

Remi (Origin- French)

Remi is of French origins and means oarsman.

Ryan (Origin- Irish)

Ryan comes from the Irish name, Rian.  It means little king.

Rhea (Origin- Greek)

Rhea means flowing stream.  In Greek mythology, she is the daughter of the Earth Goddess Gaia and the Sky God Uranus.  She was a Titaness and Goddess of fertility and motherhood.

Reba (Origin- Hebrew)

Reba is a form of Rebecca.  It means fourth born.

Rory (Origin- Irish)

Other variations of how to spell Rory are, Rorrie, Rorry, Rori, and Rorie.  This name means red king.

Rita (Origin- Spanish)

Rita is short for the Spanish name, Margarita.  It’s meaning is pearl.

Riya (Origin- Indian)

This unique 4-letter girl’s name means singer.

Rain (Origin- American)

Rain also spelled Raine or Rainn, is a super cute choice for a nature name.  It means abundant blessings from above.

Sara (Origin- Hebrew)

Sara, also commonly spelled as Sarah, means princess.

Skye (Origin- Scottish)

Skye or Sky can be short for Skylar.  This name itself means Isle of Skye.

Sage (Origin- English)

Sage means the herb sage or wise person.  It can also be spelled like Saige or Sayge.

Sami (Origin- Arabic)

Sami also can be spelled as Sammi, Sammy, Samee, or Sameeh.  This is a cute nickname for the name Samantha.  The meaning of this name is elevated.

Samm (Origin- Hebrew)

Samm or Sam is short for Samantha or Sammy.  It means told by God.

Suri (Origin- Persian)

Suri means princess or rose.

Snow (Origin- English)

Snow, like the lovely princess Snow White!  This name means white, fair, or of course, frozen rain.

Suzi (Origin- Hebrew)

Suzi is just another fun way to spell Susie.  This name comes from the name Susanna or Susan.  It means the flower lily.

Soni (Origin- Sanskrit)

This name means gold in Sanskrit.  But it’s also another way to spell Sunny which in English means happy or cheerful!

Star (Origin- American)

Star simply means the beautiful stars that we see appear in the night sky.  Or if you wanna get more scientific a luminous ball of gas held together by its own gravity.

Tami (Origin- Hebrew)

Tami or Tammy come from the name Tamara.  It means the date palm tree or in Japanese, it means let people see benefit.

Tori (Origin- Latin)

A four-letter girl’s name that starts with ‘T’ is Tori.  It is short for Victoria and means victory.  In Japanese the name means bird.

Thea (Origin- Greek)

Thea means Goddess.  In Greek mythology, Thea was the Titaness of sight and shining and was associated with shining elements such as gems, jewels, and metals.

Tara (Origin- Irish)

Tara means hill or star in Sanskrit.

Tess (Origin- English)

Tess means harvester.  It’s associated with the names Teresa, Tessa, and Theresa.

Ursa (Origin- Latin)

In Latin Ursa means bear.

Vera (Origin- Russian)

This exotic name is of Russian origin and means faith.

Veda (Origin- Indian)

Veda means knowledge.  It could also be spelled Vida, Veeda, or Veyda.

Vada (Origin- German)

The meaning of Vada is famous ruler.

Vega (Origin- Arabic)

This name means swooping eagle.  In Spanish, it means from the meadow.

Viki (Origin- Latin)

Viki is another nickname for Victoria.  Other spellings of Viki are Vici, Vicky, Vikki, and Viky.  Its meaning is victory.

Wren (Origin- English)

Wren refers to the sweet small brown songbird, a wren.

Wynn (Origin- English)

Wynn means friend.  In Welsh Wynn means fair or pure.

Yara (Origin- Arabic)

Yara means small butterfly.  In Brazillian mythology, Yara is the lady of the waters and is represented as a mermaid.

Yuna (Origin- Japanese)

Yuna is of Japanese origin and means kindness.

Yazz (Origin-Turkish)

Yazz or Yaz means summer in Turkish.  It’s also used as a nickname for the girl’s name, Yasmine.

Zoey (Origin- Greek)

Zoey also spelled as Zoe means life.

Zana (Origin- Slavic)

In Slavic, it means God is gracious.  In Hebrew Zana means lily.

Zara (Origin- Arabic)

Zara is another spelling of the Arabic name, Zahra.  The meaning of this name is blooming flower.

Zora (Origin- Slavic)

The meaning of Zora is dawn.

Zola (Origin- Latin)

Zola is Latin and means earth.

Zuri (Origin- Swahili)

This four letter girl’s name means beautiful.

Zita (Origin- Greek)

This name means seeker.  In other cultures, Zita means little girl.

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